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Shite in Miniature II


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9 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

325 "Caravane"?

Majorette 325 Caravane


That looks like it doesn't it? Seems to have the usual Majorette thing of random bits and bobs on the interior moulding.

Just checked what caravan I already have, it's the 201 "St Tropez" with all-plastic bodywork. TBH, with many of the Majorette cars having towbars then I wouldn't mind having duplicates.

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Just going through my trawl of die cast photos I took back in the UK and came across this unusual pair I saw at a car boot sale last month:



A couple of olive drab Opels. Reminded me of something distant, relating to similarly decked out Opel Senators in the 80's.



"Presented to LT. Col C.P Dryland MBE MC by tour clerks April 1968", in case it's not legible.



Looks Russian to me, plus the blue paint shown underneath should help identify the original maker.



More home made additions but this time, even more, erm, rustic. Nice effort at the blinds in the back, though.


So first up, these are Gama Opel Admirals, which I think would've originally been remote controlled, as such:



Or maybe unpowered, as such:



Seems they were also available in green, which may have been an easier staring point but I guess in 1968, you got your hands on whatever Opel Admiral you could find.



And here's a couple of images of the equavelent version, 15 or so years later:



Indeed, this rear shot is lifted from this very forum!:



Anyway, it all relates to BRIXMIS:

The British Commanders'-in-Chief Mission (BRIXMIS) to the Soviet Forces in Germany (GSFG)  was formed on 16 September 1946 under the Robertson-Malinin Agreement between the chiefs of staff of the British and Soviet forces in occupied (east) Germany. The agreement called for the reciprocal exchange of liaison missions in order to foster good working relations between the military occupation authorities in the two zones. 


More info here: British Commanders’-in-Chief Mission to the Soviet Forces in Germany | BRIXMIS

Seems a lot of the later Opels from the 70's onwards utilised Ferguson FF but there wasn't a lot of information on the earlier versions (Kapitans/Admirals), although this model in particular was favoured, as its styling blended in with new launched Volgas of the time.

Here's a single photo from the site:


Seems they tested them out fully! Seems also that the above one is a Kapitan.


Anyway, unless you wondered if I walked away with a bit of military history that's almost certainly of interest to a few enthusiasts/museums, I didn't, as the guy wanted 140 quid the pair. Likely fair for the right person but I wasn't that flush or enthused and images are free.







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2 hours ago, Spottedlaurel said:

Just checked what caravan I already have, it's the 201 "St Tropez" with all-plastic bodywork.

I've got a rather jaunty looking St Tropez


And a Digue Baronette GT which looks like the kind of thing you find going mouldy outside a council house


Common one seems to be the Sterckman Lovely 400 though, think 3 of those have turned up, including behind the the VW K70


Talking of Majorette, this literally dropped through the letterbox today in a thin plastic envelope - guy only lives locally, don't know why he didn't knock. Nice of him to drop it off but still...


Only other straggler is another Matchbox copy, these just have T.F. and a number on the base (304). Not found out much else about them



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Had a parcel drop today in the midst of all the carpentry chaos...


But what could be within the reassuringly sturdy packaging?




Boom! A Matchbox W123 wagon in black!

All thanks to @bunglebus for a most generous surprise - I stupidly parted with my earlier release in green when I offloaded quite a bit of diecast just before the house move, and I've regretted it ever since.

I actually happened to be in Tesco over the weekend, and noticed that the latest case had appeared in the toy aisle.

Unfortunately the dump bin had already been pretty well picked over, with no MGBs, Mercurys, MR2s or Mercedes left within.

But, to my great surprise, a bit of hoking turned this up at the very bottom of the box...


So now they can play together.



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25 minutes ago, Isopon said:

Funnily enough, I saw one of those Opels in Eden camp museum earlier in the year:



Shame my rubbish photography obscures the plaque.

Small world! That said, Eden camp is only 30 minutes or so away from the car boot I found them, at York racecourse.

Unless that's the Admiral sans plinth, I reckon that's a 3rd example. That said, it's not entirely out of the question that we've both seen the same Admiral, as Eden Camp is a private collection, so free to sell off anything donated to them, etc.  But yeah, likely a 3rd example, discovered on this page in less than 10 minutes!

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I very nearly didn't go in Entertainer today as they had 3 or 4 boxes in on Saturday so didn't think there'd be more - but there was!


Regular TH is the Surf Crate


It's silly but I like the Gotta Go


This one would be the Super - a very hard casting to find, last time it came out I managed to find a single example on a tatty card - only one in this box too


Mooneyes, VW. What's not to like? 


This though. This is the dog's






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17 hours ago, Jon said:

Anyway, it all relates to BRIXMIS:

When I served in Germany we was warned about the Soviet equivalent SOXMIS. There was a procedure we had to comply with if we ever saw one of these vehicles. Maybe I still  have a SOXMIS card if a really looked in amongst my junk.

Here is one I found on line.


Never did encounter a SOXMIS car.

Here is a YT video I watched a number of years ago about BRIXMIS


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Got a couple of boxes through the post of bits n bobs I'd spotted on various website

Majorette GMC (Blazer?) with Pinders tie-in


These two were just odd, is the Charger a concept car?


This one just has a really unusual card, seem to be a "Wall Hanger" as far as I can tell


Onto loose stuff, a few Hot Wheels 


Some VWs - Lupo was very cheap unusually. Poor Corgi (MC Toys/Maisto) baja made a dying squeak instead of playing its familiar tune. I may be able to fit a new battery


Majorette Golfs 


Also got a Renault 11


Found a different version of the Mira AMX Javelin with a hood scoop


And another copy that I was unaware of - the Team Matchbox. Of course Mira couldn't call it that so it's just a Team


Moving onto actual Matchbox, found an orange Turbo 2 Porsche 


A better condition First Matchbox Peugeot Quasar than my current one


And another colour of Dodge Daytona...


With a strange base - this it with the common grey one


Nice early Roller


And an Alarm Cars F40 - another one needing new batteries


Lastly a Sze Toy US van. Got a few of these now in different colours and grille combinations 




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Early morning visit to Morrisons paid off!



Chuffed to get a Mk1. Quite like this colour scheme, some of them have been a bit meh,



But the highlight has to be,




It's already been mentioned on here, but what an absolute honey this is. The detailing for a £2 toy is amazing.


No Cossie sadly, the box had already been rifled through. I was surprised to find the Escorts TBH.


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On 23/11/2022 at 09:09, bunglebus said:

I'd only end up slamming it over phat rimz anyway 

Like so

I painted the interior and it looks like I haven't as I chose a rust colour. Base got a good sanding and interior got chopped about plus a tickle inside the arches with the Dremel to allow for lows. A coat of back on the base and a bit of detail improve things over the standard grey plastic. Matchbox wheels seemed appropriate 









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