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Shite in Miniature II


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2 minutes ago, sheffcortinacentre said:

Cortina never available in corgi juniors range.

No, I know - just had in my head something about a toy one with stuff on the windscreen and somehow thought that Merc was something to do with it...too many cars!

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20 minutes ago, bunglebus said:

No, I know - just had in my head something about a toy one with stuff on the windscreen and somehow thought that Merc was something to do with it...too many cars!

You are thinking of the Mercedes 240d that was supposed to be the Cortina that was in The Spy Who Loved Me? It had some grey shit on the front and screen. 

Forgot to include one from yesterday, an avocado Cosmobile, supposedly the rare one from the Adventure 2000 set, already got one so duly wang it on eBay. 

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Bank Holiday boot sale bonus day, decided to try a different one - found some good stuff but at least half the stalls were market type with brand new goods.

A few interesting/comedy bits;


And the cars. Plenty of older Matchbox and Corgi etc, got a good haul of Hot Wheels blackwalls and Ultra Hots too. Prices were a bit all over the place so a few went back in the box when too much was asked! One dealer had loads of interesting things but all jumbled together with broken cars and parts, fished out a few but don't feel I exactly got a bargain

This was from said dealer, I know nothing about it but it's pressed steel and plastic, 1:43 and from Czechoslovakia


This Bedford CA was also part of the deal 


And this Daytona


rounding off the bigger cars are a Super Kings Brabham BT44B from the KP1 series that saw various older castings released in new colours with no decals - 50p for this one...


and one third of a 3-for-£1 deal was this Scammell. Looks clean but is missing the grille and the towbar is broken


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For the smaller stuff, got quite a few earlyish Matchbox all of which have been on here before so I won't post them all. These two I weren't something I'd laid eyes  on before though


Very clean ambulance 


Cav should always be bought if found as they seem to be harder to track down


Yet another version of the Corgi Merc bus


And another H.W. fake Matchbox 


Really early Majorette has been overpainted but appears complete 


ERTL Excaliber - never heard of the show/actor?


Lots of Ultra Hots


and Blackwalls 


This one reminds me of a kustom Morris Minor that was about in the 80s




Oddball transformer buggy


Lone Star bus


And another oddball - plastic MK1 Golf that I don't know the maker of


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Matt Houston, who did drive an Excalibur, was supposedly a wealthy Texan who moved to California and got mixed up in private-eye-type adventures.  He was played by Lee Horsley who had previously played the "junior" detective to, IIRC, William Conrad as Nero Wolfe.

I've spent far too muh time in front of the telly!

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1 hour ago, bunglebus said:

And another oddball - plastic MK1 Golf that I don't know the maker of


I'm sure I've seen one of those before. Might be one my Dad had as a bairn that my Gran kept.

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57 minutes ago, AnnoyingPentium said:

I'm sure I've seen one of those before. Might be one my Dad had as a bairn that my Gran kept.

I had a good look at the base and it's KS Toys. Annoyed with myself for not checking the bottom of the box for the roofrack, slim chance I know but...

No photo description available.

It's apparently a Majorette copy, so there's Mercedes 450 and St Tropez caravan to find too

No photo description available.

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19 hours ago, sierraman said:

Went to the biggest Tesco I could find... Matchbox discontinued. So that is that then. ☹️

Yep same here - for what it's worth i may contact Tesco and Mattel and express my frustration 


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Look what just arrived from ebay...


1/18 Dodge Lil' Red Express truck, a factory hot rod from 1978 with a cop-spec 360 V8.  I've been wanting one of these for years!  I bid low on this, not expecting to get it, but nobody bid after me.  Stroke of luck there.  Now I just need a real one...

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On 4/17/2022 at 2:29 PM, AndyW201 said:

That would be awesome, if you're passing. Thank you.

No joy at the first Tesco I stopped at, not even space for the MBX or HW cases, just 5-packs on pegs.

But, 100% success at the next one! Silver GTi, red Civic and LS400 all purchased for you. A couple of them found in the blue case on the front of the shelf, then I saw a box behind it which had been opened. A few of the top ones had gone, but there were plenty at the bottom  - I could have got a dozen Civics! More of the Lexus and VW in there too, in case anyone wants me to pop back and pick them up.

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Had a hunt in a few shops today, plenty of Hot Wheels but only one I needed


For some reason this one's been hard to find, I saw one a few weeks ago but the card was tatty. Left as as it should be no problem finding a mainline..?

Today there was this solitary example hiding behind some 5 packs. Talking of which, new ones;


As usual, not very exciting, other than the inclusion of one of the "crushed" cars previously only found in some US monster truck packs as a bonus. If they did a 5 pack of just those I'd grab one as they'd be great for customising. The first release has proper metal bodies to but now are plastic, and the single one included isn't very exciting. Shame...

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Some time back I bought a tatty Corgi VW panel van


Well I then found a better one so decided to restore the first. Casting has lovely details but was very coarse under the paint


I really wasn't sold on the colour combo as I just couldn't see VW painting one like that in the 60s, found a few unusual colour schemes (errors) online 


Then I found a bit of a rarity, the "Vroom and Dreesmann" version


The decals were available, so...


Very pleased with this one. I couldn't resist tidying up the casting lines in the bumpers, and I omitted to paint the number plate housing silver as original, because it didn't look right to me.

Colour looks a bit light in the pictures but indoors it's about right


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