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Shite in Miniature II


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19 hours ago, 155V6 said:

Another search found this set containing the Majorette tow truck copy20211228_232635.thumb.jpg.557b2248f6fda15adfefdfe7416e6234.jpg

The caravan looks like a Majorette copy too,not sure about the others.


9 hours ago, 155V6 said:

I don't think it's a Majorette copy.The Majorette Beetle has always looked a bit off to me.I'm not sure if the roof is too flat or the windscreen too upright?

This has been bugging ;) me all day. Playart Beetles have quarterlights but the casting is clearly different. Lintoy/ERTL?


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Had a spare moment yesterday, so decided to tit about with some toy cars, whilst home alone.






This RR Classic is OK, though based on one of those funny later 3 dr models with the horizontal slat grille, which mainland Europe got and the UK missed out on, for some reason.

As both man and child, I don't/didn't really care for models of racing cars by and large, so this is ripe for a respray in a more boring, civvie colour. Would lose the rear badge but no biggie (I'll probably never get round to it anyway).


Mrs_Jon got a new yoga mat for Christmas, so another platform to test out:



Works on far away things, too:


This Unimog is quite a nice thing and very reminiscent of my Tamiya motorised version, which was a favourite plaything back in the day.



Nabbed it recently for a about £4 delivered. Came with a little trailer too, with a long goose neck to reach the tow bar. Only, it's broken and the hitch is still attached to the 'Mog. Another job on the 'never get round to' list.


Then I got incredibly artwank and snapped off loads of silly photos of these silly small Hondas:













An excellent and cost-effective waste of time, I'm sure you'll agree.

It also seems that the turquoise little champ is actually quite accurate, as per this example I spotted back in January:



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Took a trawl through Tesco last night...

Seems that the Mini Cargo Trucks aren't in desperately high demand.


Not much else from the MB stable really, though the semi-premium UK Collection has made a reappearance in Carrickfergus:


Yellow Lotus Europa and TX4 Taxi were lurking behind these on the pegs.

But stay! The Hot Wheels tub was turgid with fresh diecast...


...and virtually undisturbed at the lower level.



So, there were these...


Which I bought, because I'm a weak-willed dandiprat.

So, once I'd gone and found the Special K I'd originally gone in for (Kellogg's, you naughty people), and reality kicked in, I now have two Sierras and an AE86 looking rehomed, at cost price plus postage.

Form an orderly queue...

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My dad bought me this Escort years ago from a car boot for 50p but didn’t realise it had a wheel missing! Therefore a Citroen donated a wheel 😆


It’s quite a nice model but the rear bumper and whale tail have faded in the sun. I’m quite impressed with the interior detail.





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9 hours ago, Justwatching said:

And here's a round up of my year in miniature shite!


All this year?

I like your little diorama. I should try and knock-up something similar up for my 1:24/1:25 kits - now I don't have the flat roof and expansive views for a photo location, I need to try something different.

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I'm trying to get all my copies and originals in one place for a group picture - a harder task than I first thought!

I did lead me to realise that what I thought was another Gruesome Twosome copy by Lucky is actually different. Did they change it due to copyright infringements or just because they could?


Then you get into what constitutes a copy? Is this


a big-ass version of this?


Anyway - looks like I have my work cut out

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A surprise delivery yesterday was this Corgi Junior Ironside van20220101_095159.thumb.jpg.c356a1dd9e62ca412b77add6f2b1d73b.jpg

I saw it on FB Marketplace on Thursday,it was fairly local,but I'd just tested positive for Covid so couldn't go to collect.I paid him to post it,& thought I'd get it next week.

I got a knock on the door yesterday morning,old chap had bought it round for me 😁20220101_095210.thumb.jpg.27f0cf57d04a7314626e751a1232e41b.jpg

Looking back,I think I saw this at a car boot back in the autumn,but didn't have enough left to buy it.

Really please with this one,it's not mint,but still very nice,and complete20220101_095551.thumb.jpg.8a22b314b338cafbce7acb00370aa4c1.jpg

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