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1988 toyota corrolla 4x4 for sale!!


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Bloody big dog's bollocks, skint again.


What's wrong with it* and how soon do you need it gone? Cheers.



*Miracles not expected.

bit rusty , could do with wings but the undersides not bad , runs a bit lumpy (has done for four years) needs tyres and a dam good clean . Has had recent cambelt , clutch and exhaust , and disc's and pads . i recon IF i weighed her in which i don't want to i'd get £220 ish so offers of £250 invited

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Not too dissimilar to a Tercel, from the back? Very nice looking anyway, and as said must be pretty rare on these shores.


Edit: if it's a 1.6 twin, does that mean it's a 4AGE OMGDRIFTORZSCENEZZZZ!!11!11!!! block? Gr8 4 swapping out for a suitable diesel and selling to a Cool Person for profit, if so.

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Wow this is getting confusing, who's having this then?


Ben - Your from my home town and I'm guessing (From the pics) your from either around the Oakengates/Ketley or posibly the Dawley area. As its my home town if anyone wants me to pick this up and drive it to wherever they are just let me know.

broadway, Ketley

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