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Ian Mac

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As I'm fairly new on here i thought I'd introduce myself with some background of my motoring history. Some of you will have noticed that I'm co-founder of the zastava-yugo club uk and editor of the club magazine. However, my association with Yugos only started in 2008 when I bought my 1983 Yugo 311 which has since become extremely well known in East European car circles. Prior to that I had owned eight Trabants since the Wall came down in 1989 and also several Volvo 340s, including a 1987 example with just 27000 miles on the clock which I sold just a few months ago to make way for my second Lada Samara. Until a couple of years ago I also owned a 1989 Metro and was an active member of the owners club. I've also owned and restored several Citroen 2cv / Dyane models and during 2003 / 2004 had my own column in the 2cv GB club mag. My other four wheeled passion is the ADO16 BMC range (Austin 1100 etc etc) having owned two MG1100s, a 1964 Austin 1100 and a 1972 Austin 1300 Countryman which won best in class at the 1100 Club National Rally at Rufford Abbey in around 2001 from memory.


My other interests include restoring vintage radios, collecting jukeboxes (as and when space and finances permit) and singing - I manage a reasonably credible (bald) impression of Billy Fury although I concede I'm not quite so good looking.


By trade I'm a qualified mechanic and now work in a technical trouble-shooting role for a car leasing company. I am also a volunteer director for the management company which looks after the estate where my house is built.


Well, thats me. Over to you.... :wink:

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