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The Moog

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x 16 Practical Classics mags FREE for collection from either WS9 or DE12 area.


AUG 03 



FEB 09


DEC 13




Now Gone to C1am as of 13/06/17. A1 to deal with. 


Will add more car mags in the future when I get chance to go through them. 

Burnside a pleasure to deal with. Would obtain free goods from again.

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I have a pair of Q-Drive drop links which I bought for the Hiace but found to be wrong, 7 months after buying them.  They're a bit cheap and nasty but they're free to a good home.  They will apparently fit 90s Toyota Carina E's and Avensiseses up to 2003.


PM me if you want them.

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Anyone want this Philips DVD recorder?




It ran when parked about three years ago. It's 100% complete except for the missing remote, but this could be a simple fix if you know what you're doing. These are a fast appreciating collectors item, so don't insult me with offers of less than £0.


I've nothing to post it in, so it's either collection from West Yorks or could bring to an event.



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Here is a photo of the A-frame I have. I have to think it's complete;



Also four Saab 17 inch alloys. They have no flat spots or buckles, and have been (roughly) rubbed down. Purchased them for winter to save my own alloy's from salt damage-then found these won't fit over my uprated brakes




I'm in North Essex and Tower Hill/Monument area of London, so can be collected from either location.


If no takers they will go onto Gumtree, but rather they went to someone here.


Jerzy do you still have those towing signs? Any chance you could post them to me please? Happy to cover costs of course.

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