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If like me you enjoy skinning your knuckes lurking in the dash of your latest PSA chod trying to improve the heater/lights/locks or anything else electrical you will probably at some point have lost patience with a fragine bulb socket/PCB/relay etc causing issues with your dash lights or anything else you want to illuminate.


I was having a root around the SAXO section of Halfrauds the other day and lurking in the overprices and horrifically nasty LED aftermarket lighting additions I found a very handy vbit of kit...


for about £6 Halfrauds are selling Prism 12V LEDs bulbs with + and - wires attached - the wires are a good 20cm long which allow a great deal of flexibility in lighting. They only had blue or green ones but they come in a pack of 5 and when compared to the other rubbish that Prism sell represent acceptable value for money rather than the usual feeling you have post any sort of Halfords transaction normally.


Anyroad - these are very handy bits of kit - especially for lighting parts of the dash where the original bulbs/connectors/PCB is playing up - rather than hours of swearing with a soldering iron not to mention the deep and very nasty soldering iron burn I got on my middle finger last week. I've added to of them, fixed with snap connectors to an ignition open loom behind the heater controls - the only difference is that the light is a bit more subtle - not a bad thing and has a blue tint but the controls can now be seen at nightime.


The boot light was on its last legs mainly because the interior light design office in PSA in the 80's was peopled with the most useless workshy bunch of cretins you could ever countenance...thus the boot bulb holder design - up their with the interior lights of a Scenic - is such mince that there is no point in even trying to source a new one - once again in step CHAVLITES and simply wiring in another of these bulbs behind the plastic cover and cutting and duplicatin on the other side of the boot the boot lighting is now considerably better than it EVA was on leaving the factory.


These are very useful bits of kit and get the Scooters seal of cash wasting approval anyday!

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C'mon show us a pic of the new lightz in the boot. The original thing was a piece of crap and was always iffy, even after cleaning up all the contacts etc.


I really ought to wire one in the GSA when I get it back. Being "Special" pov spec, it didn't get one as standard. Once I had one of those stick on LED push activated LED lamps you can get from IKEA mounted on the boot wall, but that fell off after a while.



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"Grain of wheat" bulbs, mostly used in railway modelling, are another useful bodge. They can be used to replace non-replacable bulbs in switches. They are stupidly cheap on eBay and come in various colours, with or without trailing wires.


I understand that speedometer illumination (as well as condition and operation) is becoming testable next year, so now is the time to sort it out.

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One thing I sadly quite like about modern cars is the 'ambient' flood-lighting of the dashboard. Might go that route with my BX as the heater controls are entirely in the dark at the moment.


My C4 doesn't have any of that. It has bulbs that are unbelievably cunty to change though. The rears are fine though, because you don't need double jointed fingers and six different Torx screwdrivers.

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