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Sod all down here....... a little dusting on the Cheviots and that's it


Nowt wrong with dusting your cheviots every now and then :D


Miserable as shite in Cheshire but no snow.

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melted a wee bit and is now freezing into the usual lethal surface at this time of year...went up town with the weans on the bus and roze ma tits off - the cooncil have closed the whole of Princes Street to pedestrians - makes it look like a bleak street in Soviet Russia - with all the empty shops and cold miserable faces! Ho feckin Ho feckin Ho etc


spent the afternoon escorting the old biddys who live up the road back from the Scotmid with their cat food...will be organising a supermarket run for the old dears in the scoob this week methinks...who knows - one of them might have a BL Wedge stored away somewhere!

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I am going to carry out the FAMOUS MK2 BX STANLEY KNIFE AND SOLDERING IRON mod on the BX Heater controls whereby with use of those items and some wizardry you can ensure that the blower can actually work at maximum setting - due to a badly designed circuit, the BX always had adequate but far from excellent heating - with the mod it makes a hell of a difference and goes to Volvo like krakatoa heat.


One major + petrols have over dizzlers is they warm up a hell of a lot quicker! it is flipping monkeys here today, I think cos I lost so much weight I am really feeling it this year - so not only did I lose that magnificent Henry VIII physique that cost me tens of thousands of pounds in booze and fine meals as well as cheap plonk and kebabs but I am now freezing as well! and being thin is meant to be good for your health!!!!


Pah! :evil:

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One major + petrols have over dizzlers is they warm up a hell of a lot quicker!


Direct injection diesels seem to take an age to warm up, but the heaters in indirect injection diesels (XUD especially) are furnace hot in minutes of driving. XUD powered cars have better heaters than all of the petrol cars I've been in.


the heater in the 305 diesel I had would burn your feet off

heater in the Passat TDI was terrible. I used to get to work before it got warm

607 has heated seats 8)

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Dave and I live almost across the street in the middle of Aberdeen and ther was/is no snow.

I work in Inverurie and ther was nothing there (midday to 6pm), however a colleague had driven from Insch and ther was at least a quarter of an inch of snow on the top of his car.

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