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Fantastic Mega-Mile Renner Diesel Reliability

warren t claim

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I drive a 3.5t vehicle for work, no tacho, and the hours as stated by worldofceri apply to me.

Having said that, 12-13 hour shifts are not unknown, and that's working for a supposedly reputable UK based supermarket. It would be pretty difficult to prove how long these boys had been on the road anyway.

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You see these small trucks more and more here in Austria too. Mostly with Czech, Slovakian and Hungarian plates, Poland too. I often wonder how long the driver of one of these is already driving without any sleep. Poor fellas, modern slaves.


They are faster than the big trucks and they don´t need a tacho so they can drive as long as they are able to drive. I think the number of them will get bigger. Until something awful happens... :?

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