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Has anybody on here carelessly mislaid a Jolly Green Giant because I can tell you where in Oxfordshire it is! 

That's one of the three belonging to Walters that I had the pleasure of travelling on last year. I think they've moved within Oxford to JD Travel now thanks to contract changes.

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Is the green one ex Megabus / Stagecoach Kenya? They had the extra window vents I seem to remember. Great fun as the Manchester student bus.


I guess the NI reg is a personalised plate?

Nope, it's an ex Hong Kong Leyland Olympian like cms206's Jolly Green Giants, imported by Brightbus of Sheffield. The Stagecoach Kenya buses were Hong Kong-style Dennis Dragons with Duple Metsec bodies assembled from CKD kits by AVA in Mombasa. Those full-depth opening windows were pretty standard on buses without air con in hot countries. The NI reg is a personal plate - the same operator also has TIL 6572 and TIL 6573. 

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What the heck are those tail lights off? I know I recognise them...

Fairly standard Lucas items? They appeared on several Leyland buses during the 1980s including the Royal Tiger Doyen and Lynx.

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Guest Hooli

There was some of them in Doncaster, used for school buses. Not sure if same ones


I used to see them on the M18, so they probably belonged to Brightbus in Sheff.

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The current Walsall Bus Station is much worse than its two predecessors, Bradford place has always been a pain to access and exit. 


9951 is currently on sorn, maybe an enthusiasts  group is trying to secure storage and preservation.


D951 NDA


Incorrect tax status?
✗ No MOT


23 February 2018

Incorrect MOT status?
WarningIf you've just bought this vehicle the tax or SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification)doesn't come with it. You'll need to tax it before driving it.
Vehicle details
  • Vehicle make:MCW
  • Date of first registration:November 1986
  • Year of manufacture:1986
  • Cylinder capacity (cc):10450 cc
  • CO₂Emissions:Not available
  • Fuel type:DIESEL
  • Euro Status:Not available
  • Export marker:No
  • Vehicle status:SORN in place
  • Vehicle colour:WHITE
  • Vehicle type approval:Not available
  • Wheelplan:2-AXLE-RIGID BODY
  • Revenue weight:15937kg
  • Tax rates:




i believe this is being kept for spares for the heritage fleet- it also looks like the oldest NXWM Trident may get preserved

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Four bus crashes in Scotland this past week, three fatalities...


January 8th - two car occupants killed, Torphichen.



Also January 8th - school bus at Turriff, no serious injuries.



January 11th - no fatalities, empty school bus, Coatbridge.



Also January 11th - driver killed, Munlochy.




As a manager at a bus company who drives on an almost daily basis, it really does bring it home how dangerous a job it can be.



The school bus crash in Coatbridge irks me for reasons more related to Councils idiotic rules than bus safety but I'm glad it wasn't four fatal accidents out of four.


Still a shit week in the industry up here.


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Tomorrow is 30 years since the end of Routemasters in Southampton and the start of my involvement in Routemaster ownership.




My bus was the last RM in service in Southampton so we went and did a route 17 rerun this afternoon in the company of Regent 361. Here's some random pictures. post-20743-0-81802500-1547406376_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-64683600-1547406439_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-14496000-1547406508_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-75797400-1547406567_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-79454900-1547406613_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-76683000-1547406718_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-21600600-1547406859_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-19712400-1547406904_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-45943600-1547406961_thumb.jpgpost-20743-0-83465200-1547406988_thumb.jpg

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At the Weston terminus we were accosted by two youths on scooters. They turned out to be extremely benign and genuinely interested in the buses and how they worked.


One of them said his grandad used to build them. Questioned further we think he meant Aldenham works as he said he lived near Watford and had showed him photos of the buses being lifted on big cranes. Restored my faith in the youth of today.


Bonus LDV action



Wyndham Court. Southamptons Brutalist masterpiece.



And the grey depressing building in background here is a Sainsbury's built on the site of Portswood bus garage where both our buses lived.


There had been a transport depot here since a tram shed opened in 1879 until First Group sold it in about 2010. For their sins First are now strugglung in Southampton. Blue Star (Go Ahead), formerly Solent Blue Line, and ironically the reason CityBus bought the Routemasters in the first place, are definitely now the major operator in Southampton. Karma.

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Yeah, if Dollywobbler thinks polishing the Favorit was bad, how do you think I feel about this. The sides don't look so bad as it parks between other buses but the front and roof are shot. I polish the bonnet, grille and wing occasionally as they are kind've the focal point and interesting shapes. But the sides? Never.

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Looked initially and thought what a load of horse bo11ocks, but then thought, there's only one company who could have built such a pile of shite.


Mann Egerton...


Looks like this eh ?




1954 on a rear engined (probably two stoke,) Foden

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