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Infamous Shite in History.

warren t claim

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maybe infamous shite in the making?



I hope theres footage of the chase somewhere! 

but id love to know just what happened in the first place, how do you come to be running away from the police in an MGB GT V8, maybe some criminal from the 1970's accidentally drove through a time warp? :) 

reminds me of some way of the infamous Morris minor chase

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5 hours ago, martc said:


Not a vehicle used in a crime, but a vehicle used to transport criminals.

For the curious, the following text accompanied the photo...

The Old Bailey, January 1945. Outside a bricked-up Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey), people queue to get a much in demand seat at the trial of the “Cleft Chin Murderers”. The cleft chin murder was a killing which occurred as part of a string of crimes during 1944. It became known as the "cleft chin murder" because the murder victim, George Edward Heath, a taxi driver, had a cleft chin. The culprits were Karl Hultén, a deserter from the U.S. Army, and Elizabeth Jones, an eighteen-year-old waitress.

On 3 October 1944, Jones met Hultén in a tea shop. The relationship lasted only six days. During that time they knocked over a nurse cycling along a country lane and robbed her; picked up a hitchhiker, knocked her unconscious, robbed her, and then threw her into a river to drown (though she survived); finally, they murdered taxi driver George Edward Heath near Staines in Middlesex. They robbed Heath of £8, which they spent at the dog races the next day. After spending the taxi driver's £8, Jones announced she wanted a fur coat. Hultén attacked a woman in the street and tried to snatch her coat, but the police came and Hultén only just managed to escape in the stolen taxi driver’s car.

 He was eventually caught because the car was still in his possession. In the meantime Jones had gone to the police and admitted to the crimes, to ease her conscience. During the trial they implicated each other. They were both found guilty of murdering Heath and were sentenced by Mr Justice Charles to be hanged. While Hultén was executed at Pentonville Prison on 8 March 1945, Jones was reprieved and released in May 1954. Her subsequent fate is unknown, although there are reports of her death occurring in 1980.

The reprieve caused some controversy, because many people considered the crimes to be cowardly, and in a war-torn Britain where everyone was pulling together to face a common enemy, almost treasonous. "SHE SHOULD HANG" was graffitied in several places in Jones's home town.


I think this was turned into a film, I remember seeing something where a GI boasts about been a hitman before the war & shoots a taxi driver through the back of his seat to show be wasn't bragging.

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