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Trigger's Mk3 Cortina


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As per the title.

Pre-81, large enough engine to be comfortable on a long trip and, after the Kadette sale, probably around £2000-£2500.

Feel free to tell me to piss off Trig but I like spending other people's money.


I'll start with this.


But I think it may be too long.


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There's some great suggestions so far, that Mk1 Granada is top of my want list, it's only up the road as well but it's 180" long so i don't know if it would fit my garage plus i have tight driveway into my garden so again I'm sure if it's too wide. :-(


There's loads of early 80's cars i want but there's this classic car run called the ipswich to felixstowe

run will is brilliant but only allows pre 1981 cars to entry.


The Rover SD1 is also a good call but again same problem as the Granada.

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