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Tata Load Betas are so great they named it after a defunct video format. This very one was on sale on gumtree for £350 last month. I should have bought it for horrifying the wife but this chancers got it and now selling it for £850. Any idea what kind of engines in these? I imagine it's based on some 1970's boat engine.


Bored out XUD wasn't it?


1970s boat engine is more like it, I think it's based on the Indenor diesel.

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I love pick ups as well, My dad used to own this P100 1.8TD, That was a nice van, he got it new in 1992 and sold it in 1996 as the engine blew up after 38000 miles, It was no wonder though, he used to carry nearly a ton of tools in the back as well as often towing a ton of ballast in a trailer behind it!



Dad's old Ford P100. by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr


I've just checked and it's still on the road!


The vehicle details for J406 AOO are:

Date of Liability 01 02 2012

Date of First Registration 15 05 1992

Year of Manufacture 1992

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1753cc


My favorite pick up of all time though has to be my uncles old Datsun, he owned that in the mid to late 80's, I can't remember the model but it was called a Kingcab, It was red and brown i think and had lots of chrome, it was stunning.

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In the shot next to the Escort is my housemates pickup. Bought for buttons it's done him well for the last two years, sadly galavanting chassis rot will probably be it's demise come MOT time next year, M. Imp of this parish keeps managing to mig it up, but it's getting pretty bad.


It's painfully slow, due to the big wheels and tyres, that throw the gearing out of the window.

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Ahh yes.......pickups. I havn't owned a car for years. Here's some of mine.


1993 Mitzy L200 4x4.....sadly now gone.



1997 mitzy L200 4x4.....my daily driver in England.



1998 Dodge Ram 4x4....my daily driver in USA. On a quiet night you can hear a Dodge rusting....it's true.


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From the hub conversion, I bet that's hiding something special^ :)


There's GR9 selection on EddyRR's manor. Impressive stuff.


Have a few of my spots:


















Y'all know where to go if you want to see more. (Update coming soon.)

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And who could forget.............China.


A builders truck. Guangzhou Airport



Family day out.



Shopping trip.



No worries about secure loads .





Going to dig a hole......somewhere.



This is what you get when you cross a motorbike with a truck. Defo got a load on.



Words just failed me with this, remember thinking WTF.


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Those overloaded pick ups remind me of being in Tunisia last year and seeing reems of 504s severely overloaded. One in particular will live in the memory. It wasnt just piled high, it clearly had some huge weight to the load as the fella driving it had his arm out of the window holding the door in ( the rope tied between the door and pick up bed was there for added protection, i assume) because the pick up was actually bowed in the middle leaving the door out of line with the B post. Never seen anything like that before and, after seeing it, i had to concede that the 504 WAS hewn from granite.

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Even better now I've seen inside! Just crate it up and send it over... :lol:

LOL!... Yes he must have spent the fortune on that thing, cause the Paykan Pick-Up didn't come with that Dash, that dash was used on early Paykan saloons... Well... You find a way to get DVLA to give you a V5 with the Iranian documentation, and I will bring one for both of us mate!... ;)

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DVLA doesn't affect me, just drop it off at Limassol docks, I'll collect from there! :D Paphos office of the Department of Transport is just down the road from me, and my friend works there...

Alright then!... While you are at it, why not pick up a brand new one, they are still making them over in western providence of Tabriz, Iran. They don't call it Paykan anymore, it is called BARDO. With the Fuel Injected 1.6L Avenger Engine! Just Lovely!... Check out this link for more photos: http://www.paykanhunter.com/2010/10/bardo.html



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No thanks, I like the round headlights. Mk1 Granada headlights belong... well, on Mk1 Granadas!

Besides, why would you buy new when you could buy old? Makes no sense to me...

Just kidding! I Love the Hunter MKI / Minx Round front grille on that car, it is the perfect front-end graphic for it, well aside from the Hunter GLS. On a more serious note about importing a Paykan to the UK. ;) .... I think it is pretty much impossible to import a car from Iran and get a V5 for it, I've heard of one person trying it, and was unsuccessful... I could be proven wrong though.


Also those Paykan Fae-Lift Headlamps didn't come from Granada. I think they are the same as the Avenger Facelift.

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