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Found 1 result

  1. A smidge over three years ago I bought a 1991 Toyota Corolla E90 with the 2E (1.3) engine. It's been fantastic(ish). It had about 16K on the clock when I bought it, and it barely got home. It had a remarkable fully stamped service history book but this didn't detract from the fact that the seller (son of the deceased owner) had 'forgotten' the latest service note that said the engine was rough and hesitating - it had only driven to the MOT centre in about ten years. I drove it home cold as the thermostat had seized open. The car had almost zero acceleration - put your foot down and the engine would stall. However, I quickly discovered that if driven at over 2500 rpm it would work fine as this is the speed at which the second venturi would open on the carb (it's the Toyota (Aisin?) K-type). I replace the thermostat, distributor and spark plugs when I got home, slowly put through the carb a couple of bottles of REDEX and the problem persists to this day, despite having put about another 15K on the car now. Symptoms: + The engine runs perfectly when cold and the autochoke is (presumably) engaged. It accelerates well at low RPMs and the loud pedal is nice and twitchy like it should be. + When at operating temperature the engine hesitates under 2500 rpm. You need to feather the accelerator. Put your foot down and nothing really happens. Rev the engine and the revs don't drop until a couple of seconds after you let go of the pedal, and the revs generally drop very slowly when driving. Makes gear changes tricky! + When at operating temperature the engine behaves normally above 2500 rpm. When accelerating through the revs you can really feel a turbo like WHOOSH at the transition and the power picks up. Max acceleration at high revs still feels a little slow for a 75hp car that weighs <1000 kg but that's always difficult to determine. Thoughts: + Weak coil? The behaviour of my 2CV improved markedly when I replaced that on mine, and that had similar symptoms but also had hot start issues which sort of gave the game away. This may also explain why replacing the diz and plugs made an improvement. + Restricted primary jet? Would explain why the primary hesitates but not the secondary, and also why the car functions fine when cold as the choke enriches the mixture and negates the effect of a restricted fuel flow. ...but that's just my guesswork. Any more intelligent answers would be much appreciated.
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