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Found 1 result

  1. As the more up to date searchers on here will be aware the silly side of STUNO has bought the above. It has done many hundreds of thousands of kilometers (350,000 km's) but is solid and only needs a short list of jobs done. take a peek at it! work required....... Exhaust manifold gasket.......Both front window lifters....carburettor rebuild......paint. but in true Citroen style things have also gone wrong. The other day I was 80 km from home and part way through a roundabout lost all gears, just had a floppy gearstick not connected to anything. Call the AA ! They arrived after a 20 min wait and had a look, both gearshift rods had come adrift at the gearbox end and one was snapped off, so not fixable at the roadside. So a tow somewhere was required. But on Sunday afternoon in a strange city where to ? The AA man said to get towed to a place he knew of who was a Euro car specialist, but of course he would be closed, however he lived close by and could possibly come to put it in his yard. When we arrived there with the Citroen we found the owner there doing some work ! Yard was opened and car was dropped in his secure yard. Fast forward a couple of days and repairs are underway, he is rebuilding both rods and will use rose joints at the gearbox end which he says will never fail again. I think I have found a repairer to trust, and his estimated price is much less than I feared. It is also superbly floaty with modified spheres, definitely the best ride ever on a BX, and it handles well. More to come !!
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