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Found 2 results

  1. This is kicking off first thing tomorrow... First Class train ticket booked, don’t cha know
  2. Hey Shiterers! My mate Rich has just had his green card issued (after living and working in the States for about 7 years) so he's now looking at long term plans. When he was over here last month he was talking about knocking his lease car on the head and getting something older and dafter for his short commute. Having previously owned an XR4i over here, I suggested getting a Merkur Ti, but he was already way ahead of me. Apparently they're pretty thin on the ground, and either fucked or minty, there appears to be no in-between. He then suggested that a TVR would scare the locals (Oklahoma!) , and probably be fairly re-saleable (if that's a word) once Mrs_Rich gets bored with a shouty car that smells of piss and petrol. Being a bit bored I contacted a shipping company, and got a quote. (hopefully below) Has anyone else done this - was it easy, and considering it'll be me doing most of the work apart from the obvious, what's there to know about a TVR - Chimera or Cerbera? Most comments will be appreciated Edit: Apparently I'm not allowed to use the image - the quote's for £927.00 from Southampton to Galveston
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