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Found 2 results

  1. EDIT: Early posts in this thread show the pictures as thumbnails (due to forum software update) but can be seen full size by clicking on them. Partly to entertain you all, but mainly so I have a backup in case Flickr decides to do a Photobucket, I've decided to start a thread with my photos of cars out in the wild. Anybody who follows me on Flickr will find this very boring, because everything here will also go on Flickr. Anyway, let's start with this rather packed suburban driveway in North London: 1. 1961 Jensen 541S and 1956 Rover 90 https://www.
  2. Well I cba looking for my old spotterage thread, so have a new one, warning, contains porn. First up, one from August, at Godmanchester, a nice mk1 Rangey in forum beige. Now a pair of Rover 600's, one in Huntingdon, looking tidy, and another taken today in Needham Market with a severe case of lacquer peel Tesco Martlebum spots now, nice tidy old Merc 420SE with misery spec wheeltrims, and an AC/DC branded Datsun SX Now a Buick spotted just round the corner from me last week Last, but not least for this post, this funky Peugeot 604, it was mint, plastic se
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