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  1. vulgalour

    Digital Fly Tipping

    Bolsover is an odd little place. It feels like a village, is the size of a town and full of all sorts of colourful characters from every rung of the social ladder. It's at once wonderfully middle class and horribly Council Estate but best of all, there's usually a fair bit of autoshite bimbling about the place. This is possibly because we're biddy and duffer central with a healthy population of unemployed folk thanks to be out in the sticks a bit. I went for a walk to do some post today and remembered my camera for once. Typically, many of the cars and such I'd see about the place had disappeared today, but some stuff rarely moves so that was fair game. This Corsa van is not abandoned, I see it driving about a lot. Terrible picture because there's a lot of houses with dogs in this area and people are suspicious of me at the best of times, let alone when I'm papping their works vehicles. This is a little beauty. Suzuki Swift in silver and probably a daily driver. Check out the modified sill. This was odd. Someone had very carefully placed this trim in plain view. Normally these are just stomped on or frisbee'd. In town there is this. Now I don't know if someone lives in it, or if it's extra storage for the Antique Centre it's parked behind or something to do with the Pub next door. When I first moved here and saw it I thought it was a Renault. It's far more splendid than a Renault, this carbuncle in fibreglass and surface rust is a Winnebago. I can't deny that I'd like to have it for my very own, though what I'd do with it I have no idea. I hope this is a support vehicle and not a Transit with racing pretensions. One thing that did give me a sad was when I was nearly home. There's been some ancient tin garages sat here probably since the '60s when the estate was built and either the Council have cleared two of them or they've been nicked. Just one forlorn green garage remains. Had to stick a camera through the gap on the door to see if there was anything interesting... but no. Bit of an anticlimax. Cars that were nowhere to be seen today were the massive dirty/satin black Mercedes camper with Cornish stickers, the blue Reliant Rialto, the lovingly bodged white Renault 9 and the Nissan Moocra (it's not called that, but it is cow themed). As I get more snaps of some of the oddness that trundles around out here I'll be sure to add them to the above.
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