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  1. Just over two years ago (at the time of writing) I left my job. I was working for DHL, driving a lorry on a distribution contract for Network Rail. It was reasonably well paid, reasonably unstressful work and I enjoyed it; But working for a large company, as most of us know, has it’s frustrations. You get to know what is right with the job, and you know what is wrong with it. But all those little things that are wrong will never change, and they irk after a while. So you can either be philosophical about it and crack on, or you can become belligerent and moan incessantly about it to anyone who will listen. Many lorry drivers are great at this. Or, you can move on and do something else. I’d been daydreaming for months, probably years, about going it alone and working for myself. One day my wife said to me – not unreasonably – that it was about time I either got on and did it, or stopped banging on about it. Around the same time someone offered to lend me a little bit of money, and I found myself running out of excuses to procrastinate. This is the story of what I did next. Part shite-spotting thread, part shameless advertisement feature and part indulgent personal blog. Or that’s the intention. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up, and may even catch up with myself one day. World of Ceri. June 2020.
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