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Found 1 result

  1. This thing caught my eye in the eBay tat thread about a month ago. UltraWomble went out of his way to take a look for me and gave it the all clear. That weekend I drove from Retford to Preston, where the car was located, to take a look. I liked it but the owner, who overall is a good guy, gave me some flannel about his neighbours grassing him up for being a dealer if I took it for a test drive. I eventually managed a short drive around the block, it seemed OK. Unusually for me I couldn't make up my mind, so left it and went home to think about it, the seller I think had convinced himself I was just going to turn up and shove the money into his hand and leave with the car. I phoned a couple of days later and confirmed I would have it, Mrs Spart and I were off to Kendal the following weekend so we picked it up then. It's OK, 1.4 carb, so it's not going to set the world on fire. There's a really annoying wheel wobble that pulls the steering wheel, more prevalent at low speeds, it can't be anything serious and it's near the top of the list to fix. All the services items have been attended to recently, air, oil and fuel filter, possibly partly in an attempt to cure the slight hesitation at light throttle and coming off throttle. I suspect the over complicated auto-choke carb, I'll strip it and rebuild it at some point in the future. The bodywork is pretty good, it's only done 47,000. It's had a couple of MOT patches on the sills and there's a little blistering on the lower doors, I'll see how much I get on with it, if its a keeper then I'll get those bits seen to. The interior is really clean, pretty sparse, other than electric windows, but that's how's I like them. No power steering either, I can live with that but it does highlight how many tight bends there are going into modern housing estates and supermarkets! I gave very close to the sellers asking price of £750, probably too much but hey. Anyhoo, enough waffle, here's the pics.
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