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Found 1 result

  1. Afternoon all, HAPPY NEW YEAR if I havent already wished it you etc. Penny for your thoughts please, I’ve been offered a car that I was briefly involved with a long time ago. It’s effectively free but it’s been garaged since about 2007 and not run since, nowt wrong with it at the time, just MoT expired. Owners father has sold house, so it’s got to be away before end of month or else scrapman being called. I want to see it saved but car is in Herefordshire and I’m on sunny Jersey. I’m wondering what the best plan is, get it recovered to a reasonably local garage (Bromyard) and have it recommissioned rather than try and haul it down to the Channel Islands? Haven’t been to see the car so no idea whether brakes seized on etc but assume non runner. Fiesta mk3, modified with a lot of nice bits, running a 2 litre Zetec. I wouldn’t be trying to do anything on a shoestring so willing to throw some cash at it. Any advice as to whether this sounds like a reasonable plan? Also I’d welcome recommendations as to places in that part of the world who could carry out work, short term storage and so on. Cheers in advance!
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