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Found 2 results

  1. I have a 96 Hiace 2.4 diesel van and i love it dearly but it's a bit lethargic,actually it's not really considering its only got 87bhp and 4th and 5th gear are near enough the same ratio so about 60 mph is its happy speed and a hill without a good run up can be embarrassing. Now i have been looking at getting a Granvia or Regus (mid 90's) instead as a day van / small caravan hauler that the sister in law,my son and myself can all use. Anyone got any experience of these vans,what are they like on fuel and will they pull a light weight caravan ok ? Also how easy/quick is it to pull the seats out for when it'll be used as a van ?
  2. We have had this 2001 V40 T4 since it was about 14 months old and was predominantly my missus car, she drives like a bloke and had a lot of fun with boy racers over the years until in 2010 it started knocking/tapping on idle. For various reasons the car has sat on the drive since then, I would run it up, do the tyres and give it a pressure wash occasionally and it would always start no problem. Last year the fuel had gone off and the fuel pump seized, I managed to free it off and the car burst into life as normal but then ran for 10 minutes and the pump gave up completely. I really was on the verge of scrapping the car but a few weeks ago I decided to fit an aftermarket pump from FSE Glencoe, clean the car up and see if anyone wanted to buy it being a T4. After fitting the pump I sat in it one night and everything works apart from one headlight I had nicked the bulbs out of, the air con is weak to non existent, the heater fan has a faulty resistor pack but was like that beforehand and the radio I could not find the code for. Nice and dry inside with no mould and still smells good. The heated seats work, the leather is good apart from the steering wheel top, it's a nicer place to be than my MkIV Golf 1.6. Dammit, I'm starting to get attached again thinking about all the stuff we carried in, on top of and behind in the trailer. It has the family pack with fold out child booster seats and lots of nice little bits like leather pockets on the seat squads and a plastic clip on the screen for parking tickets, a radio cassette AND CD player! I have driven shite far too long, the last car I bought for me was a 1973 Jensen Interceptor, a replacement for my V8 Opel Manta and both are long gone. last weekend I gave myself a choice, keep the Volvo or Nissan Terrano 2.4 SWB I had planned to go offroading in and modify. Well, the Terrano went on Monday for the equivalent of the £400 scrap value and I have started using the money on the V40 resurrection. Have I made the right choice? Best angle to view from! Shoddy front end. Knackered lenses, foglight spoiler, rusty dents in bonnet and shite paint on the bumper by the dealer to cover stonechips. Scabbiest of scabby wheels. Tidy. Neat booster seat. Not sure they are legal now though.
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