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  1. Been meaning to document this for about a year, the usual Christmas / New Year limbo and miserable weather mean I finally have no more excuses (plus it's useful prevarication from repairing my other heaps). I have owned this peasant / artisan transport for about 6 years using it in all weathers for practical* transport requirements. It rewarded my cavalier approach to 40 year old Citroen rustproofing by comprehensively failing its MoT on rot in the floors. The MoT place quoted the GDP of a small African nation for the repair so this was the motivator behind the following tale of woe and re-education in the art of sticking metal together and setting fire to clothing. On getting it home from the garage I was quickly able to discern where the problem was: I swear the hole wasn't there during my thorough* pre MoT checks! Anyway, from inside it didn't look too bad; So I ordered up some genuine Citroen repair panels: And dragged my faithful Clarke 151 Mig out from its 15 year slumber. This might give you an idea of how often I tackle this kind of job, and a forewarning of the quality of work you can expect to see shortly...
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