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Found 1 result

  1. Ok, this is 1st world problem but I have a Lancia Thema 8.32 series 1 which I spent a fair bit on 2.5 years ago. It needed some mechanical work - body and interior are vgc. So engine out blets chnage etc later, it has been back with me for 6 months now, siitting in the shed untouched. Only things outstanding are wipers - windcreen and lamps - have a mind of their own and wont shut off once started. I replaced the electronic front stuts with "nornal " ones as they were stuck in sport mode - which is default when they fail. I have the kit to refurbish the originals. But the car now sits far too high at the front. Other than that, I think it is pretty much ready to go. It has to get an MOT to be UK registered. NOVA declaration done and VAT paid (swiss import). But here's the thing. I just cannot be arsed with it anymore. I have £££s in it already and have kind of reached the end of the road with it. I've had umpteen Lancias over the years - 16 Themas, Kappas, Thesis x2, Montecarlo, 2000 HF coupe... but I seriously can't be fucked with it anymore. I think part of the problem is the car is now "worth" money and I don't like that. My favourite cars are the whocares cars. Stuff you can drive and not give a toss about. Low value cars. So, any words of wisdom? Other than pull the finger and get on with it??
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