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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, Thought I'd start a thread to introduce myself and my car history, and to record the work that I'm doing on the fleet. My first car was a white Citroen Saxo 1.1, which like all good teenagers I promptly wrote off 3 weeks after passing my test! I liked it though, so I went out and got myself another one, this time in red. I had a lot of adventures in this car, driving all over England, and one summer to Switzerland and the Nurburgring (although we didn't actually get to take it round ☹️) It was a proper base autoshite spec too, it didn't even have a rev counter, I had to make do with a clock instead! It was this car that taught me a lot about driving, and fixing cars. The first job I ever did was to change the front brake pads (with a friend who knew what they were doing!). By the time I sold it I had replaced all the suspension and could do services and timing belt changes all on my own 😁 I kept the Saxo for 4 years and then bought an Alfa 159, which at the time was only 4 years old and was a properly nice car. Gorgeous Italian looks but not so gorgeous Italian reliability! I enjoyed owning it, but it had silly issues, like the steering rack seals exploding because Alfa put the wrong fluid in at the factory, or the timing chain jumping a tooth because Alfa made the guides out of cheese. After 12 months I ended up swapping the Alfa for my mini, because I was fed up with modern cars - admittedly maybe I shouldn't have bought an Alfa though! I went back to shedding it and got a little Rover 25 for day to day duties while I saved up for a house deposit. This is actually my best car ever to date. It only cost me £1600 over 5 years and 50k miles in purchase and maintenance costs, including 2 sets of tyres and the requisite k series head gasket. Although I did all this work myself, so saved a fortune in labour charges! Once I had bought my house though I was getting a little bored with the Rover when a Volvo 960 came up for sale at the mini club I'm involved in. It was cheap but high miles, so I took a gamble on it. It lasted 12 months before the head gasket expired at Knutsford on the M6, but I liked it a lot more than I thought I would, and when I realised the engine was totally f*cked (the head was shaped like a banana) I decided I'd just buy another one, but one with lower miles and better condition. Which brings us to the current Volvo 960. At the same time my wife was learning to drive so we got her a Ford Puma, something she's always liked. I didn't expect to like it to be honest, I thought it was just style over substance, but with the 1.7 engine it was properly grin inducing. Its actually very like a modern version of a mini - not that quick in a straight line, but very chuckable and handles brilliantly in the corners. Oh yes and they rust like a mini too! We kept it as long as we could, but just before a house move the rear arches started to disintegrate. Not just the outer bit either but the actual structure. At that point we decided to get something more sensible with 5 doors, and got the MG ZR. Its the 1.8 vvc engine with 160 bhp because my wife seemingly won't tolerate slow cars... So that's the history. Ill update this soon with the latest job I'm doing which is fixing a horrendous oil leak on the MG, and I can introduce the current fleet too
  2. Hey guys! Picked up my first ZR yesterday, hopefully a stop gap for a few months... Cost me £400! runs and drives, has a host of electrical issues including non working sunroof, driver window, heat control knob does not turn properly, passenger door is deadlocked and central locking seems to be non existent 😂 It’s the 1.4 (105) model! With 80k miles MOT for a few months and doesn’t look too bad just needs a clean! Car had been sat for 6 months so yes I am charging the battery! 😅 Looks like it has the original kenwood stereo which is awesome! What do you think for £400?
  3. At the start of this month my dad emailed me this advert he'd spotted in the MG Car Club magazine. I'd been on the lookout for a large estate with a bit of a fancy feel to it for a little while, considering things like X-types, V70s and 75s, so I was quite taken with it straight away. I called immediately but alas I was too late! Someone had already arranged a viewing. Undeterred, I left my number just in case, but after a week went by I thought no more of it. But then! A full two weeks after the initial call, one slightly hungover Sunday morning, my mobile began to ring. The original bloke hadn't even bothered to turn up, and was I still interested? Of course I was, and plans were made. This Saturday just gone I persuaded my lovely wife to drive me the hour and a bit over the border into Wales, was greeted by a lovely old chap, went for a surprisingly brisk test drive, handed him some cash, and the vehicle was mine; I should have sensibly driven straight home to the midlands, but before I'd made the viewing plans I'd arranged to see one of my favourite bands, so instead I headed for the capital, with the snow beginning to fall en route. The drive was excellent, the engine flawless, and later I enjoyed some rock music; It was loud. Heading back to bed down at my parents' house near London after midnight in a now much more intense snowfall was a little nervy, but successful; In the morning I had a chance to properly assess my new acquisition, and was very pleased. I drove it home to Worcestershire later that day and have taken it to work these past two days as well. I'm really rather pleased with it. First order of business is a new tyre, for some reason it has 3 that match all with 5mm-ish tread but the right rear is much older and borderline illegal. My local place have ordered a replacement and will be fitting it tomorrow. That aside, the initial assessment of issues runs thus; - It runs a bit cold (temp gauge only gets up to 1/4 instead of 1/2, even on a long run). Dodgy thermostat? - The sat nav doesn't work. I don't care about this because I have a smartphone which fits nicely in the cupholder. - The television doesn't work because digital switchover. I don't care about this either because having a TV in a car at all is totally mental. - I'm playing cambelt roulette, it had one at 50,000 miles in 2010, it's now at 107,000 miles and I still can't believe it's 2018. I'm having a serious think about this because I do want to keep it for a long time. I will probably get it done in the next few months. - The electric door mirror adjust only works to move them downwards, which isn't helpful. You can manually push the glass into place though, so I've done that for now and won't touch them for a while. - The tailgate release is temperamental. I read up on this and took the rubber cover off, and the metal switch under it works great, but now I can't get the rubber cover back on so I've taped over it. I'll try again this weekend. The remote boot release in the driver's footwell also doesn't work. - The headlights are very grimy/fogged. I'm going to try to improve this with cleaning products. - General cosmetics. Going to get some replacement MG badge wheel centres, and maybe try touching up the paint in places. On the plus side, it drives absolutely beautifully and also rather quickly, it has stacks of paperwork covering its whole life, it makes a great noise, and it's just generally a lovely place to be. It even came with a new set of brake pads and a new set of spark plugs, plus some paint. Interior pics to follow when I remember to take some. The plan is to run this as my only car for as long as I can, so this does also mean my Delta will shortly be for sale. More on that to come. I know there's a lot of MG Rover love on these pages so I hope this adds to that. Advice welcome on the issues listed, I'm still very much a learner mechanic so appreciate it all. Also, if anyone has a book of lies for these that they don't need I'd be happy to give you some money for it.
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