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Found 2 results

  1. As I have decided that I have far too much shite, I have made great* progress and have sold one car (one of the Saab 9-3s which I had replaced with a 9-5. To keep the reduction in fleet size going in the same veign, I have two Kollekshuns to do in the next 8 days. I am doing this right, no? The first kollekshun was scheduled for tomorrow and is local (by up here standards) being only about 100 miles away and requires the use of a trailor due to unreliability, but due to everything going to plan* the generous seller (and fellow shiter) has agreed that I can delay for a week. This has freed me up to concentrate on the slightly* further away one. As I had some notice, I was able to book a ticket down bt train for a (relatively) bargainous price with the added advantage of getting a first class ticket. The journey will take four trains with transport to the station by my fleet and a lift organised for the final 20 miles at the other end. The challenge is to drink/eat enough of the provided coffee on the trains to break even. We shall see. Now to the car. I have known this one for over 20 years. I have never been in it. It spent its first year as a manufacturers demonstrator then has been with its current owner since who has decided his Yaris is all he needs now. In the last 2 years it has covered 200 miles - none since returning from its MOT. The total mileage on it now is 106k. The throttle position sensor has been faulty for the last 5 years. I plan on driving it nearly 500 miles back. WCPGW? As to the car, I last saw it about 5 years ago. I know what fuel it uses. I know it is a Badermatic. I seem to remember it is green. I have no idea if it has cloth or cow. I have already paid for it. Any guesses to what I am going for on Tuesday and hopefully driving back on Wednesday? I will neither confirm nor deny before the big reveal but it will be fun to see if anyone gets close (or being Autoshite which of the first three respondents gets it exactly right!) Kollekshun will be detailed here on Tuesday - Live no less!
  2. Today started off nice and sunny and I have loads to do, so decided that I would waste* the day doing kollekshuns. I still lack a fully working heavy duty tow car, but as the cars are only 30 miles away, albeit with the first range of the Grampian mountains between us, I decided to use the Disco DI (still no T). It is slow but reliable and the steeper hill is going there when the trailer would be empty. Firstly the car for the "Shiter who shall not be named". Started first touch, drove out of the yard and onto the trailer fine. Will take it for a proper run sometime, but it feels fine And back at Chez Saabnut
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