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  1. First post re-purposed to be a bit of a fleet history. 99 Daewoo Lanos black, 1.3 given to mate in need. 02 Nissan Almera 1.5 blue ebayed 90 Eunos Roadster 1600 to kevfromwales 94 Mazda 323f GTi ABS (to @Jim Bell) 90 Ginetta G26 1600 pinto Ebayed 02 Subaru Impreza Sport Ebayed 04 Seat Toledo 1.8t to @Jim Bell 94 Lexus LS400 swapped for a mandolin with @scaryoldcortina 04 Suzuki Alto sold to colleague 98 Kia Pride (sold to @JohnK) 13 Nissan LEAF sold on Facebook to rural Scot 95 Peugeot 405 estate (still somewhere) 99 Peugeot 206 GTi engine donor, scrapped 01 Volvo S60 2.4t sold to @drum 98 Suzuki Baleno GSR sold to @Tickman 05 Subaru Legacy Spec B sold to @HillmanImp 1996 MG F VVC sold to @scaryoldcortina 93 Peugeot 205 CJ sold to @castros_bro 95 Peugeot 405 1.6 saloon roffled to @Cavcraft 02 Peugeot 306 1.8 cabriolet roffled to @DoctorRetro now with @Six-cylinder 88 Peugeot 205 XUD sold to @davehedgehog31Now with @Saabnut 88 Peugeot 305 XUD estate went to @yes oui si 99 Peugeot 206 GTi (now with @Grumblespeed) 99 Peugeot 306 HDI estate went via @yes oui si 94 Peugeot 205 INCA (half share, swapped for an engine in a convoluted deal) now with @Jimbob McGregor 02 Peugeot 406 2.2 HDI executive sold to @doobietoo 90 Peugeot 205 GR sold to @jmsguzzi 04 SAAB 95 AERO HOT (sold on FB marketplace to a vape shop proprietor) 06 Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDI (scrapped) 52 Ferguson TED20 88 Peugeot 305 GLD came back and went back to @DodgyBastard 54 Peugeot Partner 2.0 HDI sold broken 02 Peugeot 106 Independence sold locally to chap in need. 02 Honda CR-V 2.0 petrol Auto sold on FB marketplace 07 Honda FR-V 1.8 petrol manual Sold to JimH 02 Peugeot 106 independence back again 59 Renault Trafic Passenger sold after dying in France 22 Dacia Duster blue 1.5dci 4x4 bought new. 1994 Citroën Xantia turbo d So, as intimated in the SQA and N24 threads, this week I have been mostly looking at leaves. With apologies to Trigs for ruining his tapatalk. Today we test-drove a 2014, 24KWH VISIA, which means poverty spec, as it comes complete with steel wheels and a lack of a TV screen in the dashboard. Other advantages are that it's not an IoT device (no TV screen means no SkyRim SkyNet CarWings NissanConnect,) all the better for attending infosec conferences - not that there will ever be any within range!) so there can be no pre-heating for my 0630 commute, and it doesn't come with the efficient heat exchanger, so having the heating on reduces the range by 30%. The vague plan is to pay it off over three years, whereby the payments will be roughly equal to the amount of money I currently spend on fuel and RFL. I will then own a six year old car with an our of warranty battery. Insurance will be 20% less than the 405. Therefore downgrading to a car with poor visibility and no cassette deck will cost only the electrickery it takes to run it, assuming roughly like-for-like servicing costs. Commute is between 40 and 50 miles a day, ideally I'd be able to nip out to the shopping centre (10 mile round trip) in the evening too. It will NOT be our only car, as would be expected on this forum, so this isn't worrying me too much, though it feels like a big commitment costing as it will more than I've spent on cars so far in my life. I will also confess that having a modern 'safe' car around Mrs_L1 and the sproglet, with another one on the way, is appealing. The long term goal will be to replace the 405 an H6 Outback for longer journeys and the weekly trip to the supermarket at 15MPG. At this point the leaf would 'replace' Mrs_L1's K11C Micra, which is feeling a bit tired, but which we won't rush to trade in at £100. A charger seems to be free, and it will go on the outside of the garage so I don't have to open the garage door twice a day and shuffle whatever's on the drive. WCPGW?
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