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Found 2 results

  1. Take note of the poor things that ended up with my lazy arse. This is going to be a dull disaster but welcome to a random list of the poor unfortunate souls that come into my possession. Currently - '88 Peugeot 205 1.1 GL - '07 Suzuki EN125 2A (TWO WHEELS!?) That's it I told you it would be boring. I'll just not mention the previous 1.2 Clio's since one is perpetually SORN'd as a donor Clio (RIP SLOP FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS AND TATTOOED ON MY LEG) and the other one was moved on to some other 19 year old to probably crash (YOU WERE A GOOD FREN) Previous - SL04PKE - '04 1.2 Clio - Crashed it, now in Valhalla - V36FRN - '99 1.2 Clio - L38WLD - '94 1.9 Xantia
  2. So yesterday there was no sign that there would be major changes in the household fleet, which at the time consisted a quite good and very reliably Ford Ka on a 57 plate and the magnificent XJ40, previously seen here. The Ka was being used heavily and was found to drink fuel (40 mpg only). Casual glances had been kept on Clio 1.5 DCi for three reasons: fuel economy, cheap tax and the fact that we haven't had any Renault since a Savanna diesel 10 years ago. Yesterday a 2006 Clio 3 turned up at £400 in Newcastle. I was 15 minutes away at the time, pounced and bought it for £350. It has an ABS problem and a handbrake which doesn't hold, but is spotless, has a full history (even a timing belt change), runs as well as such a thing can and most of all sips fuel. That was collected this afternoon. Of course it has a more pressing problem. The suspension feels like the car is hinged in the middle with an MOT history saying "nearside front suspension starting to bounce" as an advisory. Sound like a shock absorber. Rear shocks look terrible, rear springs brand new and the front end seems rock solid funnily enough. Anyway, all in all relative success and if it lasts till the end of MOT in September, all to the good. On the way to Newcastle from York, I did my usual thing of looking for Citroen Xantias (I can't help myself). A gleaming white HDi 90 with an engine remap and the most comprehensive history any of these could ever have appeared on eBay. Don't bother looking it up now as I have already left a deposit (as of half an hour ago). Basically I decided to sell the Ka on the drive back from Newcastle to Yorkshire since it became apparent that the Renault would keep running, albeit with mild bouncing. I got home, washed the poor Ka (it's crime clearly was that it was too reliable). Photographed it and promptly put it on Gumtree. The phone buzzed 10 minutes later and a family appeared on the doorstep within a further 10 minutes. They were local, just had a car blow up and needed one right then and there. Ka sold for £800 and they really did get a good car. I was really rather chuffed with the progress of things in the space of hours. At this point I'm gagging to get on with the Xantia. Problem is that I need to travel tomorrow and I cannot travel to Lincoln right now to look at it. Since I'm not back till next weekend, I knew it was buy or miss out. On the basis of talking to the dealer I decided to leave a deposit, which has now secured it. MOT history rarely lies and for this car it is really good. Anyway we will find out next Saturday. Have I finally pushed my luck too far? Has anyone here ever sold a car for the asking price in 30 minutes flat? I now feel I have somehow truly embraced the Autoshite spirit. Teaser of the Xantia. Really looking forward to it. PS. I hope the Clio doesn't roll down the steep street it's parked on. Seems to hold in reverse and has a chock for safety.
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