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Found 1 result

  1. As some may of seen in my other thread, I became the owner of a 1988 Fiat Croma I.E Super today, my first venture into old cars after passing my test in October! 32,000 miles from new, even have the original bill of sale for £8995! Needs some attention before I can start using it, most noticeably a lumpy idle, cut out on me a couple of times on the way home. Everything seems to work alright apart from the speedo which just jumps up and down at will and I’m pretty sure the steering is a lot heavier than it’s supposed to be so that’ll need looking at. I’m not to knowledgeable mechanically so I’m sure this’ll be a great learning curve*. As a side note anyone in the North East know any garages/mechanics that are knowledgeable on old shite. I’ve spoken to the Italian specialist in Ouseburn about the speedo and he was quite helpful but more than likely quite expensive going off his usual clientele of classic Alfa owners. I’m sure some of you here will appreciate the pix!
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