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Found 2 results

  1. I have won this fine conveyance from @Cavcraft as I overindulged in roffle tickets over the past few days. My options to get it to here are: Mrs books an afternoon off work and we drive from Chichester at lunchtimeish to Chester, returning down south at half past silly in the morning. Autoshite Relay from Cavcraft to mine with petrol costs and sustenance to your dietary requirements provided. Can meet someone half way ish - say around Brummyland. I'm looking into a cheap(ish) flight from Southampton to somewhere near @Cavcraft for next saturday, though prices seem to change with each fart the cat (it's what it does) and the wife release (I've fed her beanz). I don't like flying much, nor do I like Southampton. A couple of names for option No 2 have been recommended to me. I will get wifey to book me the flight when she gets paid if needs be.
  2. Whilst I was in Turkey I was contacted by a member here about collecting a car. I'd done it before for shiters and thought 'yeah, why not'. Upon arriving back here I started to worry as finances were so low, even a bus fare made me welch. I went straight back to work and the week was seriously crap. The earliest I got home was 7:30pm with 6am starts. Latest 9pm. I hadn't had chance to uwind properly after ariving back from Türkiya. I was shattered and had loads of stuff I needed to catch up on. I'd asked work to 'end' me in Lincolnshire where this vehicle was located. Come yesterday, they didn't. I ended up in Bubsville aka: Derby. Up until this point everything seemed to be going wrong. I was constantly trying to catch up with myself and left other important things like contacting seller by the wayside plus I was critically low of funds that making Lincolnshire was going to be very difficult. Anyhow. Thanks to Petrolize of whom had bought the vehicle I managed to get to the wilds of Lincolnshire and thw station carpark where I saw this; Yep. This is what I was on my way to collect and be my ride home. Its a Golf GL 1.9 Turdbo Diesesel. The lady seller caught up with me after she accused someone else of being me. I guess I wasn't what she was expecting. We met at the station car park where money was exchanged and papers signed away and I was soon winging my way back home. I had a look around the car and it seemed like an honest old thing. 2 hours and 120-odd miles later I arrived back home, so let's have a look at it; As stated its an honest old thing. Needs a bit of a clean and ideally a service but it drives well and certainly has some poke to it. I've never met Petrolize so he'll be another shiter I will be meeting soon. Same was for the PBK Ken and Cavcraft Alfa hadn't previously met them until I got he Alfa. Over to you Petrolize...
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