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Found 3 results

  1. Once again the long walk to Paisley Canal begins...
  2. Will be going an extremely long distance* collection tonight. Expect action to get underway after 7pm. Delivery will take place on Saturday, but to who?
  3. So Cadged a lift from Derby to John's house near Middlesbrough, in a Black A6, at an average speed of 69.8 mph, and having shared tips on tax avoidance (mine - pay lots into your pension, his - spend it and forget you have to pay tax, until your accountant reminds you how much you owe and then panic) Said Barge was almost as described, apart from the grabbing brakes which makes braking at 80 a bit scarey. So I felt obliged to buy it. John took a photo I then drove back to Derby at an average speed of 67 mph, (I had the cruise set at 70 mph exactly and an average 31.2 Mpg. Phoned wife, and she seems to think that a car that "cheap" which really needs a new door must be a scrapper. Do I remove the 3.2 badge before she sees it ?
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