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  1. catsinthewelder

    SF food thread

    5 days to go so I should probably try to ensure nobody starves. Dinner: As arrivals on Friday night tend to be a bit random I feel most of us will probably head into Bridgnorth for a takeaway. Obviously if you want to bring yourself a stove or something you can cook on the campfire then feel free. On Saturday night I was planning to fire up the big BBQ. Probably do this on a bring your own food basis. Breakfast: Sadly the SVM catering provision this year will be very limited, possibly due to a world shortage of corners. I can bulk buy sausages, bacon and rolls. I have 1 gas stove and a frying pan. I possibly have a source of cheap gas. I think an extra stove + frying pan+ couple of volunteers would make breakfast a lot easier and quicker. Or would people rather sort it out themselves?
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