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Found 1 result

  1. I started this in "what have you fixed lately" but it's been suggested I continue it as a new thread. . . My requirement is for a particularly compact trailer-tent, which is of course in direct conflict with me happening to be 6'5" long (sleeping or sitting). Not sure how you guys and gals manage when you go to a long weekend classic car rally or a camping trip with your sports car but, whereas 30 - 40 years ago I didn't think twice about clambering about in a small tent, I now have difficulties. My not being small doesn't help ..and gravity seems to have been cumulatively increasing over the past ^0+ years, so I was looking for an alternative. Being on my lonesome a small trailer tent seemed worth investigating but I couldn't find anything I really wanted. So I'm opting to to my own thing (..again !) The following is my planning 'work in progress' . . . My design brief ; small & low profile to sneak-in behind my Triumph TR (when that's back on the road). The older Triumph car's width are pretty diminutive (48-1/2" in the case of my TR), and of course any sports car's waist line and rear window are likewise way down there. lightweight inexpensive / able to be made at home for just me, whether I go to a classic car rally or go touring for a month. I'd like to stay in B&B's but in the first instance (something like a national rally) they are "no rooms" at the Inn, and in the second ; B&B's add up to a lot of cost - if used every night for a month. Also there are a lot of nice out of the way places to stop to be close to nature ..which is after all why I like touring in an open top car ..and camping. provision for a backpacker's camp cooker and basic provisions, etc ..and a dry composting "bucket". This is for camping albeit inches off the ground ..not the Ritz. easy to deploy and use, even if that's just for a lunch break when the weather is being "particularly unfriendly". predominantly for warmer weather and UK use. ^ proposal I've been working through. The trailer's box is just 3' 8" wide x 30" high x 4' 6"" long (5' 6" inc hitch & rear lights) so is smaller than most. As a trailer tent, it's larger than a small box trailer in which a tent, gear, bedding and provisions are carried ..but I feel this size ought to tuck-in pretty well behind a sports car. I propose making it out of plywood and fibreglass, quite similar construction to that of a plywood boat. The chassis frame doubles in duty for the telescopic tubes ..for the tail-end to pull out on. Legs can then support it. the berth is on suspended cloth (like a camp bed) which allows for a lighter / slimmer mattress to be used and saves the weight in plywood. when extended the berth is ; 6'-10" long x 36" wide for the body, and tapering to 24-1/2" wide at the foot. Then there's a, hopefully useful, 44" x 6" fiddled-shelf space for bit's n' bobs beside the bed. The void space beside the foot of the berth is a step-through (down to a rubber mat laid directly on the ground) so with feet on the ground I'll have another 7" of height ..useful perhaps when getting dressed.? With the foot of the berth folded and stowed away the foot space area can be used (with due care) for camp cooking etc. the lid is hinged along its forward edge , so in blustery conditions the trailer can be faced into wind to help lessen buffeting or driving rain. A fibreglass lid is also more watertight when closed. It should be very easy to deploy, and it saves a good percentage of canopy and most tent poles. The lid when down overlays the extending tail to lock it all together, as a secondary lock. It's been an interesting challenge to design for someone of my size and lessening dexterity (it's an age thing !) but I think it'll work ..pending getting a well made canopy, and if I can keep the towed weight down ..so it doesn't lessen the fun of driving a 50+ year old sports car. I guess the only way I'll know is to build it. So, its wheels with suspension, the towing hitch and jockey wheel have been bought, and I'm now committed ..to the tune of almost £205. This afternoon I was detailing / dimensioning the first pieces to be cut from plywood. I'm close to pulling a shopping list together for the 1-1/2" square hollow section tube for the chassis and telescopic legs. And I was looking today on e-bay at drive-away camper-van awnings, which may be a relatively cheap way to acquire a canopy quickly. With one of those - I'd just use the trailer inside the awning as a fold out bed ..until I'm sure the trailer bed / accommodation work well enough to have a custom canopy Anyway there you go.. Hope it's of interest. Your ideas and constructive comment are invited. Bidding you a very good evening, Pete.
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