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Found 1 result

  1. Though I hope we have a few more weeks of reasonable weather, winter will be here soon enough. I don't particuarly mind winter as such, though the incessant grey dreary days we seem to get here in the North West almost finished me off last year and central heating gives me a headache. No, what really upsets me is road salt. As one or two know I have a mk1 Focus. Owned it for over 10 years now and, touch wood, its been brilliant with only one blot on the copy book. I'd wanted a Focus for ages before I got this one so have no plans to part with it, nor get it covered in corrosive shit. Last winter I did what I said I'd do for years and got a winter car in the form of a Smart. Bought from a friend which was great as I'd driven the car before, worked on it and knew it was a good one. In the end I just didn't gel with it as a daily driver so sold it on in March with the worst of the salt gone. The Focus is going in for its mot in a couple of weeks then, pass hopefully forthcoming, it'll potentially come off the road again shortly after until spring. I realise the irony of keeping what most would see as a cheap banger out of the bad weather while subjecting a newer, more valuable car to same but there we are. If anyone has a late-ish Astra H 1.6 or maybe 1.8 they wish to rid themselves of then do speak up. Anyone else's thoughts turning to a WBOD?
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