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Found 2 results

  1. Well after being on this forum for many years,and being without a car for five years,today I very unexpectedly bought a car.I had been rhinking ahead to my future plans with my Mrs and also commuting to work on a bike in winter is no fun so had been half looking for a car,then this popped up ten miles away,a 1999 Rover 416si with 35k on the clock.it had one rusty wing which I'm going to hope to replace,other than that it's very good,one previous owner,no service history sadly so I'll be giving it a full service,but I tend to do that anyway.Interior lights don't work and I need the code for the radio,other than that there ain't much wrong with it. I know very little about them but it's definitely very me,and in forum colours too! If anyone has any advice in things I should do or check if love to hear,I'm thinking a coolant Change would be sensible,and thinking ahead cambelt as well.
  2. So many broken picture links! I'll fix it one day. I feel I can finally unlurk properly now that I have something worthy of Autoshite to post about. Day One In the cold light of Day Two Came with some great features. The best thing about vinyl is that you *can* scrub it clean and with this old boat that was needed; everything was sticky and left a black residue on the hands. I've only been able to bring myself to spend an hour on the driver's door, the rest will have to wait for now. Doesn't look as big as it feels, weirdly. This is going to be my new daily in a few months, just got to get through a lot of cleaning and a bit of fettling. She's actually not that bad overall and only cost me £450 (plus £25 day insurance to collect her). The problems? >Quite a few rust blebs, but nothing serious or structural >Handbrake needs adjusting, I have to chock the wheels when parked on the drive >Driver's door window doesn't work >Probably decades of hand grease and silicone spray, built up in alternating layers. The engine bay is cleaner than the cabin. >Bonnet rams don't hold up the bonnet. >Neither do the boot rams. >Garage fitted electric fuel pump has no supressor, interferes with the LW/MW radio >PYE tape deck needs new belts, music played on it sounds like it's underwater >Bad previous respray with water contamination. But you know what, none of that matters. She's supremely comfortable and with some TLC over the summer should be in fine fettle. I'm not sure whether or not the people that look with face agog and jaw slack as I drive past are impressed, worried or amazed that a beige Princess with a brown roof still exists and is out on the road with someone a long way from pensionable age driving it.
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