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Found 1 result

  1. Anyone remember this from a few months back? Super-basic early X2 Pony. It's in remarkable condition (genuine 26k with no welding or body repairs) but is probably the most miserable joyless vehicle I've yet experienced! 155 X 13 tyres as well. Its been sat on my drive for about 8 months so today I started seeing about getting it ready for an MOT. First off went to motor world for a pair of wiper blades. Easy win. Next, tried to drive it up the drive but there was summert up with the clutch - it would not engage when you took your foot off the pedal!!! FFS man. I fathomed out it was the fault of the clutch shaft that transmits your foot motion from the cable to the thrust bearing. It had only flippin seized up!!! I spent ages trying to free it off but couldnt. Eventually I admited defeat. There was nowt for it but to remove the friggin gearbox!!! So I did that this evening. Can you believe it, I took the gearbox out (only took an hour) then spent almost 2 hours farting about with the clutch shaft, oiling it and twatting it with hammers to loosen it up. drilled a couple of extra holes in the gearbox casing to hel the oil get to where it was needed. After what seemed like a freakin age it was acceptably smooth in operation so I cleaned out the bellhousing and put the box back in, almost giving myself a hernia in the process. Anyway the clutch now works perfectly so I have dropped the dismal old crock in at my local MOT shop - more news tomorrow!!!
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