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Found 1 result

  1. Well picture the scene. I was on holiday in my pirate of a father t4 camper, the missus was happy as it was sunny, I pretending to read a book about the gestapo, but in reality I was browsing the web looking at cars. I had been after one of these for years, with tales of them keeping up with exotic machinery in evo magazine fresh in my noggin. I found one that wasn't 6 grand plus, which is a lot for a flimsy french hatchback. the history was all online from the register from near enough brand new, it had been looked after, undergoing a 3k suspension refresh last year. I dropped it into conversation with the account/gaffer, she didn't normally do her thing of saying "no" This surprised me, it must be the hormones, so I continued on my quest to achieve a viewing, this went well. No resistance was found. I did some more digging in the shape of a hpi check and all was well, I then had another lengthy chat with the owner and it sounded bob on. It was a good 8 hour round trip from my house to the car, I chanced it and paid for the insurance beforehand with an agreed value up front as it was surprisingly cheap. Yesterday started at 07:30, I couldn't sleep as I was excited. much traffic was met on the M3 and M27 on the way down, I turned up at the blokes gaff to be greated with it in a massive garage, next to a clio v6 a gt6 a saab 9000 on 330 odd k and a nissan leaf. We went for a drive and I transferred him some monies by a bank transfer, in my experience these are pretty much instant. However....... Monies transferred at 12.01. We waited. And waited. Checked the sort code and account number for the 53rd time, still correct. Me and the wife went for lunch. 14.13 still no transfer, both parties ring banks, yeah Mr T it's been sent and is out your account, No Mr seller no funds are in your account and none are pending. 14.43 Go to beach to ponder what to do, ring bank again, no Mr T funds have left your account, Mrs T now very fed up. Looked at BnB's, these were expensive so gave that idea up, train ticket on mon morn back to pick it up once funds cleared looked the best option. 15.37 text from hsbc, "this is the hsbc fraud team please call us quoting this reference ******" Call hsbc, do you know a Mr seller, yeah been trying to give him money, ok I have now released the funds as we thought it was a dodgy transaction. 15.40 call seller to tell him to check. 16.18 Seller still not received funds. Mrs T spotted finding big rocks and rope to drown me in the sea. 16.32 Seller calls, Monies are in his bank come get the car. 16.33 Mrs T puts rocks down. That was a right palaver. Finally I could drive off in 193/500. I know it isnt autoshite, but i have always wanted one and you only live once. My others cars I have always wanted are a dc2 integra type r, e30 m3 and a xj6 coupe. I can't really afford any of the them. It was a lot still for a clio. But I am sure I won't lose. Not my pics, pics stolen from the internet from 2015, but it's the same car. Didn't take one pic all day. The tank was half full as well, it drives well, seems to cling on for dear life around the bends. The recaros are mint, as is the rest of the car, except a dint on the bonnet, which I am gonna get sorted, these trophys seem to be very well looked after. I am gonna go outside now and touch it up, then will try and get it on three wheels around the island when it drys up. Fin
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