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  1. Just gaging if any of you fine young chaps would have any interest in this Cav? These Motorsports or Cesaro seem to be a quite a rare beast now. Had a builder mate of mine send me some photos of this abandoned beast in someone’s garden in the Taunton area. He asked the homeowner what they want for the car and they said nothing. I am yet to hear if they have the V5 and no idea of the condition of the car. Their doesn’t seem to be any MOT history online and according to a a search it has not been taxed since 2006. Obviously will need collecting, let me know if you have any interest!
  2. Ok I'm going to see if we've enough interest in the Autoshite Dealership stickers to run off another batch. I will need to pre-sell a minimum of 120 before I will place another order, and I have contacted the company that made them to recheck the run price. I am also considering a new design with the url in it, but done so it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb (and I corrected the boobies for this run!): Please state your interest by copying the following and adding your name below: Eg: Ruffgeezer: 1
  3. As title. I'll dig out morte pics/link to previous threads. It runs now, although carb still full of random gunk (mostly from tank). It currently owes me £400 odd quid. That would be most acceptable. It has no floors. No roof. Not much rear brakes (hardware kit needed).No V5 (never registered) It runs. It has x-flow 1600. Nikki twin choke. Rubbish dash. XR2 seats. Mk2 Escrot running gear. Anyone interested? Thanks, Sam
  4. Hey y'all, This is my project vehicle. A bunch of y'all here will know it. Bought for $150 back in 2008. That's actually less than scrap value here. Saved it from being pushed backwards into the bayou by the previous owner. It looks like a Renault 9. It kinda is, in a way. It's the bottom of a R11 with the top of a R9 with the back that they came up with over here ad-hoc. The engine's about the same, it's an Espace block, bored out with a crank specific to the engine, and a 1.7 turbo head- to give a capacity of 2.0 litres. Makes the car shift like a scalded cat. It's been a slow progression to this point. It's a low budget, low speed rebuild. Rebuilding it to mechanical factory spec. Bodywork is staying factory spec apart from the paint. Currently almost ready to go on the road- just have the brakes to rebuild. If y'all want, I have the last five years I can condense with a few pictures --Phil
  5. I've just bought this. Came up on FB marketplace just down the road from my unit, couldn't say no! Do I need it? No. Will it cause me grief? Almost certainly yes. Is it a big majestic bastard? Absolutely. It needs a few bits and pieces doing, including spheres all round and some warning lights supposedly caused by an ABS sensor. My Lexia won't talk to it, so that's the first order of business. Wish me luck!
  6. My efforts of the last few months have come to fruition and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome I'm a serial Omega botherer and some years ago I got a sniff of this 1996 Vauxhall Omega 2.5 V6 24v CDX manual that was no longer being used as it's only owner was no longer able to drive, sad circumstances meant it was stored unused for 5-6 years . She was a non runner and in a neglected state by the time I was able to rescue it and @worldofceriwas employed to bring her to me, excellent service and highly recommended! When she arrived she was covered in the usual moss and grime and was still on the original 1996 tyres which were perished and barely held air. Non running cause was found to be a completely ruined fuel system as the petrol in the tank had turned to a bright green mess that had dissolved all of the internal rubber pipes into a black sticky goo, I don't think I've ever smelt anything so toxic, a thorough tank clean, new piping, sender unit refurbed , filter and new pump and she burst back into life. Further recommissioning work required was 4 x new Michelin tyres, Cambelt and waterpump kit , complete replacement exhaust system, service , wipers, alternator was refurbished with new internals, new battery and literally scores of hours of cleaning and gentle refurbishment . The main dealer service history is incredible with 8 miles between services some years. She walked her MOT and now drives like a she has just rolled out of the showroom, unsurprisingly given she's only covered 17 k from new, the interior leather looks like it's just had the plastic removed at the dealers and the rear seats have allegedly never been sat in
  7. After a fun* 30 mins phonecall to insure the latest purchase, I thought I'd cheer myself up by starting a collection thread a wee bitty early! First clue. I ain't had one of these before..
  8. Due to the success of Eddie Hondas mug roffle I thought we could raise some funds for either the Hendry fundrazer or the forum hosting. A company that I'm involved with prints mugs and clothing. I can get them at 'mates rates' so could sell them fairly cheaply while still giving a good cut to the forum. I'm not planning on earning any money myself. Would £5 a mug sound fair? My plan was to deliver most of it to Shitefest to save on postage but I could post things out afterwards to folk who can't make it. Skizzer has kindly agreed to let me use this brilliant forum banner that he designed. There are a few other variations on this thread. EH came up with the rather good suggestion of a Shitefest 18 design. I can just about work MS Paint so if anyone would like to have a go at a SF18 design then send it to me is a really high resolution that would be grand.
  9. Four Sail. Autoshite Decals. Thats "stickers" in old money. Medium Quality external vinyl. Will withstand prolonged mocking, and rain. Gr5 for adorning your lap top lid, enamelled tea mug, tool box, prosthetic foot, bus shelter, expensive guitar flightcase or underpant drawer. Pics* *please note that the 50p pictured is intended to indicate scale and is not included in the purchase price. If you would like to pay via another method, I am happy to discuss. Swaps, sex, real money, dares will all be considered.
  10. Alright then shite fans, time for me to clear some space in my parents' loft and get shot of my carefully-assembled model collection from a quarter of a century ago. These have all been "cherished" in the sense that 12 year-old me would take them out the boxes, display them, occasionally dismantle/reassemble them, take the racing stickers off some of them, respray a few of them, add number plates to them, but leave most of them alone and return them to the boxes. I'm not mad keen on simpy lobbing all of these on Ebay therefore am open to offers on any of the following. See something you like, speak up! As a guide, the going rate for the BBurago 1-24 scale that make up most of the collection seems to be in the region of a tenner each, the 1-18 scale a bit more, the 1-43 a bit less. Bulk discount will be available! Postage is from Jersey so not the same rates as Royal Mail, I need to check out the approx cost as a small parcel seems to be considerably more. A small portion of the 1-24 stuff first. Some of these are photos cribbed from the Internet on account of not having dug everything out yet. Will probably retrieve the rest at the weekend. Ferrari F40 Citroen 2CV Beetle convertible Beetle has two bits of interchangeable plastic representing the soft top in lowered and raised positions - nice touch. Mine is in a red box same as the 2CV however. EDIT May 2019 Beetle and 2CV sold Fiesta XR2i Granada Scorpio My Scorpio has different wheels to the above, otherwise identical. 3/10/17 SCORPIO SOLD Autobianchi Y10 3/10/17 Y10 SOLD That'll do for now. 1-18 stuff up next.
  11. Edit Nov 2020: Still available. Will order more if I have enough interest... A bunch of Autoshite 'GB' style stickers have now landed! The vinyl seems good quality and they stick well. Design isn't amazing (because I did it) but satisfied customers are satisfied (see more photos further down this thread). Still plenty left and I'll order more when they run out. Price: £1 each. P&P: 50p per order. Free p&p if you order four or more. Send me a message if you'd like some, or comment below. If you've commented in this thread, I'll pm you in due course. *Original post follows* Alright gang, I've noticed a few times the idea of a Autoshite GB - style sticker being mooted. Not sure if it's ever come to anything or anyone else has owt in the pipeline, but I downloaded a logo-maker app a little while back and have been messing around with it: If there's enough interest I can look into getting an online sticker-printing outfit to run me a bundle off. I can delete the autoshite.com url from the bottom if people want it to be even more discreet. The vinyl seems good quality and they stick well. Design isn't amazing (because I did it) but they look pretty good, I reckon.
  12. If you saw the News 24 in the early hours you’ll have seen my next car is due since it’s back up north, so now the collection! So all I know of this car is the make and model, colour and year. And that it had an MOT. What have I gotten myself into? Alexia, play Mr Blue Sky...
  13. Lads, lads, lads. Its been ages since I bought a thing, and I LOVE BUYING THINGS. I couldn’t sleep last night, for instance. I feel great because buying vehicles SOLVES ALL OF LIFE’S PROBLEMS (apart from parking permits). Anyway, I just agreed to buy a thing, with collection commencing today or tomorrow. In the meantime, let’s spy on the vendors house on street view shall we? My little bundle of joy is tucked in behind that rather tasty 164.
  14. 1998 SUBARU IMPREZA NON-TURBO AWD MANUAL ESTATE WITH ROOF BARS AND MASSIVE FOGLIGHTS FOR DOOM SCENARIOS Bought this off Bramz last month, done a few hundred miles in it. Perfectly reliable, school run kaos etc But had some sudden and big household bills loom, so having a big sell-off MOT is only to end of this month though. But everything works - all windows, no dash warnings; it's been a handy and hunky dory motor car. Interior tidy. Exterior pretty clean, bar the odd knock and scuff and arch bubble. It's not a shed by any means. History file though up to a point, recent bills for service items, but cambelt roulette. 132k. Tyres are about 18 months old, but they are budget ditchfinders. I intended to keep it, wanted this exact spec for years, but will have to let it go after all. It will need that dicky front caliper replacing as the stickiness comes back after a few days after freeing it off. Discs look to have little time left on them too. Bonus is being the non-Turbo it has drums on the rear. Synchromesh scratchy when cold, clutch feels a bit crunchy action but plenty of meat there Bonuses are: it's green, it's the estate, excellent heater, it's AWD for snowzombievirus kaos, got insurance cover it on classic multicar policy (Hagerty) as now it's old enough 1998 I just need to get my money back. It owes me 400 notes. Can go today Yes, the number plate is now fixed properly Located M1 corridor Watford <> Luton £7 a ticket or 3 for £20 Bargain. I'm keeping the Alfa 156 Wagon for now
  15. Before wasting anyone's time this car is not roadworthy, and just outside Edinburgh - it is however very cheap. If this sounds of interest then read on.... This is your chance to save my project Bini from the scrappy, or worse still, Facebook Marketplace. Kind of testing the water really (I hate when people say that in an advert!) but an impending house move and requiring the garage for other stuff during renovations of said new house plus general lack of time and enthusiasm means the sensible thing to do is get shot of it, and in so doing I am admitting failure that I've not been able to rescue this fine little car. This is roughly what it looks like: I say roughly because the stripes are gone and replaced with racing roundels on the bonnet and doors and a single stripe on the bonnet - which in my opinion looks awesome. Bodily it's in excellent condition with no rust or dings however have a look at the MOT fail sheet, scroll down if you can't be bothered looking it up - this all still needs doing however I do have new trackrod ends, ball joints, top mounts plus discs and pads which can be thrown in for a fair offer (cost me £200 from ECP) Now the catch is that the lower nearside suspension bolt has sheared in-situ and the lower ball joint nut is butchered in a failed attempt to remove, this is the primary reason for me throwing in the towel. As far as I can tell the engine is good as is the gearbox however I've only driven it 10miles since I bought it last April so absolutely no guarantees offered or implied - it has been garaged all that time and occasionally run up and down the drive. Comes with a good wad of history including receipts for recon gearbox and new PAS pump around 40k miles ago. The eagle-eyed among you will also spot a mileage discrepancy in the MOT history this is due to a change in speedo unit which has now been changed once more to one with roughly the correct mileage which is somewhere around 130k, of course no guarantees can be offered or implied. It starts, drives and stops but would obviously need trailered away. I'm just outside Edinburgh which I know limits my market on here for a non-roadworthy car but I'd rather it went to a good home and went back on the road than face the pain of trying to flog it elsewhere. If anyone is seriously interested in giving this poor little Bini a good home give me a shout, any offers of 'some money' will be considered to get it out of my way. Obviously I'd like to recover some of my 'investment' if possible but I also appreciate that MOT'd Binis are dirt cheap at the moment. Not sure if there is an appetite for Roffl-ing a non-roadworthy car but that may be an option if there is enough interest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date tested14 August 2019 FAIL View test certificate Mileage135,564 miles MOT test number5303 5053 5799 Test location View test location Do not drive until repaired (dangerous defects): Nearside Front Upper Macpherson strut mounting likely to fail top mount and bearing (5.3.3 (b) (ii)) -have parts Repair immediately (major defects): Nearside Front Headlamp aim too low (4.1.2 (a)) Offside Front Headlamp aim too high (4.1.2 (a)) Nearside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) -have parts Offside Front Suspension arm ball joint excessively worn (5.3.4 (a) (i)) -have parts Nearside Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play (2.1.3 (b) (i)) -have parts Offside Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play (2.1.3 (b) (i)) -have parts Repair as soon as possible (minor defects): Front Suspension arm ball joint dust cover severely deteriorated o/s and n/s (5.3.4 (b) (i)) -have parts Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover damaged or deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt o/s and n/s (2.1.3 (g) (i)) -have parts Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories): Nearside Rear Tyre worn close to legal limit/worn on edge 175-65-15 (5.2.3 (e)) Front Coil spring corroded o/s and n/s (5.3.1 (b) (i)) Rear Coil spring corroded o/s and n/s (5.3.1 (b) (i)) Nearside Rear brake sticking slightly Rear exhaust rubbers slightly deteriorated Nearside Front drive shaft seal leaking sligfhtly Front Suspension arm pin or bush worn but not resulting in excessive movement o/s and n/s positioned at rear of front arm (5.3.4 (a) (i)) Nearside Rear number plate lamp dull - done fuel cap seal slightly deteriorated- done clutch pedal rubber missing- done Front Suspension arm corroded but not seriously weakened o/s and n/s (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Front Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened o/s and n/s (1.1.14 (a) (ii)) -have parts Rear Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened o/s and n/s (1.1.14 (a) (ii)) Front Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)) Rear Sub-frame corroded but not seriously weakened (5.3.3 (b) (i)) signs of coolant leak around thermostat housing area -no drips on garage floor after being sat for 10mths Oil leak, but not excessive (8.4.1 (a) (i)) -no drips on garage floor after being sat for 10mths Power steering pipe/hose slightly corroded (2.1.5 (g) (i)) Power steering pipe/hose has slight seepage (2.1.5 (a)) -no drips on garage floor after being sat for 10mths
  16. As you've probably read on here I've bought Mr_Lobsters Seat Toledo as i needed something a bit newer for my wife to use (plus i wanted something quicker again!) so my Sierra is now surplus to requirements. I bought it earlier this year of a friend after it had been in his barn since 2006 and spent numerous weekends and lots of money getting it back on the road again, It passed it's first MOT in 9 years a couple of months back and has been my faultless daily driver since doing around 1000 miles. In the time I've had it I've fitted. New cambelt & waterpump.New Valve stem seals and RC gasketNew fuel pumpNew front discs and pads and flexi hosesNew rear shoes, cylinders, brake pipes and a new handbrake cableA full service with dizzy cap, rotor arm, plug leads etc.New batteryRefurbished 15" Cossie alloys with good tyres and genuine Ford locking nutsTank removed and cleaned out It now drives great and is getting better the more i use it, there's a couple of small faults to keep you busy though. The fuel gauge doesn't work, we did clean the sender unit when we removed the tank and it does fire up the gauge, if you fill the tank it works but after 100 miles it drops down again so all i do is keep the tank full and reset the mileometer and just top it up every 200 miles or so.The starter motor has just started every now and then to stick a little and you can hear the bentix is a little slow to return, this hasn't bothered me as it still works without any issue but it might need changing at some point, it's a easy and cheap job though.There's a shallow dent on the offside rear quarter, again it's very minor.I repaired a small dint on the bonnet as well a scab on the dented rear quarter, both repairs are spot on but i stupidly used Halfords pre-mixed paint so the colour is slight darker, it's nothing major though.The original radio doesn't work so it currently has a CD player in it. There's a well filled in service book and paperwork, everything works, electric windows, proper sunroof and central locking and it has two keys. The original steel wheels and tidy wheel trims are included although they will need tyres. This is a lovely old bus which you can't lose money on, either use it as a interesting daily driver or sort out my dodgy paint match and take it to shows next year and get your money back and more next summer. It's in Ipswich, Suffolk and I'm looking for £950 ono.
  17. As some of you may have already seen over on the For Sale forum, somehow I managed to win @barefoot's Renault Vel Satis. This is a remarkable outcome, seeing as I didn't actually buy any tickets for it. @loserone clearly identified how much these things terrify me, and bought me two randoms. Normally, at this juncture, I'd be overwhelmed with gratitude. After all, it's a free car. But it's also a remarkably fragile french land whale, constructed almost entirely from unobtainium, which answers a question that nobody asked. I have five cars here, one out on long term loan and two jobs. I got the mother of all bollockings from Mrs Identity; unjustly seeing as I didn't participate in the raffle and I need this like a married man needs a second cock. Oh, and I've just realised the road tax is a kidney per year. Notwithstanding, I intend to run the car until the precise moment something breaks - at which stage I will raffle it off for charity. Firstly, does anyone fancy bringing this down from the land of 'cobs' and 'ducks' to my place in Cambridge? @Ohdearme did come up with a scheme, but I'm not sure if timings will work out (perhaps they will). I'm happy to go myself - but if someone wants a day out with it then I can cover expenses (my train and petrol would be about £50) and run you back to the station in a Ford Sierra bASe. Don't worry if it doesn't work out. I'm just keen to get it out of Barefoot's way, and start the adventure nightmare of VEL SHARTis ownership tenancy. NB: It's Castle Donnington to Cambridge, effectively. (Reposted in the right forum - duh!)
  18. I really need to unload some of the cars. Doesn't matter how much I try and justify it to myself, I've just got way too many at the moment. This is a large problem that became very apparent when I started looking at moving workshop to somewhere larger to consolidate where I keep my stuff and hopefully make some headroom. The realisation struck me that I've got enough work to keep me going until retirement, and it's simply not worth it. I need to cut some stuff out and make a clean break I think. Current list. 1972 Beetle 1200 restoration (keeping and finishing, it's Sarah's car so probably doesn't count, to be fair I've done a fair bit on this) 2000 beetle 2.0 (Sarah's car, needs a battery and some welding doing, but given she's not driving it's fine, and it can be quickly made into a car again. I really need to keep this one too. 1984 Caravelle restoration (keeping and finishing, had this forever and can't part with it.) 1974 Subaru Beetle (can't really sell this one, made a promise on it and need to see it through) 2006 Mondeo ST 2.2 Diesel (I'm keeping this, as it's my daily driver) So that brings us to the stuff I really need to get rid of. 2002 Mondeo ST220 in Infra Red (I bought this because nothing appreciates like a fast ford, it's a project but an easy one, and I've not touched it for three years now. It's in a dry garage, this can be for sale. I keep missing the guy with the garage access to get the pictures done Here's one from just before it went into storage. I can't imagine being that it's sat in a dry garage it looks a lot worse. Battery will be shot, needs a window reg, they're about £20, I might have one. It had a bit of a sump weep and needed discs and pads, and probably tyres too. I don't remember seeing any rot in there, but it may have started to go a bit by the front wings. FB_IMG_1548892719181 by davedorson, on Flickr it's infra red, I've got some good part worn tyres I can sell with it for the right money, needs re-commissioning. Plate is N99 JLM, 1999 Golf S 1.9 TD estate. That's the one that was meant to go last week. All working now, just needs me to put some coolant in it and get a battery, the chap was meant to bring one, then let me down, MOT'd till March 29th. Might just get this re-MOT'd and park it down the unit as a spare "pool" car. NOW SOLD IMG_20181215_100535522 by davedorson, on Flickr W124 300E (m103 3.0), ex David Bailey car apparently. Lost all the paperwork, probably worthless, refuses to run right, I suspect the K-Jet is shagged. I just can't find the motivation to do this. It's fairly solid, I've got new discs and pads in the boot for it. Really should just get rid of this one. if anyone wants this please get in touch, and I'll do some photos for you. 2018-08-09_09-18-46 by davedorson, on Flickr It won't come on the 17's, as they're valuable on their own, I've got some original wheels, but I need to sort them out with tyres, I'll try and do that and get some updated ones. NOW SOLD S124 200TE, rusty. Currently at a friends in Corby who's been apparently doing the welding on it for me. I'm yet to see evidence of this. I've basically written it off as a bad experience. If anyone wants this please get in touch. It does drive, but it's rough as arseholes due to degraded ignition bits and very rusty, although it might be less rusty now. I dunno, I'll arrange some photos if I can. Reg is G878ERP if you're curious, as you can see, off the road for ages! NOT MOVED SINCE I STARTED THIS THREAD, ANYONE FEELING BRAVE? MESSAGE ME!
  19. 1 previous owner from new,64000 miles,new tyres allround,fitted by previous giffer owner,original radio/cass,
  20. From a recent haul. This first lot 50p each + postage. More to come.
  21. Loving home sought, must sell through no fault of its own etc. I have a 54000 miles (ish) 2002 K11 Micra 1.0 CVT 'S' for sale, it has factory alloy wheels and an aftermarket stereo/CD player (not too bad actually). For the uninitiated, the CVT gearbox is like a twist and go jobby, put your foot down and you whisk off surprisingly quickly for a 1.0! There are no gears as such, but there is a sport button - and it actually makes a difference! A surprising one. It being a 2002 facelift K11, you get a better ignition system (no dizzy, individual coils etc), a sleeker look, doorcards that the fabric peels off of and a CVT gearbox that is not made out of cardboard like the earlier N-CVT types. The engine is chain driven, so no belts to worry about. I bought this in April for mum to mooch around in as she's having a difficult time just now, a few mobility and financial issues (not a great combo!) and so I bought this for her, but also for me to mooch about in when I don't want to use the Hearse. It's no longer required as mum's situation has improved, and she's now bought herself something. So I have Nubbins back, but need the funds back from it which is sad because I really quite like it. A big surprise to me, IS NOT SHIT! My sister had these for her first few cars back when they really weren't worth anything, hers were all totally shit and she accidentally did quite well with the bangernomics philosophy, binning them when they were about to fall apart into small rusty pieces, needed a clutch etc. So, it has almost full-service history, it was MOT'd and serviced in March this year, it had a new full exhaust system in 04/2017 (even though only the rear box was blowing) and a full set of tyres in 08/2017, a new LHS caliper in 2016. It seems to have been very well looked after by the PO and previous owners, the PO had it since 2015 (the invoice for £2245 is in with the SH) but their dog got too big to fit in it! So, the logical thing to do was get a Skoda Roomster, cos they're roomy right? It's in the name and everything. My gain, I won the ebay auction for a smidgen over a grand, and when I picked it up the PO was very apologetic that it had an empty petrol tank, so gave me £50 for fuel - lovely people they were. The lady's husband (yes, a careful lady owner - not ragged or anything) had a collection of stuff, a Disco 3 (Shit rather than shite methinks), Volvo P1800 (gorgeous), S-Type and Merc C250d estate that had been to the moon and back. That's not mentioning the farm shite, many pieces or machinery, tractors, agricultural items I didn't know what they were etc. Apologies for the dirty, shit pictures - I haven’t had time to clean it yet and it still has a load of mum’s crap in there! Will clean, tidy and post better pictures when time allows - possibly Monday. The drivers front wing has a dent, the door card fabric has come unstuck from the card itself and there is a small crack in the front bumper RHS lower corner (wasn't there when I bought it!). Otherwise it is a very smart little thing, with low miles, no rust that I have found (or been reported at MOT time) and so should keep motoring on for some time. Mum has been all over the south west in it, I have been up to Bristol and back once a week for the last month (160 mile round trip) so have total confidence in it - it will sit at 70+ on the motorway quite nicely, although steep hills make it a bit revvy and noisy. It's a 1L though bruv, innit. It owes me £1K, I need to sell it to pay for university tuition fees and need the funds back for this purpose. Any shiters want a punt? Offers accepted. Is located in East Coker, Somerset and isn’t taxed or insured atm.
  22. Hello Shiters! I bought some N.O.S parts last week, and have spent a bit of time sorting through them and cataloguing them. I've thought I'd offer them to shiters first as there are some crackers in there (timing belt for a Bluebird 2.0 Diesel anyone?) With them being New Old Stock, the boxes are dusty/could be damaged but the parts themselves are in decent condition (if sometimes a touch dusty) I've looked at the prices online for the same items on Ebay and Amazon, and decided to charge approx 50% less. Prices are included in the tables below. Postage is £2.95 PER ITEM for oil filters and timing belts Rather than stick up a million pics, please send me a PM with Part/s you are after Car Make/Model/Engine Size Car Year and I'll double check they'll fit and send you a picture back to confirm. Oil Filters Timing Belts
  23. The GGG is Booked on an Aeroplane Flight - This Can Only Mean One Thing... Hint: It's a non return flight.
  24. Right due to a mixture of life being a pita and the lack of money and space. I really need to get a car shifted before September ideally. So although this wasn't in the original plan, what better than me offering two Cars For Sale / Roffles instead ! Plus Points, 2006 Met Black Fiat Stilo 1.6 petrol Active SW. 4 Owners , 48,912 only with Mot till next April, Starts, Run's + Drives fine and engine seam's to have plenty of get up and go. Clutch is ok too. Brakes seam good inc handbrake. Blowers work ok. Front Leccy Windows + Mirrors. PAS inc City Button, Central Locking, CD player. Looks to have had a full new Exhaust and Windscreen replacement recently. Tyres all have plenty of tread and spare wheel and tool kit is present. No fault codes on Dash. V5 arrived today in my name. Negative Points, Interior isn't great. Worst is being the headlining and rear boot carpet, but is 99% complete. Bodywork has some interesting dents see pics! Also has poor previous repairs to nearside doors and is declared on logbook as being a previous salvaged vehicle. Nearside front door doesn't lock on the outside but locks fine inside. Tailgate rattles slightly [ needs adjustment ] No service history so Cambelt Roulette at present, but Fiat reckon next change assuming it's had one would be 72K. Clonking / Rattle underneath suspect anti-roll bar joint as advised on last Mot. Despite it's appearances though this car has potential. I feel that with a bit of time invested and a few trips to a scrappy as I'd planned to do, would improve it no end. But otherwise it would make a ideal cheap workhorse / dog carrier etc as is, that would also last you till next April and beyond without too much bother. Car is untaxed but will Sorn if not Sold shortly and no Insurance. Just want back what it owe's me so far. AS price is £350 firm or £6 a Roffle Ticket. If the Cavalier sell's before the Stilo, then I may keep this car as originally intended but we see how things go. Worst case I'll sell both and have to go Car shopping again! Car located Midlands near Jct 10 M42 at present.
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