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Found 2 results

  1. Now now all, Fine weather we're having, etc... As it has been so glorious up here in the tropical* north, I took the chance to replace the (rowdy) Audi's cv joints... a very satisfying job as it happens. Anyway, was about to close the gates after the obligatory test drive, when I noticed the awesome retro/shite... ness of my driveway! Feast your eyes! And, just because it's 26 years and 206k old, but still capable of terrorising shitty modern 'hot' hatches and generally making my commute more enjoyable... here's the V6 flavoured slab of Teutonic shi
  2. It's not exactly Autoshite, but an event celebrating cars and popular culture from the 80s and 90s should come close enough! Radwood has been a thing in the states for a year or two now, I've been following it since pretty much the beginning and am quite excited that the first event outside the US is happening here. The premise is pretty simple, bring along your car built from 1980-1999, optionally you can show up in your period correct rad outfit (whatever that might mean to you). Ticket prices are quite affordable, 20 quid if you want to show up in your car (incl. a passenger) or 10 quid wit
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