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  1. To start with, I'm knackered, I've just finished a night shift that although was busy, it seemed to never end. A steady drive home, a quick power nap, get the kids up and make some brekker. Faced with the impending ULEZ and whatnot (for which there is a very good lengthy thread. If you want to talk about it, do it there) I can't keep running a diesel Saab 9-3. I was just going to cope with it, but TfL just put up a camera up on a long pole on my route to work - I can't imagine anyone wanting to vandalise that 20ft up in the air. I was going to drive most of the way, park as close to the camera as possible and walk the rest, but this scuppers it. Anyway, I was looking on eBay for a submission for 'The Price is Shite' thread last week and saw an unsuitable car, put a watch on it and promptly ignored it. My phone chirruped when I was talking to my brother with 15 minutes left on the auction. In that time, we'd looked over the MOT history/ checked the road tax and checked its ULEZ/CAZ compliance and he offered to lend me half of the money if I won, (enabler!) I bunged a bid in with three seconds to go and promptly won it for £££, and not £££££££. So vital statistics as per tradition: Miles to go: 159 each way, London will be achieved by 12:00 Turdification count = 0 (although my body clock is so messed up, literally anything can happen) Hayfever symptoms = mild to light Passengers = 1 Boom_daughter_elder (Boom_daughter_v2 is being looked after by my long-suffering brother for the day)
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