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Found 4 results

  1. Driving around all day everyday I get to see a fair amount of old chod on the roads and rusting rammel on driveways. Been meaning to do this thread for some time now, so here’s what I’ve seen over the past few months.
  2. I had a spotted thread under the same title a few years ago but only had a basic Nokia phone with a terrible camera. Now I've got a proper camera phone, I thought I'd take up spotting again. Here's today's offerings... Mazda E2200 apparently, I thought initially it was a Hiace. Split screen Moggy. This place has had various Japanese tin outside over the years. Flat tyre and hadn't moved for some time by the look of it. Workhorse. Not many about nowadays. Is T-plate early for these? I accept that the pics aren't very good, but I don't pretend to be any good at taking photos.
  3. Right, thought it was about time I made some sort of effort to throw up what I've spotted over the last year or so. Theres plenty of chod around here, but I also need to be careful taking photos. Using my retarded 'stealth' mode (pointing phone camera at cars general direction whilst making it look like I'm checking a text message or something) hasn't always worked, so some/most of my pics are a little on the shite side. I've put them into order by car make/country of origin as its easier like that, thats how they are filed on my computer and how they are uploaded to photobucket. I'll start by what I upload and go on through the makes. NOTE - If the photos look they are cut-off from the right-hand side, you can either use the 'view image' option on Firefox or use CTRL + +/- to make the screen bigger or smaller on IE. Anyway, enough rambling on from me, lets start with some British chod: Jaguar Sovereign, untaxed since around 2003. Austin Ambassador A-reg, A-reg, ey Reg? etc... This had been here for ages, however it seems to have disappeared a few months ago, its still taxed though. I HAZ CRABZ etc.. When I took a pic of this, some other bloke had the same idea and took a pic too, anyone we know? Saw this the other day being driven by a pretty large bloke, he didnt look too comfortable Absolute poverty-spec Metro (I think) not seen these on steelies unless they had wheel trims covering them. Truck shite, ERF 180 in Digbeth, had to slide my hand through the bars to get this. Mini something or other outside some big posh house. Had to zoom in for pic, hence (non) quality. Maestro, been here for some time. Owner seems to have shite laying about, including some huge Vauxhall truck in his rather small front garden. He also has a Mini van, took a pic but cant find it. This house has always rotting chod laying around festering. This was owned by a mate of mine at one point, he got it to this condition. I last saw it being driven by some young suited-up 20-something lad. I waved at him whilst I was waiting at some lights in the Sterling but he looked at me bewildered. Riley Elf I think. Was shocked to see this around, had to get some pics Rover 2600 Auto, a recent find, doesnt look like its moved for a few years. Another 2600 SD1, this featured in some mag at one point. Scimiter GTE in Nottingham More Dolomitage..... For some of our older members...... A Vauxhall PA Cesta? Quite a famous spot having been seen and snapped by others on other old-car-fan forums and photo hosting sites, apparently its been sitting here for 28 years........... More to come.................
  4. On the following pages I'll whack a selection of the best things I've seen over in Romania...
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