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Found 1 result

  1. I've got the week off this week so I'm intending to do something about a couple of issues on my Puma which are bugging me: 1) Front subframe rot. This seems to be quite unusual, they like to rot but most owners I've spoken to haven't had any trouble: 2) Exhaust blowing around manifold. Fortunately the exhaust manifold has to come out to get the subframe out (along with other stuff) and I'm very lucky in being able to use my mate Adam's car lift. In the pics below you'll see a chunk of rust that fell out of the inner subframe behind the offside lower arm. That's why it needs doing - I keep wire-wheeling and painting to fool MoT man but since the rest of the car is nice I should sort this out. HBoL says you've got to drop steering rack together with subframe, but I've managed to remove it without doing this - it'll be fun getting it back because access is non existent. It would be fine if the steering rack nuts were captive but of course they are not. I've also discovered a CV boot that has decided to fail, very recently by the looks of it. I've ordered a stretchy one to repair it, in theory it fits but we'll see once it arrives. I've had a lot of the front suspension apart not long ago so it all came to bits fairly easily. Likewise the zorst, although my own home-made Meccano lower bracket thing was a bit of a faff. There's clear evidence where the manifold has been blowing. It's a bit of a shit design because there's only two studs holding the bottom part on. Fine for OEM but not great for my 4-2-1 system. I am going to try a double gasket in the hope that gives enough 'squidge' to seal it. Has anyone used fire putty on head/manifold joint or is that asking for trouble? Anyway after about 5 hours pratting about I got the subframe off. It's replacement is just a stock Fiesta used one that I cleaned up and painted last year, but I've been procrastinating this job.
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