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Found 190 results

  1. Now, after thinking long and hard I have decided to try and part with this thing. The Great* BMW 635CSi. I bought this car from some dark shady place in Hackney and everything told me to walk away but in true shitter style I handed over the cash and drove it home. That was about 6 years ago. The plan was for it to be a rolling project but behind the scenes it was far worse than it looked and the bridge was looming. I took some weeks off work and tore it to pieces after taking it to fail an MOT. This showed me what I needed to do to get it legal after about 20 years of fudging it's way through life on bent tickets. Work done and it was used pretty much daily but it was a ticking time bomb waiting for all those 1980's parts to expire. Most of them did and were replaced accordingly. It's broke down twice. Once was a loose earth to the battery which was probably my fault and was so obvious that no one found it and the second time the main relay gave out. This car was my pride and joy and nothing would keep it from moving. ^ In it's prime* It's got plenty of character. It has a mind boggling electrical problem to do with the interior electrics which when I bought it involved having to remove the interior fuse under the bonnet to shut the engine down, and likewise the opposite to start it... not handy when refulling so I bunged a switch inside. It's now a safety feature. It's got a little knock when selecting reverse, it's always done it which tells me it's working. The bonnet, I removed no less than 12 coats of paint as it was chipping like a china plate. It is now in grey epoxy but the air flow meter blowing up dented it a little bit. Thanks. No BMW alarm anymore. The previous owner had this removed as it was thought to be causing the starting issues. The BMW wiring expert* consequently buggered up the cars electrics resulting in the above. ABS is disconnected as it was working at random. Never used ABS, don't know what it's for so it's left disconnected Heater valve has always been knackered. Blows fast hot only so that's never been looked at as it is considered to be working. I can live with these problems but then it developed more sinister issues: 1) The rear half shaft undone itself but not completely 2) the boot lock failed to work and had to be drilled out 3) ignition issues resulting in 3 distributor caps. 4) Air flow meter exploded one fine morning resulting in a total Motronic system check and overhaul where needed. 5) The starter motor stopped starting the motor which was an absolute A hole to change. 6) The most recent, the brakes all lock on when the engine gets hot. 7) The fuel pressure regulator needs to be replaced. The car runs great on it but it can be improved. It causes a minor on/ off surge on fast straights in the summer. Problems I've caused. 1) The ride height is too low Due to a complete career shift I had to give up my unit which was where miracles took place and weekly inspections and repairs could be done. The car was pressed into daily service, 100 miles a day for a few months or so until the brake problem became apparent, on the A14, in heavy traffic. Terribly embarrassing. My career is very demanding and since May last year this car has been sat. I have no time usually and I hate seeing the thing stuck outside and it hates me for leaving it there. I have managed to get some time to do bits and have started to replace stuff on the master cylinder, pressure sphere ect but I don't know if this is the cure... which will just give me the arsehole if it isn't. I have also detected that the bulkhead seals and possibly the windscreen is letting water by. I removed the carpets and hey presto... I have some welding to do. So what's the future for it? I don't like it anymore... it's beaten me down and without my unit, working on it is hard work (I also own a Land rover...) I have come to realise after a year or so that I can't afford the time and aggro with it anymore and I think that it's best to move it on. BUT I DON'T WANT TO! So, I'm am continuing to repair the mysterious brake issue in a bid to fix it and I'm going to weld er up and continue to try seek some enjoyment out of it like the good old days but in the meantime it's like having an anchor around my neck so if it sells, it sells. The good bits... 1) The car is fast. Hit that sport switch and boot it. Nothing falls off and you stay in the same lane. Gives plenty of modernz a run for their money. That engine will gowan and on, it's been serviced when it's been due with only the best oil and proper plugs, compression tested too. I put a pipercross in it but thought it was shit so reverted to the standard filter. 2) Decent HT leads 3) Auto box had some work years ago totaling £1500! What? 4) Most (about 85%) of the bushes are polybushes. Trailing arms need doing although there is no play with the current rubbery ones. 5) Most 'messed about and lashed up by previous owner' stuff has been changed out. 6) Rear tyres (cooper) are recent but I'm not happy with their performance in the wet pulling away as they can smoke and lose it like fcuk. The car suits dunlop sports well but I kept getting irrepairable punctures which gets expensive. The fronts are sports but are worn. Spare is original rim and tyre (good luck using that). 7) Leather is in good nik with no rips. Drivers bolster is worn obviously but tarts up ok. Underside is well alright. I have pictures of all the bits that I done to it. 9) Body paint is totally and utterly fucked because patina (shit paint job, laquer peel and fading). Ideally needs some panel rust dealing with and a blow over. I like it as it is... Looks street Yo. 10) Heaps of paperwork, receipts, MOT'S, plans of action and diag test results all in a lever arch binder. Can get pictures on file too. The bits it'll ideally need soon: 1) New suspension. You'll get the hump with the lowness. Working on it sucks. 2) The sills have only another couple of years in them at a push. 3) Brake backing plates. I've repaired them. The backs are holding out ok but the fronts are gonna vanish 4) doors seals, sunroof seal 5) back light seals and chrome. It's all fucked and can't be fixed. 6) I'm putting on new front brakes as they got fried 7) Probably a power steering pump as it whines sometimes when cold To make it ACE: 1) All of the above but decent parts are becoming an absolute joke to get hold of. Walloth are catering more for these now but the 635 has been largely left out of the club. Here are some pictures took today after pushing it out of hibernation... So there... I've been honest, buy it for £NOT FORCED STALE and put me out of my misery. However, as I do want to sell it don't want to sell it, as I fix the thing and get it back on the road, the price will reflect that and probably will end up not being for sale. Location: Cambs
  2. Once upon a time, I owned a Morris Minor: It was a wretched little car. This was in no small part due to its Austin A30 running gear, foisted upon Morris on account of the BMC inception. A weedy 803cc engine which ate big end bearings (actually the first A Series but the later versions were completely different), terrible gearbox with a gear stick 3 feet long (which at least had some novelty value) and the A30 rear axle ratio; in other words, very low. It was gutless and slow. I vowed never to have another again, unless it was the right model. By the 'right model', I mean what the biscuit and tea Minor lot call a 'transitional' car. These were built from late 1962 to 1964 and incorporate the earlier features of separate starter control, opposing arc wipers, gold faced speedometer and duotone upholstery, with the benefit of the later engine which made the Minor into the car everybody knows and loves. All this was years ago; I hadn't had one for ages as I realised there were better, more interesting cars out there for the same or less money, and in any case, they would hardly ever be in short supply. In short, apart from the desire to own another being at the back of my mind, I wasn't too bothered. Enter an old friend I knew from my split-screen owning days, who asked if I still had a Minor, to which I answered no, but would have another of the aforesaid type. "I'm selling one!", my mate said. "Great!" quoth I, and promptly went to see it. Cosmetically challenged but solid with evidence of recent, good welding, I was suitably impressed. The next step was to get it running, which it did after cleaning the points and filling the SU with a fresh charge of bang water. Turning it on the handle first to gently free up the engine, for it had been standing a few years, the ignition was subsequently switched on and, heavens above, it fired straight up! Sounded sweet, too. Needless to say I had already agreed to buy it. Here it is: There is much to be done in the way of little jobs before it returns to the road, and it is a 1962 car so will need an MoT. Junkman and Conrad kindly offered to help out and begin work, but the car is here, and indeed the moral support of the GGG is second to none. This new arrival means the Shite Station Wagon will be up for sale, as I don't have room for them all.
  3. Hi all, Thought I'd start a Chodject (Chod Project) for my latest acquisition, a Venetian Pink 1988 Citroen BX 16RS. After being sat for 13 years unused on a drive and then garden, I (and Mr Schwifty of this parish) saved it from being sent to the scrappy, which i'm glad I did as it's FAR too clean to scrap! Been looking for a BX for a little while, but almost completely opposite spec to this, really was looking for a high spec late turbo diesel estate, buuuutttt this one was 3 miles from my house and needed rescuing so it's the BX I have! 1 owner from new (fastidious nuclear physicist), 98000 miles on the clock, as straight and honest a car as you could ever ask for! So, this how we found it: Very leafy and full of cobwebs. After a couple of hours we had it up and running, threw a battery on it, a clean up of a few crappy ignition connections and some fuel in it and it fired right up for the first time in about 5 years! The suspension all seems to work as it should, the brakes working fine, even the central locking and electric windows working without fault. In the background is my daily driver 405 estate and my friend Ben's 305 estate. The above happened on a Saturday afternoon, we returned to next day to actually buy the car and get it home, I completely forgot to take any photos of this, but we flat towed it back behind the 405, number board strapped on the back. Back at home and it was time for an immensely satisfying couple of hours with the pressure washer! Before: After: Looked great whilst it was still wet, but it is desperately in need of a polish in the future. It's remarkably free of rust, considering it's been sat on it's belly on grass and under a tree for the last few years, a couple of patches needed in the boot floor corners and maybe a little on the firewall and one of the inner wings, but it's really very rot free. Since that initial weekend I've been mostly parts gathering, large overhaul required in the engine bay having sat for so long, cambelt, oil, filters, plugs, leads, dizzy cap etc etc. This last weekend I finally got my teeth stuck into it, more to follow....
  4. Not sure how much interest there'll be in this on here but Joe reckoned I should stick some photos up. If I don't get told to piss off then I'll post some more. I bought this 52.1/2ft Ex Admiralty Harbour Service Launch back at the beginning of 2006 (I would have been 17 and it was before I'd rebuilt any cars!) What was going to be a cheap source of accommodation rapidly transformed into a financially crippling restoration project which is still ongoing.... As she was when I bought her showing the previous owners Inspired* Shedlike addition: Arriving at my new mooring: For reasons unknown the previous owner had painted 90% of the boat in "International Distress Orange" My mother, presumably asking me about the logic behind my new summer* project: (*also winter, spring & autumn) Showing genuine barnfind* condition: Shortly after getting the boat the garden shed was removed: And in time a new wheelhouse and funnel were built to as close to what the boat would have had originally as I could manage: 6Ltr Supercharged 2 Stroke Diesel (with twin overhead exhaust valves!): Which redlines at 2800rpm! the Gearbox has a 3to1 stepdown reduction so the rpm at the propeller is pretty slow: A photo taken 5.1/2 years ago before I'd really started on the structural stuff: And Finally two taken just last week: Thanks for reading! Dave
  5. The tickets are collected, and a basic toolkit is being assembled. Go time is 7:40am.
  6. I might* have left a deposit on a car, sight unseen & booked train tickets for tomorrow.... Clues are - Not french Junkman approved transmission and fuel Contains an adequate number of cylinders
  7. Hi I am not sure if we have any members in New York. It is a bit of a long shot but I have my eye on a Corvair on Staten Island that I am pretty close to a deal on but if anyone is in the area who could cast an eye over it for me in exchange for beer vouchers that would be great.
  8. Images fixed up to page 9 I bought a new car. I was after a two door without a sunroof and a petrol engine that was on the small side. This new car is only some of those things. 20150720-01 by Angyl Roper, on Flickr It was an extremely short notice thing. Chompy and I were browsing Gumtree and ringing buyers of cars who had sold their cheapy vehicles or had scrapped them and were just about to give up. Then we spotted this one for £275 with MoT until April next year (and a clean sheet with no advisories!). It was a 2 and a half hour drive away but we took the chance on it. The drive home was entirely uneventful. It might only be a 1.4 kettle but by crikey it's surprising. Did about 130 miles on under £20 of unleaded. 20150720-02 by Angyl Roper, on Flickr The bad bits are restricted to a weeping radiator, a bust electric mirror, finicky remote central locking, loads of lacquer peel and wheels that are jiggly at 65mph. It may also need tracking. There's evidence of K Seal in the expansion bottle but no evidence of OMGHGF and it's done 104,000 miles. The clutch drags a bit when you're doing less than 10mph so that will either need adjusting or replacing. To drive it's excellent, it feels like a forever car because it's such a great fit for me. I do like R8 Rovers and the saloon is the one shape I didn't think I'd get. I am VERY happy with it. Toys include: - electric tilt and slide sunroof - electric front windows - remote central locking (one door doesn't really work) - factory alarm immobiliser that does work, as I found out in the service station - Remote boot and fuel filler flap release - Adjustable steering column - Xplod CD player but the original Rover radio and code too, happily I'm looking forward to giving it the proper clean and showing you the car properly tomorrow. It's been a while since I got quite this excited about a purchase.
  9. Hey y'all, This is my project vehicle. A bunch of y'all here will know it. Bought for $150 back in 2008. That's actually less than scrap value here. Saved it from being pushed backwards into the bayou by the previous owner. It looks like a Renault 9. It kinda is, in a way. It's the bottom of a R11 with the top of a R9 with the back that they came up with over here ad-hoc. The engine's about the same, it's an Espace block, bored out with a crank specific to the engine, and a 1.7 turbo head- to give a capacity of 2.0 litres. Makes the car shift like a scalded cat. It's been a slow progression to this point. It's a low budget, low speed rebuild. Rebuilding it to mechanical factory spec. Bodywork is staying factory spec apart from the paint. Currently almost ready to go on the road- just have the brakes to rebuild. If y'all want, I have the last five years I can condense with a few pictures --Phil
  10. I was looking through Ebay last week and came across this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... _728wt_702in a fantastically inaccurate and misspelled auction. I mentioned it to my mate Dave who fancied having it as a first car, so a plan was hatched to get it and put it back on the road on a shoe string budget... We went and had a look on monday and decided that it was fairly complete the only bits missing were the rear bench seat, drivers door card and front bumper. Its had 2 owners and and its even still got the factory fitted dunlop tyres! The Car: The following morning I won the auction but paid £100 more than I wanted to. We needed a quick pickup to tie in with other time commitments so decided to pick the car up that afternoon. But first the Scimitar needed a towbar making up and fitting: We didn't have any way to check the the wiring so chanced that it would be ok when we got to the hire place. Fortunately it all worked ok. At this point I should probably mention I'd never towed a trailer before so the 270 mile round trip was starting to seem like a bit of a challenge. As it turned out it was fairly stressless though if doing it again I'd definitely fit a passenger side door mirror to improve visibility on the motorway. Collecting: Getting fuel: Home: Quick look at the engine suggests it may go again, its full of reasonable looking oil as is the gearbox. plugs are tight but do move the valves are all free. Hopefully with the starter off it should free up. Not sure about an engine change yet given the chance it may be interesting to get an mot with the current engine just to experience the full misery of 28 bhp. Hopefully there will be something new to update soon.
  11. Hi AS, This is my first post, so thought I’d give a bit of an introduction. I’m Will, 20, from Oxford, I’m rather into old shite brilliant vehicles. I, shamefully, actually joined the forum to get in touch with a member on here who was selling a Maestro van, quite a late diesel one, in white, exactly what I was after.. Unfortunately I missed it, as is usual with my luck, but trawling the eBay thread on here led me to the very same van. It was being sold by the new owner, abliet with a higher price but it was localish so I went and had a look, and as you can probably guess by the title, I bought it . I haggled a fair amount off the price too! First impressions of the van, its rough, old and literally everyone I know who is old enough to know what one is has asked “wtf do you want one of them for??” and my mates who don’t, think I’m mental. Theres some sketchy welding on it (dexion shelving rear shock mount??) but also some rather good repairs too. It’s certainly not fast, 80 is flat chat, its snails pace getting out of my vvc mini into this. Anyway, I’ve included a few pictures below, initial plans are to clean it up a bit, get it looking less rough, probably a service, lower it, banded 13” steels and use a parts chugger for rx7 bits Cheers, Will
  12. Hi everyone, Following on from my introductory post, I have just bought this Talbot Solara. It arrived with a plastic sheet over the passenger side front window as I was told it would not go all the way up by the previous owner. The driver side controls for the passenger window however seemed to work, albeit only slowly so I gave it a hand whilst pushing the switch and I was able to get the window fully up. The controls on the PS do not seem to work so I will have to look into this at some point, I just wanted to make sure it was watertight for now with winter coming. More importantly, as this is now to be my only car to get me to work and back, I have to try and sort out this fuel related running issue it has. It will run fine from cold, however once fully warmed (a few miles into driving) it will hesitate and splutter, particularly at low revs whilst using little throttle. As you come to a stop the revs sometimes drop off, going below idle and then it'll want to cut out, not good! Interestingly, if let to cut out, it then starts right back up and runs fine. So far, I've tried soaking the idle jets in the carb with cleaner overnight (as mentioned in the previous thread during Squire_Dawson's ownership) and refitting to see if that made any difference however it soon after returned. As far as I'm aware, it has a new carb which was also recently adjusted so it may not be this. I'm thinking there is already dirt/sediment in the system which could be disturbing the flow. Today, I took off the fuel pump to see what it looked like inside - sitting on top of the filter, there was little bits of rusty sediment, which might have been enough to be causing this issue? I cleaned this up, refitted, and also put on an inline fuel filter between the pump and the carb to see if this made any difference and so I could see if anything gets collected on it's way to the carb. Took it for a decently long drive afterwards to see if this worked and it didn't splutter/cut out at all which I'm happy with! It remains to be seen whether it stays like this though as it didn't used to do it on every drive so we'll see.. Overall, I'm enjoying driving her, the seats are comfy, it has a sprightly engine, and although a bit anti social, I like the noise it makes with the sporty backbox which was put on before I got it. Here are some pictures of her:
  13. Apologies to HillmanImp. But to be fair, you were pushing against an already open door. Merry Christmas to me. https://www.instagram.com/p/Br54CzZHSuc/
  14. I've always been keen on the styling of the Capri especially the later mk3's for some reason. What with oldskool ford pricing these days I had come to terms with them probably being forever out of my price range. However someone I know is looking to shift what was intended to be his project car so I suddenly have the option of buying a 1985 2.0 Laser with about 75000 on the clock. It was mot'd until april but needs some welding to the headlight bowl areas and probably the passenger side inner sill to pass another. Both front wings are rotted through at the very fronts where it appears it has been parked up and partially covered with a tarp at some point. apparently the front 6" of the bonnet was also rotten (has been swapped for a good used one) Outer sills are both crispy and have been patched at the rear end for the last mot. Rust hole in either side of the scuttle panel. rear arches are crispy around the edges but don't appear too bad. "A" posts appear good as are the strut tops. Roof and gutters appear good. Two new wings are included as well as a front end (valance, headlight bowls and slam panel) chopped from a donor car. Interior is fairly tidy, Dash top is cracked but a undamaged used one is included. Starts and runs and is fitted with the 5 speed box. Now with the exception of making up new sills for my Suzuki van and sticking them on and doing wing swaps on accident damaged cars I've never got involved with bodywork welding - or steel cars in general! It appeals to me as its fairly original and unmolested - doesn't appear to have a million badly welded patches or 3 layers of outer sills. One of my pet niggles is undoing other owners bodges so to have something thats mostly original to work from seems a good starting point. Its also literally over the road from me - Living on an island this is quite a big bonus and an instant £350+ saving over getting one dragged back from the mainland On the negative side its still a reasonable financial outlay on a vehicle i don't actually need and which will probably go backwards before it goes forwards. I have lots of other car and boat related projects to keep me busy anyway... Any thoughts or tips from people with more experience than myself would be much appreciated! Dave
  15. Has anyone any info on registering a VVC engined 1996 MG in France? I just got told by the DREAL in Limoges that it is not possible. I may have to wait till it is 30 years old for it to be accepted.
  16. Remember I said about getting a new car, then I bought an Estate Golf that would probably fit my needs but I need to do some stuff for.. Well, in that thread (about needing a new car) I alluded to buying a Mondeo off a mate of mine. Here it is sports fans. Currently with my good friend Matt and his boss Gavin at Audio Boffins in Peterborough getting some sound upgrades. IMG_20181220_173021627 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG_20181220_173038443 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG_20181220_173058935 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG_20181220_173047533 by davedorson, on Flickr Once that's done, I'll get the interior back together, get the headliner refitted and get it back to Dave to sort out the lacquer peel and stone chips (I might run it as is, and get him to sort that when the weather is a bit nicer, save me having to get it done twice!) Please excuse the awful pictures, it was freezing last night and I wanted to get home! So, to recap. it's an ST TDCI estate, it's had the clutch, flywheel, dmf, release bearing, injectors, turbo rebuild (with 360 bearing by Turbo technics), full "MIJ" sports cat and cat back stainless exhaust system with twin ST220 style rear exit (nice, not too noisy), and a new bosh starter motor recently too, as well as a set of Continental Sport Contact tyres. It's not had a remap, because it's quick enough to be stupid with, but I might look into a fuel saving map. It's fitted with BMW E38 Brembo brakes (4 pot callipers) and RS Focus 2.5 336mm discs up front (standard brakes are a bit rubbish). It's got purple pearl painted wheels, some subtle enough pineapple stuff, but more importantly, it's been meticulously looked after by my good friend and now previous owner Dave G (not of this parish). It's painted in magnum Grey metallic. The aim is to get it the way I want it and just drive it, look after it, service it, use it as an estate car (for my bikes and camping stuff) and drag my trailer tent about. Dave has upgraded to an SMAX (because he's got three kids now, and it's getting a bit crowded), and he never really intended to sell this car on. I probably paid a bit more than most would be comfortable doing for a car like this, but I bought a known entity, as this will be my daily steed and "Do it all" motor.
  17. ... So I've mentioned before now a few times that I've got waaay too many cars, most of which are broken. The sensible thing to do is just sack off what I have and buy something sensible.. more on that between now and the new year, because Mondeo. However, this isn't about this is it. Remember that 320k mile golf I bought and replaced all the brakes on?, well I gave that away because I got offered another one. This one is a TDi 90, veg friendly. Less MOT, oh and it's got a broken engine mount which has lunched the cam belt. Not a full snap, but it's taken the edge off it so wants replacing. I bought this one to save it from frag. Here's the view from the boot! IMG_20181215_100636037 by davedorson, on Flickr The P/O has started to strip this down to fix the engine mount, found a broken tab on the block, and decided it's just too much work. I've got a bracket to repair that on the shelf (came with an engine I sold to a van owner who wanted it, and wouldn't need the mount, so took it off!) I've also got a compliment of stud extractors, helicoils, taps etc. So it shouldn't* prove too much work to remove the sheared stuff and make it as it's meant to be.. Here's the damage.: IMG_20181215_100604868 by davedorson, on Flickr So I've got the bolts I need for the engine mount on the shelf too, because they're one time use on these, TTY. Stupid idea, but that's what happens when you insist on using massive bulky alloy mounts to hold engines in place, when a bloody subframe and steel mount is FAR more sensible. Body wise it's alright. India Red (lovely colour) and unmarked aside from the usual spot on a wing: IMG_20181215_100547946 by davedorson, on Flickr Wheels are sans trim as they're in the boot, however they're nicely painted, someone really loved this car: IMG_20181215_100535522 by davedorson, on Flickr Side shot: IMG_20181215_100514228 by davedorson, on Flickr Pictured next to the far superior MK2 Golf on my mates driveway: IMG_20181215_100525741_HDR by davedorson, on Flickr Lovely new tow bar fitted, meaning it'll be a useful tool: IMG_20181215_100505445 by davedorson, on Flickr So there we have it. The latest addition to my "slimming it down, honest Sarah" fleet. Hopefully I'll get on the spanners with this over Christmas. Of course I've got a cam belt kit and water pump with all the stuff in the boot to go with it. Adding up the value of all the bits that are there, it's about £360.00 (Cost of a belt, the car, the recover, the bolts) I do need the upper timing belt cover, as the mount pushing onto it, has properly killed it. If anyone has one, or see's one in a yard and wants to post it on to me, let me know your expenses and I'll sort you out.
  18. Like most of my car acquisitions, this one all started when my "friend" sent me a link along with the tag line "this wins". It was through this method that I have ended up with a Montego in the past......a car whose welcoming blue velour interior and harsh but robust lines I miss to this day. Anyway. I had actually wanted a 505 wagon (or family estate if you want to get all proper about it) for quite some time. But had rather given up on owning one due to their rarity - having all fallen to either the scrappage scheme (stupid cockwomble asshat government) or the promise of $4000 in your bank account courtesy of a Gambian Prince upon receipt of your 505 at Banjul harbour. This one however, had escaped and was now advertised for stupid money on Crap & Classic. The price was too high but as it was only 20 minutes from home and such a rare beast I figured "screw it, I can just take a look". As you all are probably all too aware, this was the fateful mistake! What greeted me on arrival was an extremely cosmetically shabby (moss on the outside, straw and hay on the inside) but generally not too rot stricken base model (GR) 2 litre petrol 505 family estate. The guy had had it for over 10 years, and at 105k on the clock it was barely run in. He was not a mechanical chap, but had serviced it religiously each year - just a pity he never cleaned it! He also had ALL the paperwork, including the original options tick list, radio code, key code (for spares to be cut....I nearly fainted, I thought they only existed in legend), all the books and brochures and a mound of service history.It hadn't been used in the past 2 years, only to go to and from the MOT station, and had been in the barn to be used as sheep storage - hence the straw. Needless to say, I was hooked! A deal was struck for just over half what he was asking - he was asking too much, mainly to put off "the Polish, Africans and travellers" (his words not mine) - and then I was off, with a completely bemused Mrs Schwifty sat in the damp, straw covered passenger seat! I chucked 40 quid of fuel in it at the nearest station, along with a bottle of redex and then booted it home. The poor old girl spluttered and coughed like hell for the first few miles but had started to clear up by the end of the 15 mile trip home. Needless to say, when I got home to my small residential street, parking all 3 metres of this enormous barge proved tricky and with the rest of my fleet already taking up space it was clear this needed to go elsewhere until the fleet could be thinned down a bit. So the next day instead of taking my trusty K10 Micra down to rural Somerset to see the parents (225 miles), I decided to take the 505 - and leave it there. Much to my disappointment, the 505 bumbled along and ate up the miles with ease, giving me great hopes for a stupidly long French camping holiday next year. Luckily, the parents were happy to have it sit there until other shite is sold too! I spent the weekend doing a general inspection and clean. Pictures below. I have ordered a number of service items from Dean Hunter (Peugeot Parts Specialist - top bloke) And if anyone has a set of 505 GTI alloys please let me know. More to follow soon! As it arrived in Somerset Much straw Ubiquitous hemi-head XN1A petrol engine Then a bit of a hoover: Lots of tidying jobs and rust prevention to do. Lots more to come shortly!
  19. Bought this last week for an advantageous price, going to need a lot of welding.
  20. P and O Fairies Dover/Calais have an a day trip offer so pas example Sun 20th out £12.50 rtn £14.50 so £27 but use code FUEL19 (on 1st booking page) and get a vulture for £30 of fuel. Obvs designed for anyone's with a moped who want to go to through the flatlands to https://www.grd.be/museum (though tis closed till March). Quote *************** January doesn’t have to be all bad. Book a day trip to France with P&O Ferries and you’ll receive an extra treat. Get 6 bottles of wine free or a £30 fuel voucher when you book before 7th February 2019 for travel until 18th February 2019. All you need to do is book your day trip using the promo code WINE19 for your free wine. Or if you would prefer to fuel your journey then use promo code FUEL19. ********************* Fin Quote
  21. Well after the ignis went there was a gap to be filled. Funnily enough, I got talking to the guy I originally bought the Lupo off a few years ago who said he had a tired Mk4 Golf with an AUQ 20vt conversion in it. He had bought it and used the wheels and then it sat since October. So I went up and had a look today and damn, it was clear it had been sat for months. Mould, flat battery and totally minging inside and out. No petrol in it, two flat tyres and two doors that wouldn’t open. As is usual money changed hands and it’s now on the drive. Not my pics. So there’s a fair bit of cleaning and maintenance to be done. The battery off it is on charge and it’s damp inside, I don’t think from rain just from being stood. Two callipers appear to be sticky but I’ll give them a strip tomorrow and see if it’s the sliders. From experience I think it might be. Few electrical gremlins and dodgy door close switches - and a side exit exhaust for some reason. Allegedly got a map on it but doesn’t feel like it. I need to get a boost gauge on and see what it’s doing. Six speed box and front mount, the alloys have been replaced with shitty steels. I’ll get some pictures of it properly tomorrow as it’s now dark. Two conversions on one drive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. well heres a short get up to date on my mk1 3 door sierra, my father bought me her as a project when i was 16 as he knew i wanted a 3 door and saw a small local advert in the local paper i knew absolutely nothing about it, we went to view and buy it on fathers day. she started life as a dog rough 1.6 base that was really only fit for scrap but we both saw something in it as it was fairly solid, the engine was screwed the running gear was in dire need of replacement, the interior was mismatched and eaten, the exhaust was a scaffold pole clamped to the front pipe with no brackets along the length of it, but somehow it had an m.o.t the best part of it was the guy had been driving like a knob and smacked the quarter panel into a lamp post smashing the bumper and rear window also pushing the quarter panel in as you can imagine, we pulled up at home with it and my mum nearly had a coronary she asked him what the hell he was playing at buying me a knackered deathtrap, the neighbors curtains were twitching because of the hellish noise of the car of it ticking over at 2000 rpm. i wasnt a big picture taker and have lost a lot over the years the earliest pictures i can find are these, which were taken after i had fixed the body damage and was fitting the sideskirts i put the mirrors safe in the shed when i took them off and my mum dumped them after i had done the mechanical and body work i sent it into the bodyshop for paint please excuse the monstrosity of a spoiler, for some reason i couldnt get a whaletail at the time and was being impatient for it to be painted so my mum bought me it as a gift as it was around the same size lol to be replaced by a whaletail when i got one this picture was taken the day it was back from the bodyshop i unfortunately had an accident in it involving a sprinter (not recorded), i cried like a girl when i looked at the damage because of all the graft i had done on it, then i lost heart with it and blew the engine, i then left it under a cover untouched for a while but couldnt bring myself to sell it for sentimental reasons, eventually i put new wings on it started rebuilding and buying things for her (my mate also gave it a flashover in between for me) , because i had a car anyway she became a labour of love so i only worked on her from time to time spending money where i could, i went through 4 different engines in different state of tune to what it has now which is a very hot pinto with a spec list as long as my arm which i have built, i have spent alot of cash on the spec of the whole car to get it where it is today. i have boosted my mojo for getting it finished so i can drive it again, over the past week i have done any welding it required, just a few parts to order then it can go into my mates bodyshop for paint the back arch and skirt was off in this pic due to me welding a sill back on bought these to boost my mojo to get her finished, they had to have a custom offset to fill my archs and clear my front brakes, but theres not any stretched tyres or camber going on here lol thats 13 years of blood sweat and tears compressed into a couple of paragraphs, i know a cosworth replica isnt really in the spirit of autoshite but i thought id share it, ill try to keep this updated and actually take pictures
  23. This one's off to a good start. As we all know by now, I've agreed to buy a Volvo 850 T5. Started off by doing the insurance today, ready for Monday when I'm collecting it. Quote dropped £60 to £707. that's my train ticket down sorted. As there's no train station or anything near the seller's place, I'm getting one to the general area of the seller's place where I'll meet Bramz and get a lift there. After all, he's already been there once This is it: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201812063045401 We shall resume on Monday, lest anything happen tomorrow...
  24. Right folks its about time i introduce you all to my capri project thats been sat at my mums for a few years, ive had this car since 2008 as all of you will remember this was before they became subject to omgoldfordtax I loved driving this car looking down that long bonnet it was my daily car up until 4 years ago when i had an unfortunate accident, a roundabout was covered in diesel, i went around and understeered and hit a railing, there was nothing i could do The accident crumpled the inner wing, headlamp bowl, wing, valance, bumper, it bent the steering arm, buggered the rack and arb mount, a good mate popped up and we heated the headlamp bowl and pulled it straighter with a chain and pulley on a telegraph pole, another mate whose a breaker raided his parts for replacements for me and i got it looking like a car again so i could drive it, my insurance cat c the car but i wasnt too fussed, i drove it up until the m.o.t ran out then parked it up at my mums to work on as i had no space, i started collecting as many new parts as i could for it, i even bought another to break in my neighbours drive which i cut the inner wing out of as a repair section, the only downfall is mum works nights so i cant start tin bashing in the day, so i mainly did mechanical things, she used to get no end of people door knocking to buy it, a week ago I decided to make some space and actually fire into it, so i popped up put a battery on and she fired into life, the brakess were still free, it's like it was just waiting to be saved I then proceeded to strip it down, Look at the twist in that headlamp bowl surgery begins I also had to do a rust repair to the inner wing and the strengthener but havnt got a picture Bring in the replacement Grafted in You notice the wing rail is rotten but before i could replace that i had to repair a common rot spot, i replicated all 3 skins as i wanted it to be spot on Then it was time for the wing rail The rust marks you can see in the pictures on the crossmember etc are literally that, a tickle with the flap disk and its clean steel We're pretty much up to date with the repairs, i'll update when i can, when everything is done metalwork wise, im going to be doing an engine conversion to give it a little more go
  25. Well as some may know I was the lucky winner of the V6 giffer Mondeo as per : http://autoshite.com/topic/33755-mission-accomplished-mondeo-in-midlandland/page-1 Already purchased spark plugs, and made inquiries for leads and a coil pack, but already hit the first hurdle. Plugged my generic code reader into the OBDII port and nothing. Used it the other day on the wife's focus, so know it works, but no power in the Mondy. Done a quick search and some results say that the early Mondeo's were not OBDII compliant. Anyone know if that is correct, and then if there is a "cheap" code reader that will work.
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