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Found 220 results

  1. How to start a New Year. Meet a Shiter you haven't met before. Relieve him of his car, that's out of MoT and been standing for months. Drive it 40 miles home and leave it at a nearby garage for major work that I can't do myself. The Shiter in question is Hillman Imp, and the car is the red Jaguar XJ8 Sport that he recently offered at no charge. Well you can't turn that down, can you? Handover accomplished, on neutral ground. Note the registration, that cued up the car's new name: Hairy Pussy. If that doesn't suit a Sport-oriented Jaguar, what does? So now that I've taken possession... Yes, the Woollard shot. Has to be done. No fuelling shot, because it didn't need any. I've now dropped it at a nearby garage where the welding work will take place, and probably a couple of other small jobs it might need for MoT. Updates to follow. Meanwhile, since I drove it back to Barrow, I can say it's a lovely car. Yes, there are things that need doing, but it's pretty much plug-n-play. Have a couple of snaps from my end of the journey.
  2. I've noticed that some people on here have imagination, and get through a wide variety of different brands of cars Then there's me, who after hitting the armagedden button when the 406 threw me a load of urgent work that I didn't have the time or money to perform by it's MOT obtained yet another french car! My car history really has been a bit samey Landrover Series 3 (PMA124Y) Peugeot 206 (W636OAU) Ford Puma (Y874RCB) Citroen ZX (R385VRD) Citoren XM (R267PGF) Citroen ZX (L592NWK) Citroen Xantia (R499AMV) Renault Laguna (YT55ENP) Renault Laguna (FV51FYP) Peugeot 406 (HY02FUA) 2 out of 10 of the above are still alive... And as of tonight Citroen ZX (R579SLX) So over 11 cars, a definite pattern! But I like boring, I like samey, I like reliable* Current status? Well our very own Bramz7 is somewhere in the north of england (maybe even nearly scotland) delivering a car. At almost possibly maybe 4.30/5pm he will arrive in Derby and collect Bub's ZX. Following a very silent drive to my house in Oxfordshire as the ZX has no radio we shall convey ourselves to his house, and I shall drive home... Moar later!
  3. First things first, I cannot collect this car until December. The Cactus goes back 19th of December and the Alessisisisis insurance runs out on the 1st of December. Its easier and cheaper to sort this out then. So he will remain hidden until then. ForFiatsSake bought it a few weeks back and he got it at a ridiculous price, he suspected that the prop has gone, but it's unconfirmed. If it has then it's £300 or so, which isn't too bad. The downpipe has gone and is being replaced this week. I need a daily driver when the Cactus goes back, I parked the Alessi at work for 3 days last week and I hated it. The fact it gets covered in shit and the fact some wank could wallop it, because we tend to block cars in for fun tbh. Which is where the 4x4 comes in, it's already battered and I don't care if it gets walloped further. For those that don't know, these are not like a Polo Dune or a Fabia Scout. This has permanent four wheel drive and is fairly good off road. There's an electronic rear diff on later ones, but this doesn't have it. I don't like that it's silver, as I need my cars to be luminous pink or green with purple viper stripes. I'm not a fan of the red interior, however last night I was looking at red leather Abarth seats from a 500, which bolt-in. I keep forgetting it's my work banger and mustn't have fancy seats....... It has proper air con and not the chocolate climate control, the rear axle isn't made of cardboard as it's obviously a different design. It has some fairly ridiculous winter tyres on it and again, this thread will be buried until later in the year.
  4. Like most of my car acquisitions, this one all started when my "friend" sent me a link along with the tag line "this wins". It was through this method that I have ended up with a Montego in the past......a car whose welcoming blue velour interior and harsh but robust lines I miss to this day. Anyway. I had actually wanted a 505 wagon (or family estate if you want to get all proper about it) for quite some time. But had rather given up on owning one due to their rarity - having all fallen to either the scrappage scheme (stupid cockwomble asshat government) or the promise of $4000 in your bank account courtesy of a Gambian Prince upon receipt of your 505 at Banjul harbour. This one however, had escaped and was now advertised for stupid money on Crap & Classic. The price was too high but as it was only 20 minutes from home and such a rare beast I figured "screw it, I can just take a look". As you all are probably all too aware, this was the fateful mistake! What greeted me on arrival was an extremely cosmetically shabby (moss on the outside, straw and hay on the inside) but generally not too rot stricken base model (GR) 2 litre petrol 505 family estate. The guy had had it for over 10 years, and at 105k on the clock it was barely run in. He was not a mechanical chap, but had serviced it religiously each year - just a pity he never cleaned it! He also had ALL the paperwork, including the original options tick list, radio code, key code (for spares to be cut....I nearly fainted, I thought they only existed in legend), all the books and brochures and a mound of service history.It hadn't been used in the past 2 years, only to go to and from the MOT station, and had been in the barn to be used as sheep storage - hence the straw. Needless to say, I was hooked! A deal was struck for just over half what he was asking - he was asking too much, mainly to put off "the Polish, Africans and travellers" (his words not mine) - and then I was off, with a completely bemused Mrs Schwifty sat in the damp, straw covered passenger seat! I chucked 40 quid of fuel in it at the nearest station, along with a bottle of redex and then booted it home. The poor old girl spluttered and coughed like hell for the first few miles but had started to clear up by the end of the 15 mile trip home. Needless to say, when I got home to my small residential street, parking all 3 metres of this enormous barge proved tricky and with the rest of my fleet already taking up space it was clear this needed to go elsewhere until the fleet could be thinned down a bit. So the next day instead of taking my trusty K10 Micra down to rural Somerset to see the parents (225 miles), I decided to take the 505 - and leave it there. Much to my disappointment, the 505 bumbled along and ate up the miles with ease, giving me great hopes for a stupidly long French camping holiday next year. Luckily, the parents were happy to have it sit there until other shite is sold too! I spent the weekend doing a general inspection and clean. Pictures below. I have ordered a number of service items from Dean Hunter (Peugeot Parts Specialist - top bloke) And if anyone has a set of 505 GTI alloys please let me know. More to follow soon! As it arrived in Somerset Much straw Ubiquitous hemi-head XN1A petrol engine Then a bit of a hoover: Lots of tidying jobs and rust prevention to do. Lots more to come shortly!
  5. With a growing family I found I needed a car with six seats, I really didn’t want to end up with a people carrier so I looked at estates with seats in the boot. I really wanted a diesel V70 after owning an S80 but I couldn’t find one I could afford. I looked at 307 SW/estates and found an estate being advertised seriously cheap that just needed ‘brake pads’. I had the slightly stupid idea of fitting the rear seat mounts and seat belts from a 307 to this estate to save money as the estates are so much cheaper than the SWs. Before even seeing the car I sent a cheeky text offer of just slightly more than half the advertised price and the owner accepted, it had been her grandad’s car then she had been using to transport her dogs around but now didn’t need. The viewing was a bit mixed it had obviously been sitting for a while as all the discs were rusted up, the ‘brake pads’ it required turned out to be an ABS fault, both this and the stability control lights were on. It had some giffer parking marks on the bumpers and one of the rear doors. The inside stunk of fag smoke and dogs and there was dog hair all over the back half of the car. The clutch/DMF made a slight squeaky noise that went away when you pressed the clutch, whilst the spare wheel was lying in the boot as the carrier mounts had dropped off. However it was my OH that discovered the best bit, whilst sitting in the car she pressed a button next to the hand brake and the electric roof cover rolled back, this wasn’t an estate, it was the more expensive glass roofed SW complete with all seat mounts and belts in the boot and better than that it was the SE edition so second top of the range! I gave it a quick drive around their estate as it wasn’t taxed and insured and it seemed to go ok. Back at their home I haggled another £50 off due to the ABS fault and the car was mine. A days insurance purchased and I started to head to my dad's, the drive home resulted in more dash light bingo.
  6. Hey folks new project, as you saw in the other thread I accidently persuaded fatha thestag to buy a 109 truck in relaxed state here is the walk around, let my mouth do the talking
  7. So I bought this omega in 2015/16 with the intention of doing a banger rally to Benidorm. The engine had a horrible grinding noise and the auto box was lazy. I spent £100 buying it, £50 on oil and filter for the gearbox and sold it for £200. I sold it to a distant mate who put another 2.5 Diesel engine in and put it back on the road. He’s been using it as a daily ever since. He bought a later omega in better condition with the same engine and offered me this one back or scrap it. £50 exchanged palms and the Omega is now back on my driveway. Epic. So the plan is this. I’m going to let it sit on my drive for a while, as next year I’m going to do another Banger rally. Cool. Then on return, the engine and Auto gearbox will be transplanted into my diesel Carlton. I hate having a manual gearbox so a diesel auto carlton is a great idea. Whether it happens or not is another thing. But I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  8. I would like to introduce you Meg. Last week I updated the GOM thread with this: Well, the car was relisted a few days later but I decided not to bother bidding on it and instead I would spend the money getting the work done on the Audi as its MOT is up in a months time. However I popped it on my watch list, y'naa just in case. It is now apparent that the 'just in case' was whether or not I had a bit much to drink on Saturday afternoon as after a few beers and half a bottle of the finest vintage Vino Collapso I thought it might be a good idea to put in another 'cheeky' bid. The car was at £250 with an hour to go so I chucked in a bid of £260 just for the hell of it but decided that I would not go an higher and just poured myself another glass of wine. But as the time left in the auction went down and the amount of wine flowing round my system went up, I started wondering if £260 was a bit silly. 'There was not even any point in making that bid as you know it will get beaten' my brain slurred at me. 'You are right' I thought back, I need to pick a more realistic figure and go for that. So the figure of £353.52 was entered for some reason and my finger hovered over the 'Confirm bid' button as the auction entered its last minute. With 15 seconds to go I was still the highest bidder with £260 but I pressed confirm bid just to make it more interesting. It was just as well as 2 people popped in last second bids but my bid was enough to secure the car for me at a princely sum of £335.00. Excitedly I shouted through to Mrs Imp 'I have just bought a new car'. She has been feigning interest in my desire for a new car for the last few weeks. She even came across to Crewe to look at a Xantia with me and regularly nodded at me going, 'Yes, thats nice' and 'Thats interesting' humouring me as I told her titbits of information about all of the cars I had been looking at. Coming through to the front room she asked to have a look. 'Oh god, not that one' she said. Ah, whoops. Well it was bought now so this morning we got up and headed over to Halifax to pick it up. Its not far over the tops but as it was humid it was a right pain in the arse in her Mazda 2 as it kept on steaming up. I really need to look online and see whats causing that as its a right royal pain. You have the choice of not being able to see out of ANY of the windows, having the windows open so its wet or having the heater on full blast so that its so hot your face melts. Anyhow, we got to the address and the Visa was outside. 'Dear me, its even worse in real life' exclaimed Mrs Imp. I went in the house, looked round the car. It was tidy enough. The seller, John seemed genuine enough too. I looked at it started it up and the exhaust roared at me from somewhere near the front. It was listed with an exhaust blow but this is quite bad. Looking underneath it has a fair bit of putty round it but will probably need a section replacing. However it was pissing down and I thought fuck it, gave him the money, he gave me the keys and the deal was done. With the car came quite a lot of history. Not just all the old MOTs and service receipts. I mean that actual car history: Not only that we got some photos of the cars 1st owner with Roy 'Dedication' Castle: and some photos of the car from days gone by: Well, I got in the car and started following Mrs Imp back home. I set off up the hill from the sellers house and up the hill to the main road when suddenly it cut out. Dammit. I tried restarting it but to no avail, it was just turning over and that was starting to get a little slow. So i put the choke back in, put it in gear, turned the ignition and let my foot off the clutch. Nothing. Fucksticks. Tried again. Nothing. By now I was thinking I was going to have to go back to the sellers house and ask for a hand starting it. I could see Mrs Imp about 100m away parked up wondering WTF was going on and could almost hear the 'I told you so' and general disapproval emanating from her car. I turned it over again and it spluttered into life. THANK GOD. The car was pretty low on fuel so we stopped off at the nearest garage. As I filled it up a young lad with a lowered VW Passat came over to me and started asking me about the car. Apparently he loves classic cars owning a Mk1 Golf and has always been into VWs. He finished the conversation saying how nice this would look slammed with a nice set of deep dish alloys on it.... The rest of the journey home was pretty uneventful. There were a couple of steep hills that I struggled to get the right gear on but other than that the car was really quite nice. I was expecting this to be a clattery drive on uncomfortable seats, with the French plastic interior squeaking as bits rubbed together but it was really quite nice. the seating position is good, the engine silent on idle, so much so I kept panicking it had stalled again (anything more than idle and the exhaust was rasping) and it went where I pointed it. Braking was a little scary but that's maybe because its not moved for a couple of months. It did seem to get a bit better as the journey went on but I am not sure if that was simply because I was getting more used to them. So I made it back. It does look like its been in a fight. As Trigger said on the GOM thread someone has had a bit of a bump in it. The only noticeable rust though was this on the bonnet. There is a scrape down one side and the bump in the o/s corner. The interior is lovely (as much as it can be for a 1980's Citroen) and everything seems to work, even the fan was blowing out hot air all the way home. So I ventured inside to have a look at the paperwork that came with the car. The old lady who bought it new was obviously very organised as she had kept everything. She had kept all the tax discs: And here is the original bill of sale: I note that she had traded in another car which is shown on the invoice. Sadly it did not last much longer after her: Vehicle enquiryThe enquiry is complete.The vehicle details for XPL 341T are:Date of Liability 01 08 1992 Date of First Registration 31 08 1978 Year of Manufacture 1978 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1130cc COâ‚‚ Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour BROWN Vehicle Type Approval Not Available looking through the history it looks like she maintained it well but it does look like it will need a good service before I push it into daily usage. A very interesting point to note though is that it was previously serviced by Darth Vader! And I have literally no idea what this is all about. Possibly something to do with the tights Darth Vader wore when he was the Green Cross Code man? All in all I am quite happy I bought it. I need something cheap to run as I am moving further away from work and the MPG I get out of the Audi is pathetic. The GT6 will be on the road in the next few weeks too but it is also pretty shit when it comes to frugality. There is a piece of paper in the handbook that suggests that Meg will do an urban MPG of 41.5 or 51.4 MPG at 56 MPH. It says I can get 37.2 MPG at 75 MPH but I will just assume that is right for the time being.
  9. Today I bought myself a... ...proper french pile of shite. Needs a bit of love...but runs/has an MOT. Seems pretty honest, if a little neglected. The drive home was conveniently short, about a mile, so it's not yet been fully road tested. Runs a bit rough, but seems to go like stink for what it is. Feels old. Smells nice and oily. Seats comfy. Happy bunny. Been making do with just the CR-V in the family and while it's brilliant, it's not really all that much fun to bomb around in. The balance is restored.
  10. A few months ago, I agreed to reluctantly* add to the collection at home, and went to collect said vehicle. The collectee had sat for over 6 years, and whilst we got it going, it ran rough and being an auto refused to drive out onto the road so I could get my trailer winch cable to it, so I gave up when it started to rain. A month or so later, I went back, got it running a bit better but still not well enough to drive. However, being well organised, this time I had taken a tow rope to drag it onto the road, whereby I could attach the winch rope, however it was at this point I realised I had left the winch battery and winch controls at home. It then started raining, so I gave up and went home. Last week, my friend called past the car with some tools and a new tool for detecting air leaks and found one of the induction pipes was half off in the area you cannot see, after which perfect running was restored. Today, I called in to see him and he told me the glad tidings, and as the sun was out we decided to pop down to Dundee, where the car was located, so I could see for myself. On arrival I parked the Saab next to it so I could attach jump leads, as the battery is unsurprisingly dead after 6.5 years sitting It started easily and ran smoothly, so much so I decided to see if it would move under its own steam. This it did, and brimming with confidence* a run around the crescent it was located in showed all appeared well, even the brakes seemed to be working fine. My friend and I discussed timing for when I could collect it, when I took leave of what little sense I normally have and a decision was made. One of the advantages of my trade insurance is I am covered up to 14 days before the number has to go on the MID so insurance was not a problem. A quick phone call to my friendly MOT man (who works 7 days a week) and it was booked in for an MOT for late this afternoon, on the strict understanding he did not get to see it today. So, pre booked MOT, check, Insured, check, 50 miles from home, check, having just covered a couple of hundred meters after sitting for six and a half years check. WCPGW? Kept the speed down to a max of 50 as the tyres are a bit* cracked and have proper flat spots, with my friend following in my Saab, the journey home was pleasant, warm and comfortable, and most noticeably without an FTP! Tomorrow I will give it a full check over to see what I have bought. So far I know it needs tyres, a thermostat, an new engine temperature sender and a bit of sparkly stick action on the sills. Happy bunny!
  11. I have an increasingly rare night off tonight, so I went out to have a prod around the 205 to remind myself what needs doing. It stills amazes me how utterly rust free it is, certainly the bits I can get at with it on the ground anyway. Minor grump about discovering the rear drivers side wheel has been rubbing on the inside, but I'll see to that in time. There's not much else to say right now, so have a photo of it before it was off the road! And another!
  12. I have recently acquired a 1997 rover 111 mpi and I noticed a leak of fuel from the tank seam, I have seen a tank for a 1994 1.1 metro rio I was wondering if the tanks were the same as in sender size etc I have no idea when it comes to these little motors so any help is appreciated The little car in question, it has 31000 miles on the clock an old couple had it since it was new, lots of history and original bill of sale in one of the best colours in my opinion
  13. Hope there is some interest on here for my old Slaaaag Bought it 2 April 1994 and have maintained a love / hate relationship since. Two engine rebuilds 2 and a half body restorations and much shenanigans in between. Story starts 1 April 1994 towards the end of an evening of light refreshments, consisting mainly of 20 Marboro Red and about 12 or so pints of Flowers Bitter, down at the Hogsmill Tavern in Ewell where I used to live. One of the lads was whinging about getting married and buying houses and raising money. He mentioned he had a Stag part restored which he didn’t really want to sell and I kind of said “yep i’ll have itâ€. To be honest I don’t actually recall saying that I would have it but he called me next morning in the midst of a thumping hangover to arrange a visit. I walked round to his house and he had it outside his garage. I checked it over and the body was sound but the mechanicals and interior had been loose fitted together. Here are some of his piccies of it as he bought it and then some of his body restoration stuff For some reason it ended up being test driven back to Ma and Pa thestags house, Ma was out but Pa looked over the car and nodded. He agreed it could be stored in his garage on two conditions; He be "allowed" to stump up half of the £4k asking price (complex financial support story for my Siblings) All mechanical oily work be done by a mechanic – the drive and garage were at this point littered with bits of Moggie Minors, 105E Anglias and P6 Rovers. How could I refuse, hands shook and Lloyd walked home happy while I wandered what the fuck had just happened. Here it is on that very day Note not only the complete lack of cars parked on the road but also the quality of mid 90s chod
  14. I really need to unload some of the cars. Doesn't matter how much I try and justify it to myself, I've just got way too many at the moment. This is a large problem that became very apparent when I started looking at moving workshop to somewhere larger to consolidate where I keep my stuff and hopefully make some headroom. The realisation struck me that I've got enough work to keep me going until retirement, and it's simply not worth it. I need to cut some stuff out and make a clean break I think. Current list. 1972 Beetle 1200 restoration (keeping and finishing, it's Sarah's car so probably doesn't count, to be fair I've done a fair bit on this) 2000 beetle 2.0 (Sarah's car, needs a battery and some welding doing, but given she's not driving it's fine, and it can be quickly made into a car again. I really need to keep this one too. 1984 Caravelle restoration (keeping and finishing, had this forever and can't part with it.) 1974 Subaru Beetle (can't really sell this one, made a promise on it and need to see it through) 2006 Mondeo ST 2.2 Diesel (I'm keeping this, as it's my daily driver) So that brings us to the stuff I really need to get rid of. 2002 Mondeo ST220 in Infra Red (I bought this because nothing appreciates like a fast ford, it's a project but an easy one, and I've not touched it for three years now. It's in a dry garage, this can be for sale. I keep missing the guy with the garage access to get the pictures done Here's one from just before it went into storage. I can't imagine being that it's sat in a dry garage it looks a lot worse. Battery will be shot, needs a window reg, they're about £20, I might have one. It had a bit of a sump weep and needed discs and pads, and probably tyres too. I don't remember seeing any rot in there, but it may have started to go a bit by the front wings. FB_IMG_1548892719181 by davedorson, on Flickr it's infra red, I've got some good part worn tyres I can sell with it for the right money, needs re-commissioning. Plate is N99 JLM, 1999 Golf S 1.9 TD estate. That's the one that was meant to go last week. All working now, just needs me to put some coolant in it and get a battery, the chap was meant to bring one, then let me down, MOT'd till March 29th. Might just get this re-MOT'd and park it down the unit as a spare "pool" car. NOW SOLD IMG_20181215_100535522 by davedorson, on Flickr W124 300E (m103 3.0), ex David Bailey car apparently. Lost all the paperwork, probably worthless, refuses to run right, I suspect the K-Jet is shagged. I just can't find the motivation to do this. It's fairly solid, I've got new discs and pads in the boot for it. Really should just get rid of this one. if anyone wants this please get in touch, and I'll do some photos for you. 2018-08-09_09-18-46 by davedorson, on Flickr It won't come on the 17's, as they're valuable on their own, I've got some original wheels, but I need to sort them out with tyres, I'll try and do that and get some updated ones. NOW SOLD S124 200TE, rusty. Currently at a friends in Corby who's been apparently doing the welding on it for me. I'm yet to see evidence of this. I've basically written it off as a bad experience. If anyone wants this please get in touch. It does drive, but it's rough as arseholes due to degraded ignition bits and very rusty, although it might be less rusty now. I dunno, I'll arrange some photos if I can. Reg is G878ERP if you're curious, as you can see, off the road for ages! NOT MOVED SINCE I STARTED THIS THREAD, ANYONE FEELING BRAVE? MESSAGE ME!
  15. An update on the 405 and a general look round Interior pics soon. The front bumper came off its mountings because no one had bothered to fit the bottom three screws in so it caught on the kerb when I reversed off and pulled it off. I have bodged it back on for now as I have a new bumper ready to fit. Initial impressions are that mechanically it’s good it has new tyres new cam belt and it drives well. One rear shock is starting to weep so I will get a new pair. The paint is ok ish for its age, the drivers side being rough where the door edge protectors were and under the fuel filler where the petrol spills have ruined the lacquer. The new front bumper rear bumper and spoiler will be painted as they are poor and the correct colour coded mirrors will be fitted as the passenger side is not working anyway. I haven’t done much inside yet just cleaned up the plastics and fixed the many blown bulbs. I am hoping to sort the bumper out early April. The underside is good and has even been waxoyled.
  16. It is horribly early. It is dark outside. I had no idea which T-shirt I'd put on this morning. Thankfully, it is actually one of mine. Stage one of this lengthy caper involves taking the Lexus to The Midlands for a cambelt change. Then, it's on to Sussex tonight, before The Big Reveal tomorrow morning. Oh I think you're going to like this one folks! Easily my most ridiculous caper yet. The subject matter has been standing in a field for years, so there will not be a 'drive home' element to this. Plan is just to move said subject matter to a safe location, though my eventual dream is indeed to drive it back to Wales. Right. I'd better get started! Dudley here we come.
  17. A rather unexpected tale of luck and judgement happened yesterday. I finished work at 11.30am (joys of double day shifts) and went home and was idly browsing Facebook when my mate messaged me and asked me would I be interested in something he’d just acquired? Naturally, curiosity got the better of me and I went and had a look. I arrived at his gaff and saw the new project sitting on his drive. ”I’ve got no time to do anything with it and I need it off the driveway. I’m gonna send it to the oval or cut it up for parts if you don’t want it”. Now he’s pulling at my heartstrings, any car that’s destined for the scrapyard is always a car that I’d like to save and so, after a short test drive, I have purchased this fine automobile. Meet Dudley, the K11. Sadly no KULEKSHEN FRED as my mate delivered it on his flatbed as he was off to pick up a car on his way through. Why Dudley? Well the day this car was registered is the day that Dudley Moore passed away, so it seemed like a nice tribute. Plus it’s also a day after my birthday so it must be serendipity. It’s done 81k and has MOT until March. Part service history inside the Nissan book pack. Original dealer plates, sadly no dealer sticker. First thing was to give it a wash to establish how good the bodywork is. First impressions are, that other than a couple of pin dents, this Micra is bloody immaculate. I can’t find a single spot of rust anywhere on this car. Sills, arches and rear boot lid are all solid. Even the K11’s weak-spot, the front crossmember is solid. So, what’s the plan for it? I’m not actually sure what I’m going to do with it yet. I need to buy a car cover firstly to preserve the paintwork on it. It will need a bloody good machine polish, the wheeltrims sacking off into the nearest bin and a few other niggly little things like the wipers aren’t parking (motor fault?), the sunroof has been sealed shut (blocked drain pipes?) and I’m wondering how much white smoke this is meant to kick out, it got to working temp, didn’t overheat and the fan cuts in but there was a bit of white smoke coming out the back. I’m hoping it’s because of lack of use. I’m sure some K11 fans will be able to answer some of these questions. So yeah, there we have it. Pleased as punch with it!
  18. As you may have read in the 'Can we save this?' thread, the answer was 'Yes we can!' Someone on this forum who wishes to remain nameless, fronted the cash to rescue this little Mazda from certain doom at the hands of a banger racer. I've taken custody of the car, but will make sure they get their money back as soon as is physically possible. Perhaps once it's running right, I'll look at some sort of roffle to find it a new home and pay back what it owes me and them. Although it had been sitting 5 years or so, it went through an MOT, so that's a good start. Known faults. - Alternator is kaput. Shouldn't be too hard to find a refurbished one. Presume battery knackered too. - Wheel bearing grumbling. - Running like crap. Will replace fuel and vacuum pipes and add fuel filter. Then perhaps a carb strip down and rebuild. Aisan 980 carb as far as i know, same as the Toyota was, - Flat tyre. It's currently sitting outside with a flat battery and no fuel, so that's not a good start! As I have very little talent, time or money, and suggestions / help greatly appreciated. These are the pictures I have so far - looks good but it's a lot more dull in real life...
  19. I thought I'd start a thread on this. I presently love this car but history has proven me fickle and easily distracted, so I expect I'll want to move it on at some point. Doing it this way also ensures no comeback from future owners when they find out I've attached the wheels with silicon sealer, etc. Lot of flash for a grand, I think you'll agree. I picked it up from the pleasant Mr Xtriple last Tuesday, and have already put a thousand miles on it (including 500 in Norfolk at the weekend, and 200-odd around Gloucester yesterday). As you'd imagine, wafting about in a convertible with a whispering V6 up front is absolutely awful,. I did get a light metallic scraping noise from the NSR wheel for a bit, but the caliper wasn't sticking and it went after a while so meh. There are a few issues to fix. Most pressing was the passenger door, which wouldn't shut without a heavy slam. I found the door glass was rising too high, and interfering with the A-pillar seal. There's quite a lot of scope for things to get out of kilter on the windows and hood on these things, but thankfully it's all adjustable. The stops for the window are adjusted by winding down the window, then removing 3 bungs on the underside of the door. This exposes bolts to adjust the position of the front and rear stops, with the middle one adjusting the angle of the glass against the seal. Getting it right is trial and error, it's not quite right but does now shut correctly. There's also a fault with the rear window, a clip that stops it rising too high has broken so it can collide with the front window if you're not careful. Not sorted that yet. The hood often needs a helping hand to retract it (and to prevent it slamming down on the windscreen frame when closing it). The issue appears to be the tension cables on the front folded section - these are supposed to hold it in a raised position, to allow it to fold up. This doesn't always work so the pump runs but is unable to draw the hood back. The tension on these cables can be adjusted, and it's pretty straightforward job, but it does mean taking the roof down for a couple of hours and I've not been able to trust the weather recently. If there's no adjustment left on the cables it's not too difficult to replace them, but they cost £80 each (and there are 2). The roof release handle is a bit broken too, this is a common problem. Xtriple's mechanic has made a temporary repair but I may revisit it, there is a DIY fix using a C-clip apparently - else it's £700 for a new roof rail. Steering wheel is quite worn, and off-centre. I find that very annoying and will get the alignment fixed soon. Dunno what to do about the wheel, upholsterer perhaps? The driver's seat bolster is also coming apart at the edge, again they all do this so finding a good used one is pretty much impossible. I was unimpressed by the factory audio, despite it having a fancy remote control. Putting in my kit was easy though, standard ISO harness so took about 5 mins! Unfortunately the speakers are shot, ruining Stuff Like That. The forum bike Jag had the same issue, just age I suppose. I've got speaker adaptors on order so I can fit some decent ones. This is the car's best feature, this engine is superb. It absolutely makes just the noise you'd expect, a gentle whine yet gives brisk performance and an average of 29mpg. It does leak a little oil though, enough to mark the drive but hasn't required a top up. Will investigate. Pirate HQ is now well furnished with CLKs. My wife has had this facelift one for a couple of years and I've always admired it, but not the raucous 2.3 supercharged motor. It's slightly slower and slightly better on fuel than the V6 but above 3000rpm it's horrible - it sounds like the CVH from a '80s Escort and ruins the whole experience. Most of them seem to be blighted with that motor though, perhaps the cost difference was large when new. Mrs Pirate now wants the wheels and engine transplanted into hers. Final problem is the ABS/ASR/BAS light coming on at random. Others have suggested this is the battery getting weak, which is a bit of a worry - I'm leaving it in an airport car park for a week tomorrow.
  20. I finally started tó do something about my Saab96L today,as I had a free afternoon,and the weather is great.
  21. As with many of the members on here, I tend to read and comment a lot, but haven’t done much in the way of my own shite related posting. The onslaught of miserable teenage goat bummers (©Bollox2019) has encouraged me to share a little more, rather than look at the screen and shake my head. As my fiancée once told me, Dick is for sharing. Or something. Updates are likely to be sporadic, and not necessarily ‘car project work’ per se. Sometimes it may just be the odd photo. Anyway, now the disclaimer is out the way, and without further ado, I’ll start with this. I bought my Lambretta just over ten years ago. I’ve had a few over the years, and even dabbled with the dark side, or as they are sometimes known, Vespa. Collection of this scooter involved a fucked Transit, and a day trip to Stoke from sunny Cornwall. Breathing in diesel exhaust fumes which permeated the van through the rusty gaps under the back doors was becoming tiresome by the twelfth hour of driving. We managed it though, and the scooter was well worth the journey. It’s an Italian 1967 SX150, with a 186 Imola kit, plus various other trick bits. It was originally Verde Mela - a rare Innocenti colour - which is basically apple green. Unfortunately the previous owner stripped every last trace of it from the frame, and repainted it in a Peugeot metallic. Not something I could ever bring myself to do, but it looks good all the same. I had plenty of fun with the scooter, and even made it to the Isle of Wight rally on it (I’ve done this a few times on previous scooters). However, as with many of us, life and house got in the way, and it’s sat in the garage under a cover for way too long. I hadn’t fired it up for well over 12 months, so decided to drag the old dear out into the sunshine, fire her up, and give her a blast around the estate. I did a quick video of getting the scooter started - no sound because time lapse - startup was a bitch as the fuel was really stale, half evaporated and leaving the oil/ratio mix completely oil heavy. You can make out when it eventually fires up in the video - wait for the smoke around the back end! I’ll end by adding the startup video. I’ve got a load more photos somewhere on the external HDD, including some of my previous Lambrettas. I'll have to dig them out when I get chance. TTFN.
  22. As promised here is a topic for my 1985 Peugeot 305 van project The van was bought by my grandad in 1986 and used as his main workhorse until his retirement in 2010 In 2012 we moved the van from his house to a friends yard. Here's a photo from that day in 2012: My grandad died in May 2017 and the van was left to me, in August I went to pick up the van which I hadn't seen and hadn't been moved since 2012. Photos from that day: I stripped out the interior and did some poking with a screwdriver which found an ungodly amount of rust. Ive since sent the van away to be stripped fully, blasted, welded, and resprayed. I will update this thread as progress is made. Any questions are welcome Hope you all enjoy! Also thanks to Cavcraft for the help with this post!
  23. With the recent addition of the 420 to the fleet it's high time I started a project thread devoted to all four Rovers. I've done some half-hearted attempts in the past, then done a few updates on the News 24 as and when I remembered. Today will be an intro to the fleet only with a little potted history about things wot I've done, and then I'll aim to be more blog-like in my approach to my skillful* fettling. So without further ado, welcome to the fleet. 2004 Streetwise S - purchased May 2017 It was a toss up between this and a top spec K11 Micra, but this won the day. This car marked my return behind the wheel after almost 18 years and thus was a monumental step forward for me. I'd given up driving mainly because public transport is so good in Nottingham but when my parents relocated to Newmarket from St Albans, the train journey to Suffolk was ridiculously long-winded and incorporated 55 minute waits at Cambridge to catch the connecting train to Newmarket, so enough was enough. Purchased from a shady man in East Leake ('which car ?' when I rang up) who was dealing from his front garden, this Streetwise stole my heart from day one. Annoyingly I missed out on getting it for £250 when this guy bought it and flipped it, and span a tale of a part exchange in Manchester where his old car lot had been. I wanted to call bullshit, but the price was right, £420 exchanged hands, and this came home with me. There were some issues, notably no horn nor rear fog lights (fucked Pektron BCU) but that aside, this car has wanted nothing other than consumables (tyres, exhaust, brake pads) and has never FTP (apart from user error - leaving the boot open and the dashcam on drained the battery on two occasions). The willing puppy and commutawagon, until recently this has always been my goto car, which I can always rely upon. It will continue to serve as commutawagon, not least due to its petiteness which ensures parking is easy, and its miserly fuel sipping.
  24. Hello, this is my first post here although I've read the forums there from time to time. I'm not certain about what I'm going to do with this vehicle yet but without further ado; This is a Peugeot 406 which has been, literally and figuratively, outstanding in its field. It was a family car my dad bought well over ten years ago and used every day for an A/B road country commute into a the nearest large city almost fifty miles distant - he replaced his previous 405 with it, that having accrued over 200k miles. It lived a frugal and reliable life in Devon, went on holidays through France and Spain and was handed down to my mum for dog carrying and plant purchasing duties. After the clutch started to slip (slightly) in about 2016 mum decided she didn't want to drive it anymore and it was dumped and handed down to me to get rid of. I decided to pick it up as I remembered it's delightfully wafty comfort. I drove it around for a year after the mammoth DIY task of removing the gearbox and replacing the clutch, input bush thing, release bearing and driveshaft oil seals. I replaced the strange multi link arms on the rear suspension and had a full four wheel alignment carried out, replacing the four tyres at the same time with all season Bridgestones. The 406s are famous for bad rear tyre wear on the inner edges and I was happy to have cured this and reset the handing to 'surprisingly good'. After the year of anonymous silver estating, many tip runs with trailers full of rubbish, working on the house and picking up a huge hearthstone I parked the 406 up in a barn. I'd subsequently backed it into a rhododendron bush and a Dartmoor granite gatepost and my brother had handbrake turned it into a civic Vti in a rare moment of ill judged thuggery. In all honesty it looked rough and I was embarrassed to drive it. It shed it's modest private plate, returning to a Y registration and curled up in a concrete barn. It's a long way from civilization here, and after the fields are cut and baled, mid to late summer, I get the jump leads out and transfuse some agricultural electrons from the tractor into it's vital veins. I scrape the dried latte owl dung from the windscreen and the 406 lives again on verdant grass highways as a field car. It's rusted somewhat now, the rear subframe needs welding and all the calipers and discs most likely need replacing but the beating hdi heart is smooth. Any rational person would weigh it in, bank the pounds and pence and move on, but I can't help thinking that it's not done just yet.
  25. So, as it was revealed today at cholmondeley, I'm the proud owner of the ex-lots of people 405. The story so far.. It arrived and was deposited in the massively spacious storage facility..
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