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Found 210 results

  1. Many will know this lovely car as the ex-Vulgalour, catsinthewelder and SiC. I've had my eye on it since Vulgalour took it on back in early 2017 as it was previously my car....twice before!, So i knew what i was buying before taking this car on (or Back on? not sure how this works!!!) So to recap it's story, here are a few threads on its past history on Autoshite: Part I - acquisition, dailying and later start of restoration by catsinthewelder Part IIa - first for sale thread by catsinthewelder Part IIb - second for sale thread by catsinthewelder a few years later Part III - acquisition and a lot of restoration by Vulgalour Part VI - Part V - this thread where I acquire and hopefully get it road legal again. This is not my first proper and full restoration of a car., i've built several over the years however this will be my first attempt at documenting it correctly. It kind of makes sense, as the cars previous owners did such a cracking job at A) preserving it and B - documenting its survival! I have alot of projects on the go, so this will either go well or badly....i'm hoping it doesn't take too long, a couple of months maybe. But im normally wrong when it comes to timings!
  2. As you may have read in the 'Can we save this?' thread, the answer was 'Yes we can!' Someone on this forum who wishes to remain nameless, fronted the cash to rescue this little Mazda from certain doom at the hands of a banger racer. I've taken custody of the car, but will make sure they get their money back as soon as is physically possible. Perhaps once it's running right, I'll look at some sort of roffle to find it a new home and pay back what it owes me and them. Although it had been sitting 5 years or so, it went through an MOT, so that's a good start. Known faults. - Alternator is kaput. Shouldn't be too hard to find a refurbished one. Presume battery knackered too. - Wheel bearing grumbling. - Running like crap. Will replace fuel and vacuum pipes and add fuel filter. Then perhaps a carb strip down and rebuild. Aisan 980 carb as far as i know, same as the Toyota was, - Flat tyre. It's currently sitting outside with a flat battery and no fuel, so that's not a good start! As I have very little talent, time or money, and suggestions / help greatly appreciated. These are the pictures I have so far - looks good but it's a lot more dull in real life...
  3. I thought I'd start a thread on this. I presently love this car but history has proven me fickle and easily distracted, so I expect I'll want to move it on at some point. Doing it this way also ensures no comeback from future owners when they find out I've attached the wheels with silicon sealer, etc. Lot of flash for a grand, I think you'll agree. I picked it up from the pleasant Mr Xtriple last Tuesday, and have already put a thousand miles on it (including 500 in Norfolk at the weekend, and 200-odd around Gloucester yesterday). As you'd imagine, wafting about in a convertible with a whispering V6 up front is absolutely awful,. I did get a light metallic scraping noise from the NSR wheel for a bit, but the caliper wasn't sticking and it went after a while so meh. There are a few issues to fix. Most pressing was the passenger door, which wouldn't shut without a heavy slam. I found the door glass was rising too high, and interfering with the A-pillar seal. There's quite a lot of scope for things to get out of kilter on the windows and hood on these things, but thankfully it's all adjustable. The stops for the window are adjusted by winding down the window, then removing 3 bungs on the underside of the door. This exposes bolts to adjust the position of the front and rear stops, with the middle one adjusting the angle of the glass against the seal. Getting it right is trial and error, it's not quite right but does now shut correctly. There's also a fault with the rear window, a clip that stops it rising too high has broken so it can collide with the front window if you're not careful. Not sorted that yet. The hood often needs a helping hand to retract it (and to prevent it slamming down on the windscreen frame when closing it). The issue appears to be the tension cables on the front folded section - these are supposed to hold it in a raised position, to allow it to fold up. This doesn't always work so the pump runs but is unable to draw the hood back. The tension on these cables can be adjusted, and it's pretty straightforward job, but it does mean taking the roof down for a couple of hours and I've not been able to trust the weather recently. If there's no adjustment left on the cables it's not too difficult to replace them, but they cost £80 each (and there are 2). The roof release handle is a bit broken too, this is a common problem. Xtriple's mechanic has made a temporary repair but I may revisit it, there is a DIY fix using a C-clip apparently - else it's £700 for a new roof rail. Steering wheel is quite worn, and off-centre. I find that very annoying and will get the alignment fixed soon. Dunno what to do about the wheel, upholsterer perhaps? The driver's seat bolster is also coming apart at the edge, again they all do this so finding a good used one is pretty much impossible. I was unimpressed by the factory audio, despite it having a fancy remote control. Putting in my kit was easy though, standard ISO harness so took about 5 mins! Unfortunately the speakers are shot, ruining Stuff Like That. The forum bike Jag had the same issue, just age I suppose. I've got speaker adaptors on order so I can fit some decent ones. This is the car's best feature, this engine is superb. It absolutely makes just the noise you'd expect, a gentle whine yet gives brisk performance and an average of 29mpg. It does leak a little oil though, enough to mark the drive but hasn't required a top up. Will investigate. Pirate HQ is now well furnished with CLKs. My wife has had this facelift one for a couple of years and I've always admired it, but not the raucous 2.3 supercharged motor. It's slightly slower and slightly better on fuel than the V6 but above 3000rpm it's horrible - it sounds like the CVH from a '80s Escort and ruins the whole experience. Most of them seem to be blighted with that motor though, perhaps the cost difference was large when new. Mrs Pirate now wants the wheels and engine transplanted into hers. Final problem is the ABS/ASR/BAS light coming on at random. Others have suggested this is the battery getting weak, which is a bit of a worry - I'm leaving it in an airport car park for a week tomorrow.
  4. I finally started tó do something about my Saab96L today,as I had a free afternoon,and the weather is great.
  5. As with many of the members on here, I tend to read and comment a lot, but haven’t done much in the way of my own shite related posting. The onslaught of miserable teenage goat bummers (©Bollox2019) has encouraged me to share a little more, rather than look at the screen and shake my head. As my fiancée once told me, Dick is for sharing. Or something. Updates are likely to be sporadic, and not necessarily ‘car project work’ per se. Sometimes it may just be the odd photo. Anyway, now the disclaimer is out the way, and without further ado, I’ll start with this. I bought my Lambretta just over ten years ago. I’ve had a few over the years, and even dabbled with the dark side, or as they are sometimes known, Vespa. Collection of this scooter involved a fucked Transit, and a day trip to Stoke from sunny Cornwall. Breathing in diesel exhaust fumes which permeated the van through the rusty gaps under the back doors was becoming tiresome by the twelfth hour of driving. We managed it though, and the scooter was well worth the journey. It’s an Italian 1967 SX150, with a 186 Imola kit, plus various other trick bits. It was originally Verde Mela - a rare Innocenti colour - which is basically apple green. Unfortunately the previous owner stripped every last trace of it from the frame, and repainted it in a Peugeot metallic. Not something I could ever bring myself to do, but it looks good all the same. I had plenty of fun with the scooter, and even made it to the Isle of Wight rally on it (I’ve done this a few times on previous scooters). However, as with many of us, life and house got in the way, and it’s sat in the garage under a cover for way too long. I hadn’t fired it up for well over 12 months, so decided to drag the old dear out into the sunshine, fire her up, and give her a blast around the estate. I did a quick video of getting the scooter started - no sound because time lapse - startup was a bitch as the fuel was really stale, half evaporated and leaving the oil/ratio mix completely oil heavy. You can make out when it eventually fires up in the video - wait for the smoke around the back end! I’ll end by adding the startup video. I’ve got a load more photos somewhere on the external HDD, including some of my previous Lambrettas. I'll have to dig them out when I get chance. TTFN.
  6. As promised here is a topic for my 1985 Peugeot 305 van project The van was bought by my grandad in 1986 and used as his main workhorse until his retirement in 2010 In 2012 we moved the van from his house to a friends yard. Here's a photo from that day in 2012: My grandad died in May 2017 and the van was left to me, in August I went to pick up the van which I hadn't seen and hadn't been moved since 2012. Photos from that day: I stripped out the interior and did some poking with a screwdriver which found an ungodly amount of rust. Ive since sent the van away to be stripped fully, blasted, welded, and resprayed. I will update this thread as progress is made. Any questions are welcome Hope you all enjoy! Also thanks to Cavcraft for the help with this post!
  7. With the recent addition of the 420 to the fleet it's high time I started a project thread devoted to all four Rovers. I've done some half-hearted attempts in the past, then done a few updates on the News 24 as and when I remembered. Today will be an intro to the fleet only with a little potted history about things wot I've done, and then I'll aim to be more blog-like in my approach to my skillful* fettling. So without further ado, welcome to the fleet. 2004 Streetwise S - purchased May 2017 It was a toss up between this and a top spec K11 Micra, but this won the day. This car marked my return behind the wheel after almost 18 years and thus was a monumental step forward for me. I'd given up driving mainly because public transport is so good in Nottingham but when my parents relocated to Newmarket from St Albans, the train journey to Suffolk was ridiculously long-winded and incorporated 55 minute waits at Cambridge to catch the connecting train to Newmarket, so enough was enough. Purchased from a shady man in East Leake ('which car ?' when I rang up) who was dealing from his front garden, this Streetwise stole my heart from day one. Annoyingly I missed out on getting it for £250 when this guy bought it and flipped it, and span a tale of a part exchange in Manchester where his old car lot had been. I wanted to call bullshit, but the price was right, £420 exchanged hands, and this came home with me. There were some issues, notably no horn nor rear fog lights (fucked Pektron BCU) but that aside, this car has wanted nothing other than consumables (tyres, exhaust, brake pads) and has never FTP (apart from user error - leaving the boot open and the dashcam on drained the battery on two occasions). The willing puppy and commutawagon, until recently this has always been my goto car, which I can always rely upon. It will continue to serve as commutawagon, not least due to its petiteness which ensures parking is easy, and its miserly fuel sipping.
  8. I think we should probably give the Mighty Dacia its own thread. In short, this car was purchased over the internet, then collected in Romania and driven 2500 miles to Wales. Video of such exploits can be seen here. It is a 1990 Dacia 1310 estate, which is, in effect, just a Renault 12 built in Romania. Lots of bits are locally sourced, including the Solex-knock-off carburettor. While it uses the later 1397cc engine, it is pretty much just a Renault 12 with a Romanian accent, and a bit too much plastic mascara. Oddly, the radiator is Iranian. The steering wheel looks like one from a Talbot. The seats are very comfortable, even after 2500 miles. The drive back has already been covered, so let's focus on now. This morning started well. I say that. The car wouldn't start. Again. I wonder if it's actually got the right carburettor. The fresh spark plugs fitted a couple of hundred miles ago are already sooty. I have played around with the idle mixture again, but leaning it off just makes it stumble and misfire. Air cleaner looks brand new and all pipework seems to be sound and in the correct place. It stinks of richness, which I guess old cars generally do, but my gut feel is it's going to spectacularly fail the emissions test. Oh well. It's booked in for pre-MOT tomorrow. Still can't find the slightest hint of any rear seatbelt mountings, but there are other fails expected, which is why it's a pre-MOT. Need to see how big the problems are!
  9. Hello, this is my first post here although I've read the forums there from time to time. I'm not certain about what I'm going to do with this vehicle yet but without further ado; This is a Peugeot 406 which has been, literally and figuratively, outstanding in its field. It was a family car my dad bought well over ten years ago and used every day for an A/B road country commute into a the nearest large city almost fifty miles distant - he replaced his previous 405 with it, that having accrued over 200k miles. It lived a frugal and reliable life in Devon, went on holidays through France and Spain and was handed down to my mum for dog carrying and plant purchasing duties. After the clutch started to slip (slightly) in about 2016 mum decided she didn't want to drive it anymore and it was dumped and handed down to me to get rid of. I decided to pick it up as I remembered it's delightfully wafty comfort. I drove it around for a year after the mammoth DIY task of removing the gearbox and replacing the clutch, input bush thing, release bearing and driveshaft oil seals. I replaced the strange multi link arms on the rear suspension and had a full four wheel alignment carried out, replacing the four tyres at the same time with all season Bridgestones. The 406s are famous for bad rear tyre wear on the inner edges and I was happy to have cured this and reset the handing to 'surprisingly good'. After the year of anonymous silver estating, many tip runs with trailers full of rubbish, working on the house and picking up a huge hearthstone I parked the 406 up in a barn. I'd subsequently backed it into a rhododendron bush and a Dartmoor granite gatepost and my brother had handbrake turned it into a civic Vti in a rare moment of ill judged thuggery. In all honesty it looked rough and I was embarrassed to drive it. It shed it's modest private plate, returning to a Y registration and curled up in a concrete barn. It's a long way from civilization here, and after the fields are cut and baled, mid to late summer, I get the jump leads out and transfuse some agricultural electrons from the tractor into it's vital veins. I scrape the dried latte owl dung from the windscreen and the 406 lives again on verdant grass highways as a field car. It's rusted somewhat now, the rear subframe needs welding and all the calipers and discs most likely need replacing but the beating hdi heart is smooth. Any rational person would weigh it in, bank the pounds and pence and move on, but I can't help thinking that it's not done just yet.
  10. So, as it was revealed today at cholmondeley, I'm the proud owner of the ex-lots of people 405. The story so far.. It arrived and was deposited in the massively spacious storage facility..
  11. It's our 17th anniversary so what better way to spend it than trapsing a most of the way across the country? It's far too early for this...
  12. So kids are out . Sat here bored mooching at ebay when this pops up. Vectra b 500 yards from my house. Anyway I knew the owner , used to drive taxis now retired. He has had it for 18 years. Mot till may next year. It's a 1.8 ls. Bodywork is a bit tatty but it has had the belt done and a new clutch .75,000 miles and knowing the owner mechanically spot on. £350.00 English pounds which seems fair considering the file of Bill's and service history. I really wanted the x type off here but insurance was bloody mad. So a bit of tarting up and a few scrap yard visits should see it a bit tidier. It will probably just be used a has a WBOD and park the jap bus up. Anyway I should get my money back when it comes to move on. So no pez shot or food intake. Just a stroll round and drive it back.
  13. So, I went and saw a little Reliant again today... Bought! I have the logbook and everything. Will come with the original, f*cked engine not fitted. It does roll, tyres do hold air. Has been parked up for two to three years since the engine seized after a core plug fell out. First challenge, get it home...
  14. Thought I’d started a thread about this but hadn’t. So here goes. I was looking for an engine for my red hatchback when Fordperv called the bat phone and told me about a car for sale in some arsehole end of stoke in a garden. I’ve lost a lot of early photos but we went over with my Mondeo, an A frame and a couple of spare wheels. Prized £80 out of my wallet and pulled it out of the guys garden. Or was it £60? I can’t remember. But it only needed 1 tyre swapping. The 1600 engine and 4 spd box was missing, haha, ironic, so it was hooked up and hauled away. I’ve had it since 2008. Started welding it myself in 2009 then came into some money and payed someone to finish it off.... well the main stuff. New rear panel, inner and outer sills, front nose, battery try, rear lower quarters, front foot wells plus other bits n bobs. Then it sat it in my unit for ever. Over the last ten years I’ve been collecting parts ready to rebuild it and I recon I’ve got 90% of bits to finish, just need time to do it. This first pic is of it in the shed where some guys did the welding. Then it came home back to my unit, where it still is. WHY SO SIDEWAYS? Bloody uploads them right then flips them over! Grrr. More incoming.
  15. Warning: picture heavy post Been lurking here for quite a bit, and I assumed there'd be atleast a couple of people here interested in hearing about this old thing. Back in early February, I decided that I had too much money and that I must immediately spend it on some old shite. Naturally, I headed straight to eBay and roughly within the area I found this being advertised as spares or repairs (conveniently with no interior shots): So, I jumped in my now-deceased Rover 25 and went to go and see it. I knew from the photos that it was in a right state, but my god was it worse in person (those of you who are more observant may have already noticed the considerable amount of condensation that had built up in the car). The car had been sat since its MOT expired a few years earlier, and in that time it managed to grow a bit of fur. This was what I was greeted with when I first saw it in person: So all in all, it was a little bit dirty, but I still felt the need to save it. £250 later, I was the not-so-proud owner of a Peugeot 205. The next time I saw it, it had somehow gained a nice big crack in the rear bumper and a nice kink in the boot frame behind said bumper. In their infinite wisdom, the people that I bought it off, who also delivered it to me, managed to roll it into the back of the trailer. I was unfortunately not present when this happened, but you can only care so much when the car looks like this in the first place. I was pretty adamant at first that I could have this thing MOTd within a week. I had a mechanic look at it on a ramp, and he concluded that all it needed for an MOT was a new silencer, a new fuel pipe to replace a leaky bodged one and a new clip on a radiator hose. Naturally, this "week" turned into about 4 months, when it failed its MOT on corrosion on a small part of the floorpan, the boot floor and the rear of the nearside sill. Unfortunately it was mostly well hidden, so I'd have never really known when I bought it (probably wouldn't have put me off buying it either way). I decided that the car was already mostly in too much of a state to warrant proper repairs, so I had the welding done cheaply and quickly. 3 days later, what do you know, it's got an MOT with no advisories for the first time in years! Now that that was out of the way, I decided it was probably time to crack on with cleaning the thing. After a few hours work, many refills of the wet vac and many trips to the bin with the dust pan and brush, it actually started looking fairly decent (though I should add, these photos were pre wet vac: Believe it or not, the car actually came with a full service history up to about 2004 ish, it even has the papers for stuff like its first MOT back in 1993. Conveniently, the last bit of paper I have for it is for the timing belt, which I'm fairly sure hadn't been changed since, so that's been this weeks main expenditure. The old one was very slack, and had probably managed to knock the pump timing off a bit, as it never really did sound right whilst it was idling. Whilst refilling with coolant, it was brought to my attention that there was a rotten metal radiator pipe that needed replacing, evident by the fact that the coolant being put into it was finding its way onto the floor. Surprisingly, I was able to get one from a Peugeot main dealer for the next day, with the man on the other end of the phone remarking that he hadn't been asked for 205 parts for years, but he had been asked for this same part twice today, with the other person owning a CTI. With that part mentioned, that brings us up to date with the car. Unfortunately, I've not even had the pleasure of driving the thing yet. I'm only 18, and I've already spent a lot of money insuring my main car (now on my 3rd in less than a year because I'm a picky sod), so I can't justify the price of over a grand for a years worth of insurance on this thing. I'm hoping that come December time I will be able to get a classic insurance policy on it for cheap, as I will have held my licence for 12 months, which is something they all seem to want before they'll insure me. Nonetheless, I've been thinking about insuring it for a month recently at the cost of 200 or so quid, but I'm currently trying to sell another car and don't have the money to do so, so it will remain sat outside waiting to be driven until then. As a sidenote, I never did actually find out where it was leaking water in from. The water in the rear footwells had dried up and re-filled a couple of times before I finally cleaned it and I did put some sealant stuff in a few different places to try and sort the problem, but it's been covered up since so I've no idea if it still leaks or not, and I don't really want to wait to find out. The key suspects at the moment are rear light clusters, the sunroof (seems unlikely, as it's getting into the rear footwells) and the rear side & tailgate window seals. More investigation required. Nonetheless, here are some deceivingly saturated photos of it after a quick (but careful) spray with the jet washer (pls ignore chav tier exhaust):
  16. Alright then Kev. I'll take it off your hands. IMG-20190302-WA0006 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG-20190302-WA0005 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG-20190302-WA0002 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG-20190302-WA0003 by davedorson, on Flickr IMG-20190302-WA0004 by davedorson, on Flickr It's got literally days of MOT left and I've got nowhere to put it. What could go wrong?
  17. Right, my first collection - I may get the must haves wrong. But I'm sure you'll forgive me. Prior to departure: Coffee at work, followed by use of work printer to print temp insurance. Vehicle is for Mrs Schwifty - who has already named it (god help me).
  18. Well folks you've probably all heard me onabout mrs fps rs turbo, well we've had enough of looking at it in its shitty paint with marks and it's horrid front bumper so now is the time to do something about it, she kept it like that as people underestimated it when they came up along side it and because of its looks she named the car Sharon the shitter, she says the car is a Sharon because it's the butch type, being an old ford no doubt it's hiding some rot, we have collected lots of parts for this refresh from panels to lights so it will look minty fresh when its done, I have already welded up a tailgate in anticipation, they always rot in the bottom corners of the rear window so got the best one I could find and repaired that ready. The backstory In 2008 mrs fp wanted an escort rs turbo but she wanted a series 1, so how did she end up with a black series 2 I hear you cry, we got told about a stripped down rs turbo in someone's garage but no more details, we tracked down the owner through a couple of friends and went to view it we were met with a black series 2 shell with no engine or interior in it, it looked a decent shell then when I looked at the reg saw it was a local registered car, I remember it from my teens around where i grew up and when i got into my boy racing days it was a regular at the local haunts, and it has never been owned more than 10 miles away from me in that time, it's not one of those council estate slag cars either that everyone owned it had 5 owners in total and the chap we bought it off had owned it twice, this got me thinking as I do like a local registered car, the deal clincher was when the owner took me over to the boxes upon boxes of new engine parts, he had spent a bloody fortune what wasn't a performance part was genuine ford the spec list was immense, the block was freshly bored etc so we struck a deal and that was that, mrs fps intention was to sell it on after I built the engine and m.o.t'd it to put the cash towards a series 1, I spent the weekend getting it back together and running then did any jobs it needed, when it was tested the worst happened mrs fp loved it and had to keep it she used it daily for work and loved it, this was when it started spiralling out of control the boost became addictive, as time went by more cash got spent on upgrades for the suspension to replace the old koni stuff and polybush it all round, then came the time to make it more reliable and a bit more fuel efficient so I removed the KE jetronic setup and fitted a Weber marelli efi system which is to be fair the best thing I've ever done to this car it completely transformed it. Anyway here's the car Today's job was to start the strip down so my first job was to dismantle all the interior plastics and remove the dash, I wanted to do this as they like to rot just below the windscreen under the dash It's reassuringly solid under there I then un bolted the seats etc so the carpets could be removed, I left it at that for today because I still feel shitty from a cold thats hanging about, hopefully I will remember to update this thread
  19. Many will know this lovely car as the ex-Vulgalour and catsinthewelder. I've had my eye on it since Vulgalour took it on back in early 2017. It has a certain charm to it, like a mongrel sheep dog in the rehoming centre. A car that has worked hard in it's life and never really been a show car but does want to keep surviving. Many of its previous owners have left their mark in different ways and is a mix of different years worth of parts. So to recap it's story, here are a few threads on its past history on Autoshite: Part I - acquisition, dailying and later start of restoration by catsinthewelder http://autoshite.com/topic/9247-the-purple-peril-and-other-dreadful-cars-i-need-to-fix Part IIa - first for sale thread by catsinthewelder http://autoshite.com/topic/18030-for-sale-1972-austin-1100-and-1974-vw-camper Part IIb - second for sale thread by catsinthewelder a few years later http://autoshite.com/topic/28669-free-austin-1100 Part III - acquisition and a lot of restoration by Vulgalour http://autoshite.com/topic/28763-1972-austin-1100-sold Part VI - this thread where I acquire and hopefully get it road legal again. This is my first proper and full restoration of a car. I've never welded before and only have limited spannering knowledge and skills. Mostly involves I've read in books or seen done online and using that knowledge to try and fix my own cars. So either this could go really well and a lovely car goes back on the road or I make a hash of it and end up causing it to snap in half over the first bump in the road. Hopefully not the latter... I'll be giving my best efforts in this, but no doubt will be asking loads of questions and needing plenty of guidance along the way. My rough target is to have it MOT'd by the end of the year. Optimistic? No idea, I haven't done this before!
  20. Having lurched on here for a while, and being much jealous of everyone’s exploits and skills. I thought it was time to introduce my scruffy 1.6 BX Meteor. I didn’t do it earlier as I didn’t think anyone would be interested. I haven’t taken many photographs of any work being done, because it’s just me, getting on and mending stuff that I can do. Any way I have the mechanical skills of a retarded ant, and tend to make things worse, so I have decided to get the work done proper, as it works out cheaper. The car is quite well known in the Citroen Car Club, so I am told, and a few pictures have appeared of it, including one of it lurking in the background on here. The car was collected from Southport, in July 2017, It was “MOTed” we ran it for the rest of the summer, and the summer of 2018until the MOT ran out. It suffered a few faults, including the exhaust falling off, and damaging the car behinds’ sump, causing him to loose all his oil. It has also had one fail to proceed, caused by the coil failing. Most of the interior giffer bodges have been sorted by myself. It has now been welded, new LHM lines, new fuel lines, and other work to make it structurally sound, including new sub-frame mounts and steering work. Next winter will be an engine rebuild as it smokes on the over run, and finally the body will done. New wheels and tyres next month and MOT in March. I love it as it is, it’s comfortable, cruses at the same speed as modern traffic and has everything I need in a car.. The spoiler is being painted as it had the surface finish of crazy paving, and isn’t attached.attachment=236947:image.jpg]. I will also introduce my Acadiane which is trapped in the garage. But here’s a preview, with the MZ languishing in the back ground.
  21. It's 7 o'clock on a Saturday morning and I'm standing at a bus stop. This means one thing, I am planning to return with another vehicle. This time it's further than I've been for a while and the vehicle is uglier than I've had before. I am off to Devon to collect the red Umm. Transportation number 1, bus.
  22. So when I posted in Vince70's thread that I was on the lookout for an R50 Bini project for under a grand, I was given the following sage advice from New POD: So in true Autoshite fashion last night I went and bought the cheapest I could find! No collection thread as it all happened so fast, saw the ad on facebook and hot footed over there, made the guy an offer and convoyed home with him before giving him a lift back - if only every purchase/sale was so easy! Was pissing rain last night so haven't had a chance to have a proper look over it but what I know so far is: Jobs: Drivers side mirror held together with electrical tape, Drivers window not working One sidelight out High level brakelight not working (new one included in sale) Nearside headlight aims too high (benefit of driving home in convoy or I might not have spotted it) Discs and Pads needed CV dust covers needed 4 tyres needed Good points: Chilli pack (leather, chrome etc) 17in alloys (I like them) and sport+ suspension fitted from new Reconditioned gearbox fitted 40k ago New Power steering pump fitted 30k ago Documented service history up to 20k ago Bodywork and paint looks excellent (needs a wash though so we will see what that uncovers!) I'm really quite amazed by the amount of history that came with the car given that it has had 7 owners, they clearly all cared enough to keep it, add to it and pass it on which can only be a good thing. Looks like it's wanted for nothing for most of it's life but been a bit neglected the last 2 or 3 years. So here she is: and the price...£350 - I reckon that's a bit of a bargain, could probably sell the wheels, leather and a few other bits then weigh it in and double my money no bother...but I won't be doing that.
  23. So as you'll be no doubt aware by now, I'm the purchaser of the current Autoshite Volvo 740 estate bike thus removing another of these fine machines from circulation. Sorry about that. Unsurprisingly this has been in the making for some time. Undeterred by failing to win the Bucketeer Roffle (and missing out on it before that) I contacted Mr. Tickman of 7, Dundeeish offering coin in exchange for it provided the imminent MOT was passed without too much hassle. Being a kind sort he'd lent it back to Bucketeer in the interim so we put it on hold. Time passed until yesterday and the news that it's still in Englandlandland without test and without time for Tickman to collect. "I still fancy that". Never mind the 50 hour weeks or that it's nearly Christmas. Nor that it's still 300 odd miles away without test. So a plan was formed and within 10 minutes of going up I'd agreed to fetch it and bring it to SVM headquarters in Volvograd. Which is why I'm sitting in my parents house at 0540 on a Sunday morning awaiting FATHA_RML who has agreed to participate in this idiocy. With day insurance arranged and an MOT in Paisley booked we leave at 0600. TL:DR The SVM are at it again.
  24. Hello everybody, just wanted to introduce myself and my capri to the forum. Its a 1981 2.0S mk3 that's been in the family since 1990 and has been passed down from my father to me some years ago. The story is that my father bought the car inn 1990 as his escort xr3 was to expensive to insure and his first child was on its way, so the escort went and he bought this from a man in the Selby area. (my father being a ford trained mechanic, he did like his ford back then) He drove the car for about 3 years and with a new house and me and my brother on our way he had to find a family car that was my economical and cheaper to use than this, and so for the next ten years it spent time in a relatives front garden, then made its way from one barn to another until 2003. This was when he decided to restore the car himself and so we dragged it back home and plonked it into his garage. Sadly due to work he just couldn't find the time for her and so for another 10 years she sat unloved until 2013 when I was given her. The picture above was taken on the day we dragged her out of the garage, now I was still an apprentice living with mum and dad so all I could do at the time was put her in a council garage safely tucked away. This picture was taken in June 2019 as she is now. I have now purchased my own home and I'm currently working on modernising that, I also need to build a garage for the capri so that I'll have a dry place to work on her. My plan is to restore the car so that I can enjoy using it on days out and even holidays to the south west. I wont be doing a full body strip down resto but she does require some welding work on her back end. As can be seen from the photo's the rear valance and rear corners have gone and there are some holes in the sills at the rear. There's also a small hole in one of the rear chassis rails just around where the fuel tank is mounted to. I have obtained a new pattern part rear valance and I can get pattern new rear corner out skins as well, I will also be removing the tow bar as this car will never tow a trailer or caravan again. I will be needing new leaf springs as the ones on it are pretty well worn. I may be needing a new fuel tank if the old one cannot be saved but I'll make that judgement when the time comes, but apart from the rear end the car is mostly rot free. From the back of the doors forward everything is pretty much solid. Floors are good and the doors are ok (I have a spare passenger door if I decided to replace it). The scuttle panel is solid with no bubbling any where on it and the dashboard is not cracked which for me is a bonus as I've seen lots of capris with cracked dashboards due to the sun. I just hope my father can remember how this all goes back together. I do still have the original steering wheel which is inn a poor state and requires recovering, currently a mountney one is fitted which I actually prefer to the original one so I'll be keeping it on the car. The engine is the original 2.0 pinto with the 205 block, this will be getting a full strip down and rebuild when I get to it. Well that's all I can think of to say right now, hopefully within the next year and can get my garage built and start working on this car and maybe start to actually enjoy it. 😉
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