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Found 220 results

  1. Oooops I did it again......was a song produced two years after this automobile. I told myself ages ago that I’d thin the fleet down and cut down spending ...... it didn’t last long. If this new purchase is a worthy keeper then I may part with the 50 quid omega. But let’s not be hasty yet! transport steed of choice is my 05 discovery and a trailer, no pics yet as it’s still pitch black outside. Poo count = 1 Blood sugar level = 11.2 distance to go = 88 miles setting off at 7, keep posted for updates.
  2. So, someone posted on another thread a link to an Ebay listing for an LHD '74 Marina listed on Ebay. I called a little while ago and talked to the seller, and the story is that it was a good running and driving car 10 years ago, but has been neglected and won't run. I'm debating with myself about whether or not I want to take it on as a project. I know these had a terrible reputation when new, but at the same time they're actually legitimately rare in the US. I have seen one in person, and most of the estimates I've seen put the number of survivors at 10-20(although I don't know how much we can trust that). There's some definite appeal in the engine familiarity for me with the MGB. I MIGHT have to convert it to a manual though. In addition, there's the issue of having it shipped a couple hundred miles to me. It's listed now for $700...if I could do $500 it might be a make or break for me. Any thoughts here on it? EDIT: The car as it sits now is an automatic. If I swapped the transmission, it would be to a manual. Sorry for any confusion from my incorrect statement!
  3. It seems like it's time to have a new thread dedicated to the on-going progress (or otherwise) of the Beige BX, without people having to trawl through pages of stuff about the original purchase. All that malarkey can be found here. The new thread will make it easier to change the title as required, too. For works completed to date in the old thread go here. Today's progress at SF17 was MEGA. Much work was carried out on the fuel system by Joe and many of the assembled Shiters; the fuelling problem finally being cracked when Joe fitted one of the Pleasure Wagon's clear fuel filters! There was a stuttering journey down the ramp... Fuel was added... and it ran! A quick ride round the campsite revealed that the spheres are completely shagged, as the suspension was entirely bereft of travel. On the plus side, there are two new spheres in the boot. Dead chuffed to see it run, and have a go at piloting it across the field, though It's headed back to Castle_Cleland after SF, after which we need to have a think about the best way to go from here.
  4. Hullo all a bit of a follow on from the collection thread - https://autoshite.com/topic/40575-attempting-to-collect-schrodingers-two-wheeler/ I am aware this has two wheels less than the preferred version of shite here but this bike definitely qualifies as Shite. So here's my 'new' '95 XJ600S/N. As a Motorcycle obsessed adult I have recently decided it is time to get myself a 'big bike' and stop running around on Chinese hairdryers with the same sized engine as my dad's lawnmower. So me and @stereotypewent to collect the bike after a bit of a viewing in what would be considered a sketchy part of town. The bike had been used as a 'field bike' (no fields nearby) and had no ignition barrel which honestly amazed me the bike was still there as no keys required (aware this is a red flag right there but did confirm as not stolen before purchase). After speaking to the owner on the phone it seems the bike had been purchased to ride about with his son as the son had a dirtbike but the owner wasn't a fan of 2 wheels and had no intention of getting it back on the road. The asking price was £350 which for a 600cc motorbike would barely get you an engine and a frame these days. So after looking at the bike, totting up the parts required to get this through an MOT and road ready (these can be two different things sometimes), and haggling down to £280 I socially distance shook hands and pushed the bike home with @stereotype's help on the hills. Now if I was a more sensible person then I likely wouldn't have purchased this bike, but as my Dad said -A bargain but alot of work, just how I like it-. I'm no stranger to swinging a spanner but the list of jobs is quite long, though more on that later. For now here's some pictures as bought. Little tired pushing it up a hill Finally back home Trying to convince myself I love wiring on bikes (And failing) Pretending I can go broom broom choo choo So onto the nitty gritty of what is to come, here is the list of jobs that will be happening to the bike over the next however long (depending on variables such as other projects, work, money, life, cheesecake) Chain and sprockets need replaced - a job I would do with most 2nd hand Bikes Speedometer assembly fitted - Have recieved the unit from eBay but will need frame fabricated to mount All 3 locks replaced - Ditching the silly eBay non locking fuel filler and fitting Ignition barrel and replacing seat catch so can use same key for all 3 (too many keys in my life as is) Replace front fork seals and dust covers - Fork seals somewhere between seeping and gushing hydraulic fluid Rear shock - Super crusty and very soft, though unsure if that's a Divvy level of soft or a replace me level of soft Brake discs and Pads Front and Rear - Likely with stripped and cleaned calipers Plastics and Fairings - Plastics on the bike are a bit haggard and pretty sure this was once a fully faired Divvy so still deciding which direction to go (fully naked wasteland or fibreglass fairings) Full Service - including Valve clearances and carb clean/rebalance Fuel Tank + Petcock need a good clean Exhaust sorted - deciding whether to just replace right hand muffler or sploodge on a stainless 4-1 system to remove muffler from centre stand area Wiring - Wire in eBay Ignition barrel and reloom lighting circuit for indicators and front light unit (and tidying the mess seen in the above picture) Fit indicators all round Add some mirrors Either rebuild or replace both brake master cylinders New Clutch and Throttle cables Either align current headlight or fit replacement if adding fairing Both new tyres Add a rear grab handle and possibly a frame to hold luggage Also considering full strip, rust removal and repaint as is quite crusty in general. As I said before, long list, and any project always includes at least 10% more jobs than anticipated. Am I a muppet for buying this? Probably. Do I regret it? Not yet.
  5. With the YRV more or less finished i think its about time i got my arse in gear and sort out my Subaru. I have owned this since 2012 when it was a beige truck with grot in all the usual places. I spent an age welding it up and swapping panels over from my other totally rotted out one before prepping the body to the best of my ability. Before paying to get it painted in vw corrida red 2pack. Once put back together it did look quite tidy. Fast forward to 2019,the mot has long since expired,the expensive paint job has faded and rust has burst through the rear arches and sills. Bummer..
  6. I've decided best start a new thread dedicated to my planned (beginning to come together) build. It involves this: This: Nope, not this. This knobber: 4 of these: Something a bit like this: And a lot of this: (Edit to add: through the Magic of Hollywood, that's not actually coffee as we know it. It is in fact the remains of the 4th coffee I had this morning before leaving for work.) Stay tuned! Hopefully there will be an accompanying YouTube series, that hopefully won't be too shit. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  7. Been looking for a project and finally got one, a Scabrous Saab 96. Excuse the shite photos. It was colleckshuned from a wet place (Wales) a friendly man with a Recovery van was pressganged.
  8. So i have been between employment since June after telling the Rac where to stick their job. Trouble is after 17 years of having a orange van outside my front door i now need a means of commuting (unless i get a job that supplies wheels). Still my situation means that although i have various vehicles scattered on my drive a dedicated work ride was a must. I plan on working local to home so a cheap fuel efficient old ride would do me fine. I fancied a diesel Bx and came close to buying a cheap one in south London that was gassing into it's coolant but thought better of it. Looking through ebay i spotted a genuine giffer owned Daihatsu YRV turbo that had sprung a fluid leak and lost drive for a reasonable £400. Trouble was it was banana yellow flavour. But the thought of a small jap automatic car with a turbo and 130bhp did seem like the perfect to and from work car solution so i started looking around for one in a more subtle colour. After a quick scan of the usual sites i found a cheap broken Daihatsu in the wastelands near Walsall.
  9. Following on from my original minge-bag motoring thread (here: http://autoshite.com/topic/10888-new-minge-bag-motoring/) regarding the peasant-spec Peugeot 205 XE I acquired from wackywacerwill (who seems rather quiet of late?), here's another for the LNA I bought from Wuvv last weekend. The collection thread is detailed here: http://autoshite.com/topic/17940-live-international-shite-collection/ As mentioned in it, I was too knackered & hungover on Sunday to make a timely start on the LNA - I did spend a couple of hours washing & hoovering it out, but ideally it needs the full Vulgalour treatment at some point. The paint is flat as a witches tit. I did T cut a couple of areas which had some dark streaks caused by runs from the rubbers (oh err!), and it came up very shiny. I'll probably borrow a mop, as T cutting the whole thing by hand would be rather long-winded and knackering, despite its diminutive proportions. Grot-wise, it's amazingly solid for a 30+ year old Citroen. Only bit I've found so far, was behind the glovebox on the bulkhead (it's maybe 5cm x 3cm). Be an arse to weld a patch in (need to pull out the entire dashboard), so I'll treat it with some rust killer, and look at a sensible way of sealing it to stop the sound-proofing from getting damp. All the external plastic has done the usual 80's car trick of turning grey. Some of the trim tape is knackered, so I'd be as well taking it all off when I polish the bodywork, applying boiled linseed oil / peanut butter, and reattaching with new tape. The OSR bumper corner is borked. I might have scored a new old stock one, if the chap gets back to me. The tyres were old (date code reckons Feb 1988) and cracked before I blasted it up the A1, and I doubt 420 miles at high speed helped matters. Some of the sidewall cracks are now almost circumferential, and there's no danger my MOT man will pass it with them in-situ. Thankfully Tyreleader have Uniroyal Rain Experts in the correct 135/80/13 flavour for £29 each, so I'll be ordering up a new set of boots in the next few days. While away in Europe last month, I'd tried several times to get in touch with a leboncoin vendor flogging a set of Peugeot 104 Sundgau alloys for €125. We were passing literally within 2 miles of his address, but I was rubber-eared. Bah. http://www.leboncoin.fr/equipement_auto/597622945.htm If anyone knows of a set of Samba / 104 / any other 115 x 3 PCD alloys for sale, can you let me know? Ta. Mechanically, it seems pretty good too - Hasn't been serviced for a while (hasn't been covering many miles), so probably do an oil & filter change before the MOT next month. Will then make a list of priorities, and work my way through the various systems, replacing old for new. (Parts are dirt cheap - Clutch kit is £12 from eBay!) Couple of things, though; gear change was always supposedly crap on these, but the selector rod's bent and at the end of its adjustment. 2nd -> 4th are okay, but finding 1st in a rush can be a tad hit & miss. Will investigate further and possibly replace the rod / bushes. If left for a while, the fuel runs back down the line to the tank, and the (cam driven) fuel pump hasn't the OOMPH to pull it back. I think a little 0.5 psi non-return valve from a fish tank might solve this, so I'll source one and give it a go. Did get one job ticked off yesterday - It's never ever had a stereo fitted. I'd sourced an appropriate one from eBay for 30 quid a while back, so in it went. A lot of guddling around behind the dash to find the speaker wires, as although it must have come pre-wired from the factory, they'd helpfully* tucked them deep behind the dash.
  10. I had a heartfelt and detailed thread about this that was lost in one the great forum outages of nineteen-oatcake. Anyway, here we go again.. I set my heart upon an X1/9 back in 2011 when I decided that a better value for money mid engined useable Italian exotic(!) did not exist.. I was in Glasgow at the time, I looked at a couple of ropey examples within Scotland that were nasty but not nasty enough to put me off. You know what it's like when you want something, you refresh carandclassic every 5 minutes hoping that the dream example turns up, when BLAM! It did! Here's the old car and classic add and pictures: https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C220495 I think he had it advertised for 1500 or so, and he sounded like an entirely genuine and trustworthy character, so I booked a Glasgow- Gatwick flight 10 minutes later. I was in my twenties at the time, and in my naivety had booked my flight for a Saturday morning. Only problem was I got hammered on Friday night and missed my flight.. A swift re-book and I was back on my way to Gatwick that afternoon. It was indeed a bloody lovely example owned by them since it was a demonstrator. They'd in fact been over the San Bernardino pass in it for their honeymoon. Legends. It's rear calliper was binding a bit, so he knocked it down to 1000 and sent me on my way a happy happy man! Only problem was that it was now too late to drive back to Glasgow, so I had to drive into central London to stay with friends. It was then that the hot running issues surfaced.. It tended to cut out and lights and not re-start until it had cooled down. Not fun in London! Anyway, here I am the next day having made it to London. Bonus Merc background chod. That house always had that tasty but scruffy merc, I used to see it regularly when I moved to London. Anyway, the next day I set off super early for Glasgow which it did without hitch.. He it is with my previous car, a really nice w123. Bought that for 800, sold for 1400. Fuck they've gone up! I solved the running issues with and electric fuel pump and carb base gaskets. I taught myself all sorts of things through doing the timing belt, replacing the clutch and brake masters etc.. Every sunny free day I would hoon like a bastard through Scotlands enviable countryside, teaching myslef how to heel-toe and various drifting techniques. For anyone who has never driven one of these, they are an incredible amount of fun. My mk1 Mx5 was thoroughly bland by comparison. I drove it from Glasgow to Turin for the 40th anniversary of the X1/9. Took in Elba and some of France on the way back. It performed admirably, though did cook it's brakes down some hefty mountain passes so I upgraded the brakes to Vented Uno Turbo, which replaces the rubbish sliding wedges with proper sliding pins. I ragged it everywhere which it seemed to lap up. I used to regularly hill climb in it, which was amazing fun. I converted the bumpers to the prettier 1300 style. I MOVED TO LONDON IN IT! Here it is next to my girlfriend's spitfire. Crazy that only 2 years separated the manufacture of these cars. They look, and drove, worlds apart. Here's a fleet highlight from when I bought my BX, later Barret's. My old commuter, the 6v C90 nestled in there. I love this car. I'll never sell it. I used it as a daily for ages FFS! Anyway, after 7 happy years and 50,000 miles or so, I put it in Storage in Scotland cos I was skint. I then became even skinter and had to take it out of storage, so it's been outside for about 18 months now. PBK has kindly let me store it in his Essex barn so that's the next step. It actually sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night, thinking of it rusting! It'll definitely need some welding now, which I'm tempted to get done, but frightened to even ask how much it'd cost. I'll get some fresh pics over Christmas and try and arrange some transport, so watch this space.. Here it was before last winter...
  11. As posted in News 24, a cheap non-running Senator proved too much to resist. So here it is. Egg also owns half, so the pair of us can share the joy/despair of getting it roadworthy. It was advertised as a non-runner, but the seller said it had ran previously. His son replaced the fuel pump and filter, but managed to wire it up incorrectly. I only noticed this as the buzz of the fuel pump happened after the engine was cranked, and not before. Yep, bit crusty under there but it's mostly sound underneath. But it still wouldn't fire. I did some random loosening of fuel hoses by the fuel rail, just in case there was an air lock or something, and after plenty more cranking it fired up! No idea if the random stuff helped, or if it just needed loads of cranking. Exhaust is shot, but after a brief drive around the block I felt buoyed up so went back later for a Vauxhall 1,2 rescue mission. This proved optimistic, as upon return it was misfiring like a bastard and would barely manage the block run. 12 miles like that is asking too much (it has an MoT, somehow). Recovery it is then...
  12. I was looking through Ebay last week and came across this: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... _728wt_702in a fantastically inaccurate and misspelled auction. I mentioned it to my mate Dave who fancied having it as a first car, so a plan was hatched to get it and put it back on the road on a shoe string budget... We went and had a look on monday and decided that it was fairly complete the only bits missing were the rear bench seat, drivers door card and front bumper. Its had 2 owners and and its even still got the factory fitted dunlop tyres! The Car: The following morning I won the auction but paid £100 more than I wanted to. We needed a quick pickup to tie in with other time commitments so decided to pick the car up that afternoon. But first the Scimitar needed a towbar making up and fitting: We didn't have any way to check the the wiring so chanced that it would be ok when we got to the hire place. Fortunately it all worked ok. At this point I should probably mention I'd never towed a trailer before so the 270 mile round trip was starting to seem like a bit of a challenge. As it turned out it was fairly stressless though if doing it again I'd definitely fit a passenger side door mirror to improve visibility on the motorway. Collecting: Getting fuel: Home: Quick look at the engine suggests it may go again, its full of reasonable looking oil as is the gearbox. plugs are tight but do move the valves are all free. Hopefully with the starter off it should free up. Not sure about an engine change yet given the chance it may be interesting to get an mot with the current engine just to experience the full misery of 28 bhp. Hopefully there will be something new to update soon.
  13. I've always been keen on the styling of the Capri especially the later mk3's for some reason. What with oldskool ford pricing these days I had come to terms with them probably being forever out of my price range. However someone I know is looking to shift what was intended to be his project car so I suddenly have the option of buying a 1985 2.0 Laser with about 75000 on the clock. It was mot'd until april but needs some welding to the headlight bowl areas and probably the passenger side inner sill to pass another. Both front wings are rotted through at the very fronts where it appears it has been parked up and partially covered with a tarp at some point. apparently the front 6" of the bonnet was also rotten (has been swapped for a good used one) Outer sills are both crispy and have been patched at the rear end for the last mot. Rust hole in either side of the scuttle panel. rear arches are crispy around the edges but don't appear too bad. "A" posts appear good as are the strut tops. Roof and gutters appear good. Two new wings are included as well as a front end (valance, headlight bowls and slam panel) chopped from a donor car. Interior is fairly tidy, Dash top is cracked but a undamaged used one is included. Starts and runs and is fitted with the 5 speed box. Now with the exception of making up new sills for my Suzuki van and sticking them on and doing wing swaps on accident damaged cars I've never got involved with bodywork welding - or steel cars in general! It appeals to me as its fairly original and unmolested - doesn't appear to have a million badly welded patches or 3 layers of outer sills. One of my pet niggles is undoing other owners bodges so to have something thats mostly original to work from seems a good starting point. Its also literally over the road from me - Living on an island this is quite a big bonus and an instant £350+ saving over getting one dragged back from the mainland On the negative side its still a reasonable financial outlay on a vehicle i don't actually need and which will probably go backwards before it goes forwards. I have lots of other car and boat related projects to keep me busy anyway... Any thoughts or tips from people with more experience than myself would be much appreciated! Dave
  14. Had this little honey delivered today from the Autoshite legend that is RobT who saved it from the crusher. Has a few issues - biggest of all is rough running / misfire at idle. Top suspect is the inlet manifold gasket which was kindly supplied. Needs a proper service since the previous giffer owner seems to have been ripped off by his local garage - the air filter is black as fuck and the spark plugs fitted are probably not the correct ones. OSF sidelight is inop - broken wire. Upon investigating I found some top class wiring repairs to the lighting harness: Yes, twisted together wires covered in masking tape. Lovely. All in all it’s very clean and tidy though - 33k on the clock!
  15. This is my 924, Florian. He's old and tatty but during my stewardship I aim to tidy him up. I've had him a couple of years, he's my first classic car, rather than mundane old shite. Yes he is a classic, before you ask; he's on classic insurance. He's nearly tax and MOT exempt, two more years to go. And yes he's a Porsche. Some will say he's a VW built in the Audi factory using the Audi 2.0 and the transaxle and the VW Parts bin in general. Yes that's all true but he was designed by a man whose surname was Porsche and the has the word plastered Porsche all over him. The father of this man founded VW and designed the KDF Wagen, the car we know as the Beetle and the Porsche 911. In fact if you get an elephant to sit on the Beetle and swap it's engine to a 6 cylinder you get a 911. Let's brush over the Nazi origins of these cars and understand that you cannot separate VW and Porsche as companies. They have always faught over who owns who; VW won that game in the end though and now also want to rule the world. Back to my car. Here he is https://porsche924.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=31111 Here is @Twin-Cam's video of Florian I'll get some photos for here next time he comes out of the garage! Anyway job in hand today: continuing the re-upholstery of the seats. More to come, I'm sure.
  16. I originally posted this a while back on the blue forum, but since I've found here to be more of a home, I hope you guys don't mind me posting it here too. Its a project that took up around 2 and a half years of my best mate, Mark's, time to build. I'd been driving a year or so when I ended up buying a complete lemon of an axgt, it wouldn't do because at the time, I was covering 50 miles a day, the ax had cost me a lot of money, but I knew I couldn't sell it for anywhere near what I'd paid. Long story short, I got a loan and a newer car, and I gave the gt to my mate for the price of the alloys it stood on. He spent a bit of cash on getting it a fresh mot, and that started the ball rolling. The one that started it all (shown right); Opv a tragically crap mk gt, Next to it, my mk2 gt that Mark would buy later. After running around in the gt for a bit and spending some time lurking the axownersclub forum, Mark and I bought another gt between us, sight unseen for parts, we turned a good profit on the car and Mark would catologue everything we sold and how much for. Mark prepares to remove the tailgate from the gt (he's facing the car, his brother is to the left) The gt was so rotten we ended up cutting the car up completley, we had a policy of not selling on anything that was as crap as the grey one had been. Garage envy, I has it. Mark's workshop with the halfcar and hydrualic lift. After the success of the white gt, we moved along to another gt, this red one, we worked for around 6 months on dechaving the car and making it saleable, after all the work, it was still basically crap, and we spent over an hour trying to explain this to the guy buying it, but he bought it anyway for £250. Before and after, GMX, an ex-max power feature car. Whilst the work on red shed took place, ebay and beers bought us this from 12 miles away. Our friend Chinese Gav towed us home in it at 60, not what you want in an engineless pile of rust! Bought for £20.50, the darkness suited it, but the wheels were decent enough! We bought and scrapped several others over the next year or so, but Mark had decided what he wanted, we set out to find a decent forte/mk2 gt/gti shell for him, which is where the story of BTW starts. The ebay advert read: "Ax Forte, engine knackered, body knackered, wiring knackered. Spares or Repair, west Essex." I dropped an email to the owner and found that she'd had the car from new and bought it from the garage that my company had just bought. This was BTW as she was found: The bodywork knackered related only to the pink paint, this was and still is the most rust free ax I've ever seen! I did a deal on Mark's behalf and secured the car for £50, it then cost around £200 to have it transported to Lincolnshire, and later in that month, I moved to Lincolnshire too. When the car arrived at the farm, Mark wasted no time in getting to work with the sad looking forte. Initally the engine was pulled and replaced with that from an Ax Gti we broke, this for Mark was just an exercise to see if he could do it, needless to say, with what he'd learnt from the other cars, it worked fine. Engine out, BTW looked this way twice, once after binning the original 1.1 unit and once after the trial fitment of the Gti engine. By the time the gti lump had been fitted, Chinese Gav had brought Mark a Saxo Vts engine, and it's new home would be BTW. This in turn meant that a brake and suspension upgrade would be necessary. Halfway through a back axle replacement, a photoshy Mark hides behind his car Axle replacement meant finding a lot of crap under the back seats A shot of the original melted engine I'll update some more later, Mark never took the car to any shows or told anyone about it, so nobody really knows about it. He died late 2007, something I'll never really come to terms with. The Car was such an achievement and I am proud of how well he finished the conversion. He learnt everything from messing about in the garage, but his eye for detail sets this one apart from most other conversions. His parents have talked to me recently about the future for the car, it hasn't been used on the road since I replaced the broken clutch cable, and just gets shunted around their yard occasionally, sadly it's faded to a similar state as to when it was first bought.
  17. Having fetched this French delight from deepest, darkest Norfolk (well Norwich actually) in an underwhelming collection, for no other reason than the van was scooped up onto a trailer for its journey home, it was time to see what was needed. I knew a RH side load door was needed, luckily an item was procured for £20 from a guy breaking a Scudo. I drove across to Swadlincote in the van and it proved to drive well, as expected from wuvvum’s write up. On the way home it started surging when the fuel level dropped below quarter on the gauge, again as expected. Door was fitted and adjusted on return, it was even the same colour! During the week I looked at the rear doors and fettled and adjusted the locks / latches. Today I dropped the fuel tank and found a loose baffle, along with crud in the fuel pick up / tank unit. A road test will be the proof of this repair. I also achieved a working temperature gauge today and changed the power steering fluid out. The to do list includes a coolant flush, new tyres (cracked side walls), new discs and pads, LH door slider and lock handle, a deep interior clean and removal of the ladder rack. In the meantime have some photos.
  18. I did a buy on Monday, borrowed the trade plates from work and drove it home, So this is now my new project for the foreseeable future, I have been looking for an early W202 so quite happy with this popping up near me on Facebook marketplace, I only have this one picture so far as I have been kept busy at work trying to get customers cars out the door, What I know so far about this fine steed, Elegance spec automatic 106,000 miles 2.8 M104 straight Six What I know is needing doing for the next MOT so far, near side mirror glass broken, Rust hole in right hand sill, Oil leak from the front of the timing cover TADTS, central locking not working, I suspect a perished rubber vacuum hoses, I'm pretty sure there's going to be more but as I'm going to be home for the next I don't know how long (like many) I'm sure it will keep me busy
  19. Now this isn't your normal collection thread. It started off like this...
  20. You're probably wondering how I got into this mess? Well, it's... In the Tangerine Dream thread, @mk2_craig said "there's a green one here in Jersey" I asked him to lob a note on the car with "contact me." Craig did one better. "Heres the guys address." 👍 I sent the guy a letter with photos of mine, a rough explanation of what mine had needed doing... And contact me via phone, email, text or carrier pigeon. The letter vanished for a few days, as I had sent it tracked. Boxing day 2018, I received an email... Over the course of 2019, I'd send a quick email. How are you etc? October 20th... Absolutely!!! Having just purchased the 4x4, it would squeeze me financially. But I need a green Alessi. Having a quick look, plane fares are cheap and a ferry back isn't bad. Unfortunately, the owner didn't buy a new car and he would keep the Alessi. The dream wasn't dead, just delayed. I then spent many pounds on the 4x4, to take the pain away and a crate engine that I didn't need. Thursday 21st November. I am not letting a fixable green Alessi die. Is it financially viable? No. It's a 12 year old Panda with 151k that has never had an MOT and would need parts to fix it and then to bring the car home and register it. My holidays for the year are used up, Christmas is coming and I have very few spare pennies. I need to find storage in Jersey for a few months, just to give me some breathing time to earn some extra Pasetas and to figure out an action plan. Speaking to the owner on Friday 22nd of November. After we both said hello, I said "I'm not letting a green Alessi get scrapped" I explained that I needed to find some cheap storage, he said that's fine and you've got a week to find something as the car is on my drive. He emailed me the next day saying "I might have some cheap storage" and then he emailed later saying "I might have free storage, give me until Sunday to confirm" OK, this car is somehow mystical as nobody wants this car to die. As on Monday. "You have free storage until Easter." Here's what it needs as far as I'm aware. Rear axle, rear springs and shocks. Couple of tyres Drivers seat belt Dashboard vent is cracked Front towing eye cover All these things are doable as I've done the Pandarins axle last year. I've posted a picture of ForFiatsSakes alessi that had failed in exactly the same way, mine hadn't completely collapsed. But as you can tell, it's the same issue. The engine does have high milage, but it's working. If it fails, then used, they're ten a penny.... I also have a brand new crate engine. 🥰 I also have a complete green interior, that me and @For Fiats Sake took from a black Alessi that was already in the scrapyard. Flights are cheap from either Manchester, Liverpool or East Midlands. They're not every day, but Liverpool has a Saturday departure and Sunday arrival. Not yet, but it would be nice to fly out for a weekend to see the car and get a parts list. But for now, it's getting collected on a flatbed and it's going to live on a farm. The plan is to fly out in January to get a parts list and I'll get to see The Pistachio Cream. @mk2_craig is a superhero.
  21. Now, after thinking long and hard I have decided to try and part with this thing. The Great* BMW 635CSi. I bought this car from some dark shady place in Hackney and everything told me to walk away but in true shitter style I handed over the cash and drove it home. That was about 6 years ago. The plan was for it to be a rolling project but behind the scenes it was far worse than it looked and the bridge was looming. I took some weeks off work and tore it to pieces after taking it to fail an MOT. This showed me what I needed to do to get it legal after about 20 years of fudging it's way through life on bent tickets. Work done and it was used pretty much daily but it was a ticking time bomb waiting for all those 1980's parts to expire. Most of them did and were replaced accordingly. It's broke down twice. Once was a loose earth to the battery which was probably my fault and was so obvious that no one found it and the second time the main relay gave out. This car was my pride and joy and nothing would keep it from moving. ^ In it's prime* It's got plenty of character. It has a mind boggling electrical problem to do with the interior electrics which when I bought it involved having to remove the interior fuse under the bonnet to shut the engine down, and likewise the opposite to start it... not handy when refulling so I bunged a switch inside. It's now a safety feature. It's got a little knock when selecting reverse, it's always done it which tells me it's working. The bonnet, I removed no less than 12 coats of paint as it was chipping like a china plate. It is now in grey epoxy but the air flow meter blowing up dented it a little bit. Thanks. No BMW alarm anymore. The previous owner had this removed as it was thought to be causing the starting issues. The BMW wiring expert* consequently buggered up the cars electrics resulting in the above. ABS is disconnected as it was working at random. Never used ABS, don't know what it's for so it's left disconnected Heater valve has always been knackered. Blows fast hot only so that's never been looked at as it is considered to be working. I can live with these problems but then it developed more sinister issues: 1) The rear half shaft undone itself but not completely 2) the boot lock failed to work and had to be drilled out 3) ignition issues resulting in 3 distributor caps. 4) Air flow meter exploded one fine morning resulting in a total Motronic system check and overhaul where needed. 5) The starter motor stopped starting the motor which was an absolute A hole to change. 6) The most recent, the brakes all lock on when the engine gets hot. 7) The fuel pressure regulator needs to be replaced. The car runs great on it but it can be improved. It causes a minor on/ off surge on fast straights in the summer. Problems I've caused. 1) The ride height is too low Due to a complete career shift I had to give up my unit which was where miracles took place and weekly inspections and repairs could be done. The car was pressed into daily service, 100 miles a day for a few months or so until the brake problem became apparent, on the A14, in heavy traffic. Terribly embarrassing. My career is very demanding and since May last year this car has been sat. I have no time usually and I hate seeing the thing stuck outside and it hates me for leaving it there. I have managed to get some time to do bits and have started to replace stuff on the master cylinder, pressure sphere ect but I don't know if this is the cure... which will just give me the arsehole if it isn't. I have also detected that the bulkhead seals and possibly the windscreen is letting water by. I removed the carpets and hey presto... I have some welding to do. So what's the future for it? I don't like it anymore... it's beaten me down and without my unit, working on it is hard work (I also own a Land rover...) I have come to realise after a year or so that I can't afford the time and aggro with it anymore and I think that it's best to move it on. BUT I DON'T WANT TO! So, I'm am continuing to repair the mysterious brake issue in a bid to fix it and I'm going to weld er up and continue to try seek some enjoyment out of it like the good old days but in the meantime it's like having an anchor around my neck so if it sells, it sells. The good bits... 1) The car is fast. Hit that sport switch and boot it. Nothing falls off and you stay in the same lane. Gives plenty of modernz a run for their money. That engine will gowan and on, it's been serviced when it's been due with only the best oil and proper plugs, compression tested too. I put a pipercross in it but thought it was shit so reverted to the standard filter. 2) Decent HT leads 3) Auto box had some work years ago totaling £1500! What? 4) Most (about 85%) of the bushes are polybushes. Trailing arms need doing although there is no play with the current rubbery ones. 5) Most 'messed about and lashed up by previous owner' stuff has been changed out. 6) Rear tyres (cooper) are recent but I'm not happy with their performance in the wet pulling away as they can smoke and lose it like fcuk. The car suits dunlop sports well but I kept getting irrepairable punctures which gets expensive. The fronts are sports but are worn. Spare is original rim and tyre (good luck using that). 7) Leather is in good nik with no rips. Drivers bolster is worn obviously but tarts up ok. Underside is well alright. I have pictures of all the bits that I done to it. 9) Body paint is totally and utterly fucked because patina (shit paint job, laquer peel and fading). Ideally needs some panel rust dealing with and a blow over. I like it as it is... Looks street Yo. 10) Heaps of paperwork, receipts, MOT'S, plans of action and diag test results all in a lever arch binder. Can get pictures on file too. The bits it'll ideally need soon: 1) New suspension. You'll get the hump with the lowness. Working on it sucks. 2) The sills have only another couple of years in them at a push. 3) Brake backing plates. I've repaired them. The backs are holding out ok but the fronts are gonna vanish 4) doors seals, sunroof seal 5) back light seals and chrome. It's all fucked and can't be fixed. 6) I'm putting on new front brakes as they got fried 7) Probably a power steering pump as it whines sometimes when cold To make it ACE: 1) All of the above but decent parts are becoming an absolute joke to get hold of. Walloth are catering more for these now but the 635 has been largely left out of the club. Here are some pictures took today after pushing it out of hibernation... So there... I've been honest, buy it for £NOT FORCED STALE and put me out of my misery. However, as I do want to sell it don't want to sell it, as I fix the thing and get it back on the road, the price will reflect that and probably will end up not being for sale. Location: Cambs
  22. Been a busy 6 months on my old Range Rover that I own 50/50 with Fathathastag Bit of background first.. We bought it March 2015 just as genuine early Range Rovers were starting to get noticed. Alas not early enough that we could have got it for a couple of hundred quid. The car had been owned for decades by a Land Rover enthusiast and this particular car retained a lot of features unique to pre 1973 Range Rovers. Sadly he died a few years back and the car was left outside the front of his house. I spotted it on eBay and arranged with the owners widow to view. There were no bids and my offer was good enough to take the auction off. The engine had been part way through a top end strip down when work stopped, I had no idea even if the car would move. But rented a trailer and relocated it from Watford to North Devon where fathathastag has a barn suitable for storage. The project is on the right, we towed it into the field and pushed it into the barn In May 2015 I got to do an assessment of the car. body wise most outer panels were ok, the inner wings looked ok, it clearly needed some work but was unsure how much at this point. main objective was to see if the engine was a runner. Found that the gearbox and axles were original to the car, but the engine was from an earlyish SD1 while the seat covers are not original some of the plastic kitkat seat coverings are underneath, the rear seat especially The head has some nasty corrosion very near the fire ring seal, When I refitted the head one of the bolts tore the thread out. bastard but not entirely uncommon with the alloy blocked RV8
  23. I have been looking for a cheap van for a while now,something that i can cart crap about in and also use as a sort of Day van. My budget was £1500 max but i really wanted to spend far less if possible and improve it over time but it soon became obvious that VW t4's are massively scene taxed and Transits are all rotten at this price. Vito's likewise rusty and mega milages only available for my budget and i have no love for Vivaro or Trafics as i have spent too many hours towing the things or sending them off on the back of a flatbed. So i started looking at the humble Hiace. These never seem to go wrong in 17 years of roadside breakdown patrolling i can't recall attending one with anything more serious than a flat tyre or battery. Early non turbo 2.4 diesel ones are so simple they just run and run but the downside is they are only 87bhp and so sluggish and a bit thirsty compared to a more modern van. I spotted one down in Devon on ebay and while i dithered about the distance it sold for £1500 and i thought fuck it i should have had a bid on that,then it was relisted on a buy it now for £1600 (no bites) then auctioned again starting bid £1000 that was then dropped to £800. After a few messages with the seller i popped in a max bid of £999 and waited for the auction to end and i found i had indeed won a shonky 1996 Toyota Hiace for £895.
  24. My brother in law’s Volvo, I’ve written a few stories about this car on this forum. Car was running 100% until a couple of days ago, when he took it out in the morning and a mile from the house the engine stopped reving past 1,500 rev/min. We’ve done all the obvious checks, there’s a full tank of diesel (£100) but despite starting ok the engine doesn’t want to rev. There’s no smoke from the exhaust and no knocks from the engine. All a bit of a mystery. Brother in law has bought a BMW 325d so the Volvo needs to go 166k miles MoT 26 October 2019 4 previous owners Full service history Cam belt done two years ago at 140k with receipt to prove Bodywork very good for a 12 year old car but has the odd little mark here and there. 17 inch alloys with excellent tyres. Has removable tow bar. Interior is mint, full leather, all electrics work, ice cold air con, amazing sound system. Pre engine problem the engine and gearbox were in perfect working condition, suspension was quiet, recently had two springs replaced with original Volvo parts. Car is located 5 mins from M40 J3. Asking £950 as it stands. If it was running properly it would be a £2k car. Ideally needs towing away but still drives, albeit slowly. And now he’s got this:
  25. Hello all I inherited this Santa Fe V6 about seven years ago. Shortly afterwards the fuel line split and the car was parked up. After towing it to parking locations (and after the rats moved in!) I've decided to get it running. It's too good to scrap (only 30k miles), too naff to sell so I've decided to get it running and have some fun with it. When I did drive the car years ago it was actually quite nice to drive. It's also got all of toys: sunroof, heated seats, leather etc. Here's a video of me trying to get it to run. Will it start?!
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