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Found 1 result

  1. Something I have been pondering on. I always think of 1977 as the year when rather forward thinking designs were launched. The curvy 'coke bottle' designs were going out of style (like progressive rock music), only to be replaced by sharped edged ones (punk/new wave style?). The heavily facelifted Chrysler/Talbot Avenger was archaic by 1981! A couple of the 'old guard' executive cars from the British Leyland stable were discontinued that year. The Rover P6 ceased production in March '77 while the the same happened to the Triumph 2000/2500 in July. As we know, both cars were phased out by the big Rover hatchback the previous year. Devoid of any interior wood trim of previous Rovers. Smaller engine options for it appeared in November. BMW launched the new 7 series that year (E23) and Ford launched the mark 2 Granada in August. Lada introduced the Niva 4x4 that was a revelation and remained in production for over 4 decades. A very tough car that was easy for owners to repair. And one of my favourite cars of all time: the Porsche 928. The car that couldn't kill off the classic 911. Unsure if sales officially begin in 1978 for that one. Has there been any more I haven't mentioned? I omitted any Japanese marques. I believe the Honda Acty commercial vehicle was introduced in '77. 1971 is perhaps another year where there were quite a few new models. British Leyland had quite a few model changes.
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