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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, rammle fans AS is, generally speaking, a happy place where we shiters rub along pretty well with each other, celebrating our many differences as well as our shared love of disreputable old chod. There are a few well-known discussion points to be careful with, of which we are all aware by now, politics being just one - though meaningful debate is possible if those taking part are respectful of differing viewpoints. Racism, sexism, incitement to violence? Completely unwelcome here. Similarly, use of terms which disparage the disabled and people with learning difficulties. We've made it clear before that we will hide, move or delete any thread or post which causes egregious or deliberate offence. If you still feel the need, the interweb is large and there are plenty of other places to do it. And this is not THE MODS being "fascists", this is to keep AS being, generally speaking, a happy place where shiters rub along pretty well with each other, etc. etc. Essentially, as had been said before, DON'T BE A DICK. Cheers and happy shiting The Mod Team
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