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Found 1 result

  1. Hey all, long time no collection thread from me (I bought the Saab 10 months ago now! Time flies!). Let's take this opportunity to introduce a new member to the forum, @Saltyscotsman. He's been thinking about getting something shite for a while, and now is the time. This is going to be one hell of an introduction, too. A few days ago now, a Mitsubishi Galant was posted in the ebay thread by @Ghosty. This one, to be precise. It looked nice. 1990 H, in blue, with low miles and a very clean MOT history. However the last MOT (which was spotlessly clean) was in 2018. The car is also located in Surrey. Both @Saltyscotsman and I are in the vicinity of Aberdeen. The following happened on our small discord server: Thus, we now have a car that hasn't had an MOT since 2018 sitting in Surrey, which needs to get back to Ellon, roughly 12 miles or so north of Aberdeen. At this point, we contacted @worldofceri to get some figures. Then, @rantingYoof bravely volunteered his driveway in the Northampton area, and his services in driving it to an MOT garage. This means the plan so far is to get Ceri to transport it to Yoof's driveway then Yoof will take it to a garage while being wired money for any work it may or may not need. Then, Salt and I will likely get a flight to Birmingham, get picked up by Yoof, then drive the Galant north. I'm providing assistance due to my previous experience in stupid collections and my diary being completely empty for the next couple of weeks. Did I mention this is utterly, utterly stupid? The last time I did the Northampton - Aberdeen run was in late 2015 in that Lexus LS400 after another friend (now living in Oregon since late 2016) bought it from @rantingYoof so at least it was a known car. I think @dome, @320touring, @dollywobbler and a few others also know that car. That was done overnight on empty motorways in a time of about 9 hours. This will be done with roughly 1/3rd of the power* in a totally unknown car during a global pandemic. WCPGW?! *The carb-fed 1.8 in these Galants apparently makes about 85hp. So it'll be slower than either of my 1990s shitboxes. Fun times. As a thread is useless without pictures: Nice, isn't it? Doesn't help my nerves, though. The timescale so far is for Ceri to collect it on Wednesday the 21st, so no movement as of yet. This thread is just being put here to keep everything in one place. Live updates will hopefully follow at the tail-end of the week!
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