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  1. Hi gang, I'm currently running my 2.5 XM on filtered waste veg oil, and apart from a slight seep from the injector pump when the oil is a bit too thick when cold it's been absolutely fine. It's got me wondering though. which cars are able to run on veg without too much trouble? I know anything old with a Bosch pump is OK but what about newer cars? OBV common rail motors are out but trawling Google hasn't really made things any clearer, e.g some sources recon the Saab 2.2 Tid is fine on veg while others say it definitely isn't, same with late diesel Primeras. SO... what have you run on veg without too much issue?
  2. Alright shiters. Tame Mechanic has encountered a problem with a PAS repair on a late-90s V70 and needs a steer (HA! ...sorry...) on a solution. The aluminium part of the hose between the rack and the special 90deg fitting has fractured; apparently this is not uncommon. Can it be repaired without replacing the whole rack?
  3. Hi, Since I had to accelerate the move to the new server and wasn't able to test as thoroughly as I'd like, there will almost certainly be bugs and issues. Please list them below. Many thanks for your patience. Ones I know about already: Tapatalk doesn't work. This is unlikely to be fixed until autoshite.com is back in service. Pound signs render as A£. The is a byproduct of the DB export > Import and conversion to UTF8 process. Newly added symbols seem to render fine, it's the existing ones. I'll address this is possible. The three links in the header: ROFFLES, FOR SALE and Open Forums link to autoshite.com
  4. Autoshite forum help thread Is there anything that you are not sure how to use on the board?? Please ask here. Please do not just post comments/jokes etc,this thread is just to help make board easier to use . All inappropriate posts will be deleted.
  5. Hi all, Apologies for the prolonged outage. At approximately midday autoshite.com went offline. Shortly thereafter, my access to the server was removed. I can't tell you anything more than that. As a result, I have restored the data from right up to the outage to our new server and here we are. Once the domain is updated, autoshite.com will point here and everyone can go about their business. The only person who can do that is Electric Leyland. Please carry on posting here, everything from here will be moved to the permanent board unless something terrible goes wrong. There may be links still pointing to autoshite.com - please let me know if you find them and I'll fix them as I can. I've already done all of the ones I could find except the three in the header, which I'll get to as soon as I find where they are defined. All the best, Slartibartfast
  6. Been having seemingly for no reason random database errors,easily fixed but not the point. Have traced problem to (paid for) backup software which was recently installed. Vendors are not much help but have disabled it for now & have been recommended a replacement. Reverted to daily manual backups to secure online storage for now. Trouble is that i want to ensure that no trace of old program are on server so i intend to close board tomorrow morning & rebuild server totally,hopefully back up by about dinnertime. Sorry about this but i would rather be safe than sorry. No posts etc will be lost Just discoved that others are having this problem as well
  7. 15% off tools BHTOOLS15 50% off tool chests over £100 HALFSTRG Have a nice day y'all !
  8. Edit: Done, complete, appears to have worked. Woohoo! Hi, We've got our new shiny forum license, and I'm about to switch the board over to it. This involves removing the existing license, and adding the new one. I'm almost certain it will work. Since the board doesn't tell you what the existing license is, if the new one can't be added for whatever reason, there may be a period of down time while I wait for Invision support to answer a support ticket, which may be ~24hrs. I'm 99% sure this won't happen. Well, maybe 95%. (In all seriousness I have actually tested this process on the new server, so I'm as positive as I can be that it will go smoothly. Famous last words.) Many thanks, Slartibartfast.
  9. I've been lurking for a while so I thought I'd better say hi. I've enjoyed reading about all the shite you all drive. Not sure if it's shitey enough but I've got a Peugeot Partner Escapade, the one with the off road grills over the lights. I've had it for about three and a half years and apart from having to replace a coil pack it's been pretty reliable. That's screwed it! Over the years I've had a fair few cars including Citroen CX and XM, Austin Maestro, Reliant Robin and a Granada 2.8i Ghia X estate. I guess the light blue Allegro estate automatic was a low/high point. Anyway the alcohol free Lambrini and own brand value soft drinks are on me. [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Does anyone have an s-type jag with this type of coil? I think this is shared with some ford's and kia's but I'm not sure which ones. I'm planning to fit them to a different type of car but I can't find out what type of connector is fitted to them. I could really do with a photo and maybe a manufacturers name so I can buy a pair. I tried the local scrappy but he was all out of s types. All the models and focus 's I looked at weren't the right type either.
  11. Must stress,just playing with this software but would like your opinions please. Hopefully your user pass from here should work. Theme is just test one http://fahl.uk It is not installed on this Autoshite server but on a totally seperate one
  12. In view of the recent flak re server etc,i have stopped taking Donations. Also i need someone to download daily backups from a set download,no skill needed. Must have fairly fast internet & a fair bit of storage as they are 32 gb plus each,need to be able to store 7 days at 1 per day. Any volunteers Obviously needs to be established & trusted member.
  13. I removed ability to contribute to running of Autoshite recently. I have recieved lots of private messages & emails regarding this,all asking for it to be restored. So here is simple yes/no poll which will run for 24 hours to decide this.
  14. Important Announcement!Current forum software is now at end of life & is no longer supported. We have to upgade to Ipb 4.1 asap. Test forum is at http://fahl.us/test/ Theme is now more or less sorted now. Please feel free to check it out & comment This is more or less how upgraded forum will look & act. Any comments on improvements or any errors appreciated.
  15. Got a major problem at Autoshite.com. Dns seems to have packed up,initially thought it was a server problem,but have totally reinstalled server & problem is still ther. Waiting on Electric leyland to check setting etc at domain hosts,cant do much else till then. You can use here for now as i will transfer all posts made when .com is back up. This is newest database i have got that works so there is probably a days posts gone missing. Now sorted.
  16. Unfortunately Ipb3 which runs this board is end of life & is now no longer supported. I am currently working on upgrade to latest Ipb 4.1. Test forum is at http://fahl.us/test Your user/pass from here should work. You will have to put up with theme for now as i am not doing anything re this till i know that everything is working ok. Images & attachments are still copying over & will take some time so some will be missing. Also board is recaching which is slowing it down a bit,again will take some time. Please test it out,let me know any problems/errors so i can sort them. Feel free to post what you want,but remember that anything you post will be lost when we finally move(not for quite some time yet) Dont forget to test image uploads etc,also mobile skin etc.
  17. Autoshite will be closed from 10.00 this morning so i can move to faster server in preparation to upgrading software to IPB 4.1.8. This can take up to 2 days for propogation to take place. So you dont get bored please feel free to have a play with future new software,but remember, that any new posts you make will be lost. http://fahl.us/test Sorry for any inconvenience cause Regards daveb47
  18. Autoshite in 2017 Any ideas for Content Improvement Changes I could install stuff like Chat/Games Arcade/personal Blogs & much more. Not saying do it just offering ideas.
  19. We now have a new forum for Moderns,under 10 years old I was going to have this set as access only if requested,but it is lot of messing about so now open to all. Hopefully we are adult enough for you to just not access it if it offends you. http://autoshite.com/forum/15-modern-shite/
  20. Sorry for downtime,Our database decided to do a ftp,have replaced it with a backup from this morning so any posts after about 9:30 am have unfortunately been lost.
  21. As per title for a long term project. Looking for a metro / rover 100 in any condition. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Long story as short as possible * : -Saw car, made contact via forum as no number -SELLA responds, sends number, I explain no phone calls in work so will TXT INNIT BLUD. -text to arrange time, sella says not convenient, no probs, try to arrange different time, says he'll "get back to me" tries the old " someone else is really interested at the full asking price regime". Not fussed, price is cheap enough or as in true autoshite fashion, I wouldn't be looking. - gets back to me an hour before I'm due to leave saying can't come he's busy, no biggie, everyone's entitled* to a life. -explain to him that I am in real need of said car and will need to look elsewhere if I can't view before Tuesday. -seller instantly responds despite being apparently out and busy getting arsey, asking why I'm backing out. -explain I'm not backing out at all, but my circumstances are such that I need to view ASAP. Can he do Sunday? -arsey reply back saying I told him next week was ok etc. -explained Tuesday is deadline etc as I'll be looking up the auctions. -REALLY arsey reply saying "turn up Sunday with the money". Start getting a bad feeling but still go with it. -explain I'm viewing the car first and if as described I'll leave a sizeable deposit and collect the next day -ask for a postcode for distance, get fobbed off. -he then asks if I'm coming with a mate, he will then phone to give directions, explain I'm alone and ask him again for rough location/motorway junction etc. -no response -no response all day Saturday/Sunday until I make contact asking if he's changed his mind/already sold it due to no comms. -get totally arsey reply stating why would he be keeping it, he's trying to sell, he hasn't sold to anyone else. -decide sellers not the type of person I can be bothered to deal with on an old not particularly special car, kindly remove my interest, wish GLWTS etc, why not sell to the other party who was "willing to pay full price" as AHHHHMMM OOOOT!!!! -arsey reply that I should ring him and that "no one buys cars via text"-bit of tit for tat texts, no expletives, try to explain that it's commonplace these days to have no vocal or even sometimes physical contact when buying cars. Still, tell him I'm not interested. -more slightly arsey replies. -wish him GLWTS etc and hear no more. Now, like anything else I'm keen and maybe a bit excited to view it "now now now" forgetting people have other commitments but I feel I've given the guy a ton of options to work with, yet he thought he'd play clever fuckers and tell me the oldest trick in the book that " there's another interested party" which judging by his updated FORSHALLE ad is clearly not true. Is it wrong to ditch a viewing just because I got a really bad feeling about the guy? Should I have just thought " fuck it, it's the car I'm buying not the seller?". I don't see I've done a lot wrong and having been the person selling and getting messed about, waiting in all day, Mrs shouting at me because she's sat around for nothing, missing out on the next project/needing cash I'd always prefer someone to be honest, as I thought I had even despite his crappy tricks. Or am I just a KANNNNNNNNT ruining the guys Xmas purely because my heart tells me he's a BELM? Opinions welcomed. Links to estate chod also welcomed, particularly Swedish [emoji51][emoji51][emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Sorry but much as i dont like to ask....but needs must. Monthly server/Cpanel charges are due,but also Ipb software licences are up for renewal. My income is bad at moment so need some small donations to help out Cheers You can donate here on Autoshite main page. http://autoshite.com/ Either Donate button under header or use Forum Donate box in sidebar.
  24. Hi shiters I've hit a problem with my 2.0 pez turbo XM after reassembly of the engine with a good skimmed head. Rough idle and EML on led me to do a compression check and the results were depressing; 3 cylinders in the high 90s psi but one at 62 psi. So cylinder one is looking borked but normal oversize pistons are not available, just Germanic forged racing jobs at £500 plus. So I'm thinking about having the cylinders bored and sleeved back to standard. Anybody had any experience of this both cost wise and durability wise?
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