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  1. sheffcortinacentre cros scooters myglaren Over 100 bounced emails a day.. Anyone else on btinternet,for some reaason they have decided that autoshite.com is spam & you need to add it to your allow list in email.
  2. Today has been occupied with collecting this.
  3. Ok,today is the day,after having another try at getting new software working correctly last night,i have given up on it for now & will wait till it has had a bit more developement & they have got rid of the bugs. So we will be staying on old softtware (this one) until it stops being supported. Plan today is to close this board for posting so i can take backup of it,upload backup to autoshite.com server.then get that set up and running. that will take several hours as it is over 20 gb.
  4. If you ever get the chance, go to the Hovercraft Museum at Lee on Solent, Hampshire. Hovercraft Museum Weblink Well worth the visit. They are under threat from H.M. Government's Houses and Community Agency, who are the current owners of the last two Cross Channel hovercraft (SRN4) and who want to scrap them. BBC News Story link ITV News Story Petition to Save the SRN4 weblink So save some Hovershite from Her Majesty's Governmunt!
  5. daveb47


    Sorry for downtime,server shut down totally,tried to restart it,but kept stopping after few minutes so it was a major problem obviously. Predictably server hosts insisted that there was running fine inspite of logs showing otherwise. Said that it was something i was running/doing. So removed everything from it & surprise,it was still doing it,found out it had hardware problem which they denied.... Anyway we are now on yet another server,which hopefully will be fine. Was going to upgrade to new Ipb software while it was down but took longer than expected so left that for now.
  6. I am testing new .htaccess file,hopefully over a few days it will speed access to board & better Google Page Speed and YSlow scores. Please let me know if you get any adverse effects.
  7. I am going to have to upgrade Autoshite to latest version of IPB forum,4.1 as this version is reaching end of life. Wont be just yet as i have a lot of work to do on New updated theme. You can take a look at progress so far at http://autoshite.info login/password is same as here & you can use board as normal but any posts you make WILL NOT BE SAVED when board becomes live as they will be replaced by latest from here. Any comments welcomed. Dont think we can have garage on it as upgrade is much too expensive. But can have Gallery. Donations thingy is just for test so not yet working but donations can still be made thtrough here as usual.
  8. Working on updated skin/theme. Is up now & hopefully should fix glitches that some of you are getting. Still got odds to do on it but mainly sorted Please let me know of any problems
  9. Please check that your board email address is a current one. I am getting 20 plus bouncebacks from emails that dont exist every day. These are mainly notifications. Now this is not a problem for me,but obviously you are missing out on info.
  10. I will be upgrading server at some point today,this will mean a couple of hours downtime. Board will be closed for a while beforehand to get backup. When this happens you will be able to use http://autoshite.info but cannot guarantee that posts will be saved from this Slight change of plan,carry on using here tonight & i will migrate whole thing including posts from here in morning. Taking longer than expected to rebuild .com I have to close both boards to download/transfer database to .com. I will start this at 9 am. This means that any posts on here after 9 am will be lost.
  11. Temporary thread for posting changes i have made to board to hopefully improve it. Also suggestions/comments on this. 1/ I have changed the number of threads shown per page to 60,this will hopefully stop pages dropping off page so fast. 2/ I have allowed access to new members to Open Forums now that Grump forums are over there. First 5 posts are still moderated though 3/ New forum section "Modern Muck".This is to hopefully keep the "Autoshite" forum true to its roots.
  12. nrm69

    CX GTI

    I spotted this CX GTI today in Murrayfield area of Edinburgh. There is a note in the windscreen giving owners name and number saying it is legally insured, taxed and MOT'd but car has broken down and recovery booked for 30 June- so car still there weeks later and tax up at end of the month. No idea of fault but guess either engine or suspension as the note refers to specialist recovery due to low suspension. Be a shame to see a car like that scrapped.
  13. Just an early warning Autoshite will be down for an hour or 2 later as we have a problem on server that needs sorting. Shouldnt lose any posts hopefully. http://autoshite.infowill be available during downtime and you can carry on posting on there. We really need a faster server but funds dont permit at moment.
  14. I have the following car & bike manuals,mainly us but may be usefull Acura 3.2TL 2.5TL 1995-.. 58423 KB 14/06/2013 Acura 3.5RL 1996-2004 A.. 41372 KB 14/06/2013 Acura CSX 2006-2009 App.. 56233 KB 14/06/2013 Acura Integra 1990-1993.. 57295 KB 13/06/2013 Acura Integra 1994-1997.. 37910 KB 14/06/2013 Acura Integra 1998-2001.. 52960 KB 14/06/2013 Acura Legend 1988-1990 .. 92105 KB 14/06/2013 Acura Legend 1991-1995 .. 102045 KB 14/06/2013 Acura RSX 2002-2006 App.. 126705 KB 14/06/2013 Dodge Dakota 2000-2001... 325047 KB 14/06/2013 Dodge Durango 1998-2000.. 106188 KB 14/06/2013 Dodge Magnum LX 2005-20.. 305489 KB 14/06/2013 Dodge Neon 1997.1999.20.. 155860 KB 14/06/2013 Dodge Ram 2001.2003.200.. 320031 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Accord 1986-1991 .. 145000 KB 13/06/2013 Honda Accord 1992-1997 .. 259572 KB 13/06/2013 Honda Civic 1984-1990 A.. 76027 KB 13/06/2013 Honda Civic 1991-1995 A.. 458570 KB 13/06/2013 Honda Civic 1996-2000 A.. 69774 KB 13/06/2013 Honda Civic 2001-2005 A.. 101699 KB 13/06/2013 Honda Civic Si Hatchbac.. 28290 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Concerto 1990-199.. 39816 KB 14/06/2013 Honda CR-V 1997-2002 Ap.. 339957 KB 14/06/2013 Honda CR-X 1984-1991 (C.. 390899 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Jazz Fit 2002-200.. 345108 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Prelude 1984.1985.. 134426 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Prelude 1991-1996.. 105675 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Prelude 1997-1999.. 140520 KB 14/06/2013 Honda Prelude 1997-2001.. 140508 KB 14/06/2013 Honda S2000 2000-2003 A.. 28070 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti EX35 2008 Appr.. 91593 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti FX45 FX35 2003.. 357379 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti FX45 FX35 2006.. 279502 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti G20 P10 1992.1.. 99911 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti G20 P11 1999-2.. 142208 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti G35 2003-2005 .. 508225 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti G35 2006-2007 .. 301052 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti G37 2008 Coupe.. 82479 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti I30 A32 A33 19.. 236425 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti I35 A33 2002-2.. 106030 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti J30 Y32 1994-1.. 117858 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti M45 M35 Y50 20.. 180809 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti M45 Y34 2003-2.. 108722 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti Q45 FY33 F50 2.. 373881 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti Q45 G50 FY33 1.. 252810 KB 14/06/2013 Infiniti QX4 R50 1997-1.. 119803 KB 13/06/2013 Infiniti QX56 JA60 2004.. 140057 KB 14/06/2013 Isuzu Trooper Rodeo Ami.. 171299 KB 14/06/2013 Jeep Cherokee XJ 1988-1.. 205446 KB 14/06/2013 Jeep Cherokee XJ 1997.1.. 209767 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Carisma 1996.. 227593 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Colt Lancer .. 29244 KB 13/06/2013 Mitsubishi Colt Lancer .. 42439 KB 13/06/2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse & La.. 168460 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Eclipse & Sp.. 602755 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Galant 1989-.. 69140 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolu.. 51826 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Pajero 1991-.. 195552 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Pajero 2001-.. 145068 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Pajero Pinin.. 72393 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.. 90881 KB 14/06/2013 Mitsubishi Space Star 1.. 78659 KB 13/06/2013 Nissan 200SX 1986.1988... 161936 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan 200SX 1996-1998... 183939 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan 240SX 1989-1994 .. 67698 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan 240SX 1995-1998 .. 127904 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan 300ZX 1984-1985,.. 247252 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan 350Z 2003-2007 A.. 318352 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Almera 2000-2003.. 337765 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Altima 1994-1999.. 188780 KB 13/06/2013 Nissan Altima 2000-2005.. 273891 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Altima 2006-2009.. 495832 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Armada 2004-2009.. 384873 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Cube 2009 Approv.. 66699 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Frontier 1998-20.. 265271 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Frontier 2003-20.. 172554 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Frontier 2006-20.. 319055 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Maxima 1994-1999.. 228606 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Maxima 2000-2005.. 252054 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Maxima 2006-2009.. 221599 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Micra 2003-2006 .. 128162 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Murano 2003-2007.. 459903 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Pathfinder 1994-.. 176401 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Pathfinder 1999-.. 202884 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Pathfinder 2004-.. 223883 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Pathfinder 2008-.. 173315 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Pickup 1998-2006.. 136819 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Primera 2000.200.. 173196 KB 13/06/2013 Nissan Quest 1994-1998 .. 155577 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Quest 1999-2002 .. 147964 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Quest 2004-2009 .. 367353 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Rogue 2008-2009 .. 179579 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Sentra 1994-1999.. 298276 KB 13/06/2013 Nissan Sentra 2000-2005.. 314818 KB 13/06/2013 Nissan Sentra 2006-2009.. 244477 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Titan 2004-2009 .. 395771 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Truck 1994-1997 .. 129127 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Versa 2007-2009 .. 186680 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Xterra 2000-2004.. 252661 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan Xterra 2005-2007.. 281614 KB 14/06/2013 Nissan X-Trail 2005 200.. 141529 KB 14/06/2013 Subaru Forester 1999-20.. 298664 KB 14/06/2013 Subaru Impreza 1993-199.. 197746 KB 14/06/2013 Subaru Impreza 2001-200.. 666789 KB 14/06/2013 Subaru Legacy 1995-1999.. 387277 KB 14/06/2013 Subaru Legacy 2000-2003.. 205895 KB 13/06/2013 Torrent downloaded from.. 1 KB 13/06/2013 Toyota 4Runner 1985-198.. 134866 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota 4Runner 1990-199.. 34498 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota 4Runner 1996-200.. 67494 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Avensis 2002-200.. 64170 KB 13/06/2013 Toyota Camry 1994.2002-.. 610394 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Celica 1988-1989.. 269717 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Echo 2000-2002 A.. 22699 KB 13/06/2013 Toyota Land Cruiser 198.. 134497 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Matrix 2003-2007.. 134241 KB 13/06/2013 Toyota Scion 2006-2007 .. 317411 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Sienna 1998-2003.. 42290 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Sienna 2004-2007.. 77386 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Supra 1986-1987... 230084 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Tacoma 1995-2000.. 111908 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Tacoma 2001-2006.. 247515 KB 14/06/2013 Toyota Tundra 2000-2006.. 98973 KB 14/06/2013 Bike bike_honda_cb_cl_200.zip 17750 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cb_cl_250_35.. 19782 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cb125_160_19.. 23488 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cb900F_horne.. 71685 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr_1000F_92.. 11832 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr_1100XX_1.. 146227 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr1100xx_99.. 146226 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr250_87_91.. 31554 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr250rr.zip 10687 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr400.zip 39777 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr600f2_91_.. 53933 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr600f3.zip 149570 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr600f4i.zip 118205 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr600fs.zip 188657 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr600rr.zip 85388 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr900RR_96_.. 44723 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr900RR96-9.. 44723 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr929rr.zip 45210 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cbr954rr.rar 76537 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_CD_CB_CL175 .. 36591 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cg125_76_91... 7763 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_cx500_78_80... 26233 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_hornet600w.gz 78403 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_nsr_125f_198.. 33919 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_nx250_1989.zip 21973 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_nx650_88_89... 47596 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vf500c_500f_.. 147104 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vf750c_94.zip 8584 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vfr400.zip 6785 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vfr750_1990_.. 11935 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vfr800_98_01.. 185326 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vt500c_1983... 114902 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vt600c_1988+.. 19048 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vt700c_vt750.. 189183 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vtr1000f_98_.. 104899 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_vtx1800c_200.. 42400 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xl200_2001.rar 13696 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xl600r.zip 62249 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xlr400r_500r.. 11681 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xr250r_xr400.. 18414 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xr600r.zip 60537 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xr650r.zip 147153 KB 13/06/2013 bike_honda_xrv750_xl600.. 55030 KB 13/06/2013 bike_hondacb100_cl100_s.. 9687 KB 13/06/2013 bike_hondavf700C_magna_.. 44878 KB 13/06/2013 honda.rar -1362780 KB 13/06/2013 Let me know if you want any of them
  15. Just found this site that has brilliant Volvo wiring diagrams http://www.volvowiringdiagrams.com/?dir= Thought it would be great to post any others you find in this thread.
  16. I am thinking of sending out a sort of one off newsletter to all members,maybe get back some we have lost or have lost us over the years. But also so i can maybe prune some of the many 0 posting members that we have accumulated. Anyone fancy doing a message to send out? Also suggestions on content of message.
  17. Guest

    Godfrey davies

    I have a old Ford that came from the Godfrey Davies in St Albans London Road dealership ln 1981 and I would like to put the window sticker back in the rear window.can anyone help plus I'm looking for keyring,wallet etc anything to do with this dealership
  18. londonm


    Or, as they are otherwise known, public information films. Used to fascinate me as a kid, whether it was Dads Army talking about road safety in a seventies high street or warning us not to put rugs on highly polished wooden floors. So, remember, only a fool breaks the two second rule! Alvin Stardust must be the only 70s pop star not interviewed by operation yewtree. And, as ever, Clive Dunn is overdoing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2jKiGXtUZA
  19. Junkman is son of bitch and made this internet page known with his bastard copy and paste (well played): http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321482396009?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649#ht_0wt_0 Now I know a few of you are high rollers, and have as a display of such standing, sometimes or previously been owners of fine automobiles of 'Merkin distinction. Because your gang is cool, I might want to be in your gang. So whats it like to live with a Yank? I'm guessing parts are available from that internet that they have these days, but that delivery charges cost two arms and three legs because they have to come over on sea-ships or flying aeroplanes. (Y/N?) How big is a Yank "compact" Multi-story navigable? or No chance Jose? Anyone with specific experience or general knowledge of how owning an USA car makes you feel is welcome to deposit their knowledge right on this threads face. Like a poo in one of them german dvds. Discuss. You will not be marked and this will not be part of the exam. #junkman #eddyramrod #etc #mpgsuicide
  20. Who among us does not enjoy role play? Whether it be dressing up as a dog for submissive sex at that car park in the woods, or reading Autotrader on the bog and marveling at what you could afford if your wife died and the insurance paid out. We all do it. So roll your thirteen sided dice and immerse yourself in THIS fictional world: You are a 37 year old handsome northerner with level 7 bartering and level 8 crossbow skills. You have £1500 coins (or golds) to spend on powerful car that will make you feel better than all the other Elfs (or Orcs, or Robots). 130bhp bare minimum. The more ponies for the pound, the better. MPG must balance near the 30 turnip mark. My Our fictional hero's current wish list includes a Primera Gt Charriot and a CLK Kompressor Trooperwaggon. What else say you band of merry brigands!? Telleth your tales of powerful shite!
  21. Ive noticed that the above are getting very cheap and are now firmly in the bargain banger category. I had a petrol 95 and it was awesome apart from having to pay for petrol, does the 3 litre V6 combine power with economy? Are they unreliable crap? INPUT PLZ
  22. Hello autoshiters, Been a lurker for a while enjoying reading some of the threads on here and feeling homesick looking at Stuboy's and Vantman's spotted threads from my home county. Anyway this is my german motor which currently falls firmly in the shite category. It was first registered to a company director (so well specced for a 1989, vanity plate, auto locking diff, insulated glass, heated seats, electric windows, foldy downy arm and headrests etc) in Osterode in the former West Germany. It was then sold in December 1989 to a chap in Rathenow, which was formerly in East Germany. The car was owned by the same family, grandad, father and son, until I bought the car in December last year. Six new spark plugs later and I drove home from Potsdam to the UK, about 850km. The car has 242, 000 km on the odometer. Apart from a bit of oil loss from ye olde valve stem seals and ye olde sump, rocker cover and timing chain cover gaskets, the car has performed brilliantly. Since the new year I have done quite a bit of work to keep the car running well, pics to follow I will try and post a few spots as well, plenty of DDR shite still put-putting about here in a cloud of 2stroke smoke!
  23. Hi gang. I have one of those B&Q style sheds. Its 8 years old and has rotted away underneath, Plus rats are now living in it thanks to the various holes and supply of rabbit food. If I leave it much longer the rats are going to pick it up and walk off with it. I need a new shed, but something that's going to last and be rat proof. The big issue is that by budget is approx £0.50. I've noticed that concrete sectional garages are mega cheap on ebay scondhand, many are basically free if you remove them. Has anybody got any experience of dismantling one, moving it and re-erecting it? Did it look shit? How good do the foundations need to be? If I get a full on garage I can store my Maestro van trailer in it, which will keep it out of the elements AND use it as a workshop as well as storage. How cool would that be? NEED INPUT.
  24. I should be off to see an un MOT'd 205 today would like a heads up on the rear suspension, I gather they're prone to seizing etc. Wheels pointing the right way, move up and down and no play when I get hold of the wheel. Owt else? Previous limited to one I got given which had door frame and block cracks but I like the design, this one isn't free tho.
  25. Require some advice in regards to Car Warranties, please. Basically the story goes like this: I bought a V70 (second hand) from an ex Volvo Dealership, which came with a 3 month warranty. The dealership has had the car a number of times, and although been pretty slow (took over a month to fit a rear wiper motor), with piss poor customer service - The faults in the end have been rectified, all apart from one. This being a reoccurring fault "Engine Service Required" , which has popped its head back up. Now the interesting part ! I took the car back (again) on Friday the 13th and they popped in the diagnostics and showed me a fault Boost Pressure Solenoid / Valve, when previously they have said "No faults stored". So they clear the fault and have a fiddle with things, and tell me to go on my way and book it in if it happens again, which it does. So in it goes on Wednesday and they clean out the problem item, and apparently check some stuff. Now me being a bit of a nosey b*stard, i chat to the 'technician' in charge, rather than the annoying parts / servicing guy, and he mutters words about not changing the part because it is expensive and may not actually be the fault. Anyway i am fobbed off again and told to bring it back if it happens again, so in it is going tomorrow, now here is my fear .... The warranty expires next week, and I’m pretty close to hitting the mileage limit of the warranty too, but my understanding is that the problem has been acknowledged by the shoddy garage BEFORE the warranty has expired. So do they have to adhere to any rule / regulation and repair it until 'fit for purpose' , or can they legally fob me off again and tell me how the warranty has expired etc etc ? All advice gratefully received (all modern cars are shit etc)
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